De dochters

De dochters Uit de richtlijnen en regels van De Dochters Lees geen roddelbladen en surf niet naar celebritywebsites Kun je het toch niet laten probeer dan niet over je ouders te lezen Vrienden zijn oke maar

  • Title: De dochters
  • Author: Joanna Philbin
  • ISBN: 9789044815672
  • Page: 153
  • Format: None
  • Uit de richtlijnen en regels van De Dochters 1 Lees geen roddelbladen en surf niet naar celebritywebsites Kun je het toch niet laten, probeer dan niet over je ouders te lezen 2 Vrienden zijn oke, maar alleen een andere Dochter begrijpt echt hoe je leven is Sluit vriendschap met zoveel mogelijk Dochters 3 Vriendschap is altijd belangrijker dan jongens Altijd Het lUit de richtlijnen en regels van De Dochters 1 Lees geen roddelbladen en surf niet naar celebritywebsites Kun je het toch niet laten, probeer dan niet over je ouders te lezen 2 Vrienden zijn oke, maar alleen een andere Dochter begrijpt echt hoe je leven is Sluit vriendschap met zoveel mogelijk Dochters 3 Vriendschap is altijd belangrijker dan jongens Altijd Het leven van Dochters van Beroemde Mensen Lizzie Summers is de enige dochter van supermodel Katia Summers, maar vindt zichzelf niet bijzonder mooi en houdt er niet van veel aandacht te krijgen Carina Jurgensen is dochter van Karl Jurgensen en enige erfgename van Metronome Media, maar wil liever bergen beklimmen dan de sociale ladder Hudson Jones is de dochter van popster Holla Jones en probeert zelf door te breken met haar muziek.

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    1. Here we have all the usual suspects:1. The ugly-but-not-really-ugly girl who hates the spotlight and suddenly becomes the it-girl who is adored by everyone at her school. ((In this case the school would be the modelling world which is apparently full of "fakes" and all that jazz.2. The dorky guy best friend from ugly-or-not's who has been gone for a while but has finally returned only hotter, cooler and BRITISH (because British men are a whole new level of hot *eyeroll*).3. Barely there parents [...]

    2. This is one of the books I like to callI'm-Under-A-Lot-Of-Stress-So-Instead-Of-Doing-Something-Smart-I-Rebound-By-Picking-Up-The-First-Dumb-Shallow-Overly-Hormonal-Book-I-Find-In-The-Teen-Section-For-A-Fluff-ReadGenerally I don't finish said books, but this time around I did. The Daughtersgets two stars for a fairly good message. Everything else is about as unrealistic as Neverland but we'll overlook that for a moment. Lizzie Summers is the daughter of the most gorgeous super-model in the world, [...]

    3. Plot: Move over Gossip Girl, Celebriteens are front page news! As the daughter of a supermodel, Lizzie is used to living in her mother's shadow. But when a photographer spots her unique style and look, Lizzie becomes the new "it" girl of the New York fashion scene Cast into the spotlight, Lizzie isn't sure fame is all it's cracked up to be. Luckily, her best friends are also the daughters of celebrities and know just had to keep her grounded. But can they bring her back to earth before she loses [...]

    4. Good story I would have loved it much better if the charachters were more 16-17 years old and not 14 which they completely didn't act like. I mean a 14 year old planning to go on holiday with a bunch of older guys and girls? Didn't make to very believable not to mention none of them acted their age.Other than that I enjoyed it but it did play on my mind the whole time of how young they were. I liked her dad especially in the end it was actually them mom who came across all fake. I mean her secre [...]

    5. The Daughters is a book that tells a great story about staying true to yourself, even when it gets hard. It has a modern day setting, and the story’s plot is somewhat easy to follow, although some events in the story are unrealistic. The main character, Lizzie Summers, is an upbeat, strong, and charismatic character who people can seem to relate to: which is great, because sometimes, characters don’t seem to connect to really anyone! Lizzie, however, is easy to connect too and she and her fr [...]

    6. The Daughters is the debut novel by Regis Philbin’s daughter, Joanna Philbin. I almost feel bad opening up the review with that statement because the book is so much about separating yourself from your famous parent and creating your own destiny. But in the same way that living in the shadow can cause a child to question where they begin and their parents end, for a writer it can provide great material! That is exactly what Joanna Philbin did with her debut novel. She took her own personal exp [...]

    7. The Daughters by Joanna Philbin was a captivating image of "living the high life." I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially considering it is perfect for my age. This book has aspects of friendship, fame, and becoming who you are, which is what most realistic fiction books these days touch upon. This is the perfect book to read on a weekend when you have actually finished all of you're assignments and I felt relaxed while reading it. The Daughters is about a super-model's daughters, Lizzie Sum [...]

    8. Ugh. Something about The Daughters just seemed so cheesy to me. The whole premise of rich girls of famous people living in New York sounded like it could have potential. Then I began to read it. This was like the G-rated version of Gossip Girl to me. I get that we are supposed to like these characters and sympathize with them and whatnot. However, what Philbin has given us is an unrealistic depiction of teenagers. She wanted her characters to be good girls - which they were - however, their beha [...]

    9. Okay so the book is a boring jumble about a girl who isn't pretty. But she is. But in a different way.I found the book boring and the ending was anti-climactic. I had no interest in reading the next book so I dropped the terribly boring story with a lame plot.Just don't read it.

    10. I think i was a bit old for this book? I'm not sure, it was okay but i found myself cringing at some of it

    11. The Daughters by Joanna Philbin is a WITTY and INSPIRATIONAL novel. The author dives straight into the beginning, and makes her point, introducing the main characters. The details are very descriptive, with no dull moments in the book. This first novel of the series focuses on Lizzie Summers, the only daughter of supermodel Katia Summers, who likes to stick to the sidelines. Lizzie’s best friends: Carina Jurgensen and Hudson Jones also grew up in Manhattan with a famous mom or dad. When freshm [...]

    12. Quick, fun read. I love NYC, and enjoy reading books set in the city. I do feel like the girls did a lot of things that were a bit old for a 14 year old, but maybe that’s how high school kids are in NY?

    13. In this novel, Joanna Philbin was able to take me out of my ordinary teenage life and place me into the shoes of a teenage girl stuck behind the light that is her mother’s fame and beauty. She takes you alongside Lizzie Summers, a witty and thoughtful girl who likes to remain on the side lines even though she is the only daughter of Katia Summers the most beautiful supermodel. Lizzie and her two best friends Carina Johnson and Hudson Jones have always been with fame because of their parents’ [...]

    14. This book is everything I wish the A-List/cliquesque books would be. It has that "fun children of the rich and famous" spin that is popular with young adult fiction but with characters act like normal girls with insecurities and crushes not catty uber bitches that make me glad I'm not in middle school anymore.This book centers on Lizzie Summers, the daughter of famous supermodel Katia (think growing up as Heidi Klum's daughter). Lizzie and her best friends Hudson (daughter of popstar Holla Jones [...]

    15. Grade/interest level: Middle SchoolReading level: 680Genre: Teen and young adult Main Characters: Lizzie Summers, Carina Jurgensen, Hudsen JonesSetting: New YorkPOV: first personLizzie Summer's mom Katia Summer's is a model. Lizzie doesn't even think that she wants to be a model until someone shows her that it's alright to just be yourself. Lizzie starts to like being a model and is getting used to it, but there is other people who want Lizzie because she is famous right now. Lizzie realizes tha [...]

    16. Got this book at B&N in the discount section mainly because it's rich teenagers in NYC. My favorite thing! The characters were younger than I expected, 14, but they were nice and normal which was a happy change from the usual rebels or naive. I was at B&N with my mom a few days ago and saw a similar cover but a subtitle and it was the 4th book, which I didn't know this was a series. This was a nice, easy read with fun locations & just enough mention of wealth that I enjoyed it (loved [...]

    17. My oldest daughter is getting into the reading world of fun! During the end of the school year she picked out the book "The Daughters". She wasn't able to finish the book before the school year finished. So at our public library, she requested the book. And within a day she finished up the book. So, it had me curious, what is my daughter enjoy reading that she read it so quickly. I to, open up the book and just couldn't put it down. It wasn't a book of suspense, but the writer did such a marvelo [...]

    18. "He was ten years old and eating a red velvet cupcake the night he fell in love."OHMYGOD THIS WAS SO ADORABLE I'M SUCH A SUCKER FOR THESE TYPES OF CHILDHOOD FRIEND RELATIONSHIP THINGSGAH THIS IS LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR ALL OVER AGAINSERIOUSLY.I found this book particularly interesting when I realized- halfway through the book- that Joanna Philbin is Regis Philbin's daughter: THE REGIS, FROM REGIS AND KELLY. Usually, the stories of fame and glory and celebrities are fictional and all, but I fe [...]

    19. You should really read The Daughters book 1. You should read it because there is a lot of excitement and it makes you want to read on and on. For example, There was this part where one of the daughters was invited to go snowboarding in the Alps with a person she like, since her dad had a lot of money, she knew she would go. But then, all of the sudden, her dad cuts her off. She has no IPhone, no credit card, only 20$ a week, and no trip to the Alps. She tries to get her money back but her dad ju [...]

    20. This wasn't a life-changer, but I did enjoy the points of view of the characters, being the children of celebrities. I'm sure that's not an easy way to grow up. Since it was written by Regis Philbin's daughter, I think she's definitely qualified to give these girls a voice. I hated how the story just dropped off at the end because I probably won't read more of the series, but I did like this book. I think it's just the thing I would have enjoyed in 6th grade when I was more into realistic fictio [...]

    21. The Daughters by Joanna Philbin, is a very action filled book. There are three girls, Lizzie,Hudson and Carina. All three girls have very famous parents. Lizzie"s mother Katia Summers is a very famous model. Lizzie feels as if her mother has dragged her in to her career and does not enjoy all the cameras. Lizzie decides that she want to have a career of her own and not be apart of her mothers career. She meets with a photographer to have her pictures taken. She turns out to be a natural. The Dau [...]

    22. This book has made it into my favorite books of all time list!!! It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(so amazing in fact that it got 48 exclamation points. ( and that is pretty darn amazing)

    23. This book is very realistic as far as being a celebrities daughter goes. It kept me wanting to read more and I could relate to some parts of it because it involves teenage girls. The ending I didn't really like but it also made me want to read the next one.

    24. This book was amazing! It had been sitting on my shelf for awhile-I didn't have time to read it. This book captures Lizzie's insecurities as a teenager wonderfully. It really shows that everybody is beautiful no matter what.

    25. Loved it!!! It was so good. I loved how it got you guessing what would happened next. If you like realistic fiction this is the way to go.

    26. The Daughters by Joanna Philbin read by Michal Friedman – the first in a series of four novels of friends each focusing on a different daughter of a well-known celebrity and how the daughters deal with their own celebrity by birth. Daughters focuses on Lizzie Summers, the average looking freshman daughter of the world’s most beautiful super model who is on the verge of aging out of the industry. Lizzie and her mom Katia experience some of the “normal” growing pains mothers and daughters [...]

    27. How do you capture the life of being the daughter of a famous parent? InThe Daughters, Joanna Philbin, daughter of television host, Regis Philbin, takes the reader through the eyes of Lizzie Summers, daughter of the world famous supermodel, Katia Summers. Attending Fashion Week and red carpet events due to her mother's career, Lizzie lives the life of trying to fit into the world of fame while, balancing love, family issues, and high school drama. The main character, Lizzie is a relatable charac [...]

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