Jump Cut

Jump Cut First in a brand new series The Behavioral Analysis Unit an elite team of FBI profilers are tasked with examining the nation s most twisted criminal minds anticipating their next moves before they s

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  • Title: Jump Cut
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9780451223180
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • First in a brand new series The Behavioral Analysis Unit, an elite team of FBI profilers, are tasked with examining the nation s most twisted criminal minds anticipating their next moves before they strike againThe BAU team is dispatched to Lawrence, Kansas, to investigate a series of fatal stabbings among the town s homeless population The victims have all been founFirst in a brand new series The Behavioral Analysis Unit, an elite team of FBI profilers, are tasked with examining the nation s most twisted criminal minds anticipating their next moves before they strike againThe BAU team is dispatched to Lawrence, Kansas, to investigate a series of fatal stabbings among the town s homeless population The victims have all been found freshly bathed, neatly groomed, and wearing new clothes To profiler Jason Gideon, these look like carefully staged murders in isolated settings, fulfilling the sick fantasies of one or Unknown Subjects When the kidnapping of a young heiress presents a second, seemingly unrelated crime for the BAU to help solve, Gideon deduces a sinister connection, despite the variance in MOs The kidnap victim must be found before she too is a player in the mind games of a pair of UnSubs who are inventing horrific new ways to kill.

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    1. Not a bad book, but one of the most unrealistic crime thrillers I've ever read. If the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit are basically specialized criminal psychologists with advanced training, why are they just leaving the office ad going right out into the field, into dangerous situations? Don't they have separate investigators for that? On top of that, I found the characters very shallow and at times really immature considering that they're all adults, and FBI agents at that.

    2. This is the third Criminal Minds book that I’ve read, probably sixth from Max Allan Collins. The author also penned tie-in novels for the CSI shows, among others. As you know, I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds. I even got my mother and brother on board the wagon. I am into the crime procedural, serial killers, FBI profiling, and all that good stuff. This book was just okay.It stays true to the TV show. It starts with a cold open, in the form of the prologue, setting up a scenario in Lawrence, [...]

    3. Having recently become close to obsessed with Criminal Minds, there was no way for me to not buy the books available about the series. There's three, all in all, and this is the author's first try at a BAU case in written form. I should start with what I liked about the book. I did like the story, it was good, it was interesting, it made sense. Two cases suddenly became one and the team hot on the trail of the UnSubs. I liked the alternating POV's as well, each chapter is told from a different a [...]

    4. This is the third of Max Collins' Criminal Minds novels that I've read. Again, it was basically like watching an episode of the show, so I have to give it kudos for that - yet again, the voices and non-verbal mannerisms of all of the characters were captured beautifully.In this instalment, there's someone hunting and killing homeless people - leaving their bodies washed, groomed and dressed in various costumes. Later on in the book, the daughter of a wealthy family in the same town is kidnapped, [...]

    5. Criminal Minds: Jump Cut, by Max Allan CollinsIn a town in Kansas homeless people are being found murdered, cleaned up, and dressed in clean clothes. It's a case for the Behavioral Analysis Unit, a FBI profiling team out of Quantico, a team mainly featured in the TV drama "Criminal Minds." "Jump Cut" is very true to the show it is based on, with Collins capturing the essence of each of the profilers, and creating a plot that would fit right into the series. The format of the book even matches th [...]

    6. I've read tie-in novels for several series that left me cold. Or scratching my head in confusion. They usually come off flat, beloved characters written as overly simple and two-dimensional. So I was pleasantly surprised by this first book in the Criminal Minds series. It was a solid story with a clear understanding of all the BAU members and how they might think, act, and interact. The original characters were also well developed. I didn't figure out the motive for the Unsub until shortly befor [...]

    7. I've been watching Criminal Minds since day one. This is, by far, my favorite show - I'm glued to the Tv every Wednesday night. I wasn't sure if the novels could live up to the show, however I was pleasantly surprised. This is a great read, especially if you are into the crime drama-esque shows (CSI, NCIS, ETC.) One thing that I enjoyed was that Collins really wrote the characters, through their mannerisms and even the subtle nuances of their vocabulary, exactly like they are in the show. I was [...]

    8. "May 26, 2017 –100.0%May 26, 2017 –90.0% "And here is the genius!"May 26, 2017 –90.0% "Where is the fucking genius?When Dr. Reid"May 26, 2017 –90.0% "Oh yeah oh yeah I know that comment very a rough one and by itself very useless"May 26, 2017 –90.0% "Little reminder for a Jigsaw killer. but now in Criminal Mindsd now the biggest question is why there are 3 books and 12 seasons?Or even 13!?"May 26, 2017 –90.0% "Will it be a long journey so far from this here pictureSeason 1 episode 22 [...]

    9. Książka została napisana w oparciu o serial, którego nie miałam okazji oglądać.Niestety w porównaniu z takimi autorami jak Larsson czy Mankell wypada bardzo blado. Profilerzy JAB bardzo szybko dochodzą do wniosków, które czytelnikowi wydają się wyssane z palca i wszelkie nowo zebrane dowody/informacje wydają się zwyczajnie same wpadać w ich ręce. Wszystko napisane jest przyzwoitym językiem i bardzo szybko się czyta, ale w trakcie lektury miałam wrażenie, że oglądam po pros [...]

    10. I've fallen behind on my challenge because I've fallen into binging Criminal Minds to a quite frankly unhealthy degree, to the point that I have watched 8.5 seasons in one month. So, in order to allow my brain to stay in that world while also making progress on my book count, we have, this. Essentially published fanfic, and it's not like.good, exactly, or clever or well thought out. But whatever, the author talented at evoking the natures of the actors, and it was nice to get one more Gideon st [...]

    11. Glad I picked this up so I wouldn't make the mistake of watching the show. Not well written at all. If I ever hear anyone say unsub it will instill an unforgiving homicidal rage. Had to read over 100 pages to get to any part half way interesting and was still disappointed. If u have it skip it not worth the brain cells.

    12. As far as spin-off novels go, it was a really okay read (even if you don't know a lot about the TV series)

    13. I am a huge fan of this TV Show, I love the fact that it delves into the "why" of the crime rather than only the "how" as other police dramas do. I am greatly interested in what motivates people to do things - especially because I believe that at the heart all humans are basically good, so why do things so dastardly?I have also been interested in Forensics since I can recall (though I hated science in school :) ) so Criminal Minds ticks 2 main boxes for me. The other big box the show ticks is th [...]

    14. Confession time: I'm a CM addict. Honestly, I've watched every episode, have multiple seasons on DVD and now there are books! As a student of English, I've done lots of research on novelization, a fascinating process in my opinion and I will be rooting for it until the day I fall down, but this this is not the way, Collins. Let's face it, people who pick this book up are fans. There's hardly anyone who just stumbles onto this by chance, and no-one would pick it up for the cover or title. As we a [...]

    15. The minute I saw the Criminal Minds books on my favourite book website, I knew they must be mine. Seriously, my obsession with Criminal Minds is well, unhealthy! :P So, to get read stories about the BAU agents as well as watch made me a very happy Carmel.Liked:+Storyline: I really liked the plot and story line to Jump Cut. The crime was very interesting and it was very unexpecting which is always good in my opinion.+Narrative: In Jump Cut, Collin's switches the narrative between not only the age [...]

    16. An entertaining enough read.Some points of irritation that have been mentioned in different reviews, like the overwhelming urge the author seemed to have with describing everyone's wardrobe in great detail. I can perhaps understand this from the point of view of somebody just meeting the BAU team and trying to get a feel for them via appearance, but it's not necessary for every appearance they make. We, the viewers of the television series, know how these people dress, unless there is something [...]

    17. I'm kind of torn with this book.On one hand, it is like watching one of the episodes of the show plus the little insight on the characters' minds which me infere but don't know for sure. So that said, it was well planned, the extra information was nicely placed and the plot in general was fine. On the other hand, one of the things I noticed while reading it was how much relevance he gives to the characters' clothes. I was expecting more depth in the characters, not a explicit review of what they [...]

    18. I prefer the tv series. Sorry, dat moest er even uit. Dit is zo'n verschrikkelijk slecht geschreven boek dat ik het jammer vind dat ik het gelezen heb. Weinig inzicht in waarom de daders deden wat ze deden, een hoog "and I would have gotten away with it,too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids" gehalte en veel oppervlakkige personages. En dan heb ik het nog niet eens over het personage Rob Learman gehad met zijn multiple personality disorder. Is hij nou sympathiek of onsympathiek? Make up your mi [...]

    19. Reading this book was exactly like watching an episode of Criminal Minds Max Allan Collins was spot on with his description of characters, their mannerisms, everything. He even managed to incorporate those scenes when they are giving the profile and you can see the UnSubs doing what the profile describes; the book was incredibly detailed. The only problem I had with the book was that it was incredibly detailed every time someone showed up, he had to describe exactly what they were wearing, down [...]

    20. This is the second book that I've read from the Criminal Minds series, and I still am not disappointed, which is a great thing since Criminal Minds is my favorite series ever.The profiling part (everything, from the motivation/psyche of the killers to actual profiling process) was amazing, and I loved how the structure paralelled the episodes of the series (I mean, the earlier episodes).What I didn't like:-I felt some dialogues straight-up weird not even forced, but weird, not having any real fl [...]

    21. A quick and easy read for the fans of the TV series, useful when the show goes on hiatus and we miss it.Though it took me some time to really get into the story, once I was, I couldn't stop reading. It's not the best crime book I've read and I stil prefer watching an episode but it's nice enough and is still entertaining.My only real criticism of the novel comes from the several descriptions of the characters' clothes. I found them useless, awkward and forced. I don't even understand their point [...]

    22. Felt the same way I do when watching another episode of Criminal Minds, only that the author paid quite a bit of attention attempting to present the occurrences through the lenses of different agents, and this I found refreshing and different from the episodes. Even more so since it felt like the reader could 'get under their skin', but I felt this perspective style of writing could have been pulled off better, as at times the language felt a tad unrealistic, in some way especially pertaining to [...]

    23. Okay… so I have a love for Criminal Minds… and a certain boy genius profiler… (but let’s just keep that last confession between us) so when I found out about the books I HAD to have them. I must say that I enjoyed this first book almost as much as the show, there are some character irregularities, for example, in the show, when getting close to their destination, Hotch tells everyone what they will be doing and who they are going with, this was not always the case in the book, no big dea [...]

    24. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the author's other Criminal Minds books. But I also know this the first one he wrote. It was very evident in the writing. I felt the author labored a little too much to describe EVERY SINGLE THING. what each member of the team was wearing, every single day. What purely incidental characters looked and acted like. it was a little distracting. And yet, the overall plot was good, and seemed to capture a big part of what I love about the show. and it gave me night [...]

    25. Oh boy do I love the TV show Criminal Minds. This story was really good and like the TV in all ways. Even if it did include Gideon who is not one of my favs. It is so interesting how profillers do their jobs. This book gives good insight into the job just like the TV show does. I am mind blown every time I think about how they take the smallest thing and turn it into big evidence for a criminal investigation. Glad to know there are people out there to protect us. Very interesting and if you love [...]

    26. Criminal Minds is one of my absolute favourite tv shows so I picked this up to tide me over in between seasons. Usually novels based on tv shows aren't as good but Collins seems to have captured the show perfectly and is able to portray the characters in print just as the actors bring them to life on the gogglebox. Solid writing and a decent plot that doesn't seem tired or by numbers. A few minor editing mishaps are my main quibble and I'm not quite sure about the author's obsession with describ [...]

    27. I read this book the day before a trip to Lawrence, KS. This particular book takes place in Lawrence, KS. It was uncanny timing. Although I do have to admit that no details are given that makes me think the author actually visited Lawrence. He didn't say anything about the town that you couldn't see on a map. He did mention a problem with the homeless sleeping on the library roof. I really wanted to ask the library if that's true. To me it doesn't look like you could even get on the roof. I thin [...]

    28. #1 in the Criminal Mind series. Novelization of the TV series. The Behavioral Analysis Unit, an elite team of FBI profilers, are tasked with examining the nation's most twisted criminal minds-anticipating their next moves before they strike again. Criminal Mind series: The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit team heads to college town Lawrence, KS to assist in the apprehension of a serial killer who is preying on homeless people. They find that the murders are set up to mimic scenes in gory horror film [...]

    29. This book is candy for my brain. Like most books by the author it is a tie-in to the T.V. series and seems to take place during the second season (I think). Nothing spectacular but a good read if you are a fan of the series and not looking for anything deep/serious. It does the characters right and captures the feeling of the show. Although I did find it a tad boring in the constant description of what character's were wearing and their facial expressions. A book that perfectly fit my plagued-wi [...]

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