Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free

Lies Young Women Believe And the Truth that Sets Them Free You have been lied to Have you been deceived Through a nationwide survey and in depth discussion groups Nancy and Dannah have listened carefully to the heart of your generation And here are some thin

  • Title: Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free
  • Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss Dannah Gresh
  • ISBN: 9780802472946
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • You have been lied to Have you been deceived Through a nationwide survey and in depth discussion groups, Nancy and Dannah have listened carefully to the heart of your generation And here are some things they ve heard I know God should be the only thing that satisfies, but if it could be Him and my friends, then I could be happy It seems like I have been strugglingYou have been lied to Have you been deceived Through a nationwide survey and in depth discussion groups, Nancy and Dannah have listened carefully to the heart of your generation And here are some things they ve heard I know God should be the only thing that satisfies, but if it could be Him and my friends, then I could be happy It seems like I have been struggling with depression forever I always feel like I am not good enough I tell myself that I don t really listen to the song lyrics, but once I hear a song a few times and start thinking about what they re saying I realize that it s too late It s already stuck in my head For me, the whole wife and mom thing is overrated It isn t cool to want a husband and a family Maybe you can identify Trying to listen to the right voices can be difficult This book has been written by friends who will help you find the Truth Maybe your heart is telling you that some things in your life are way off course Certain habits and relationships have left you confused and lonely This is not the way it s supposed to be.In this book, Nancy and Dannah expose 25 of the lies most commonly believed by your generation They share real life accounts from some of the young women they interviewed, along with honest stories about how they ve overcome lies they themselves believed They get down in the trenches of the battle with you Best of all, they ll show you how to be set free by the Truth.

    One thought on “Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free”

    1. While it had some good points, this book was very offensive to me. I have never read a more biased, homophobic, antifeminist book. I can understand why some Christians are so ignorant, but really, this is just another reason why I hate to call myself a Christian even though I follow Christ - I don't like the way "Christians" act. For example, trying to convince me that homosexuality is a sin and then saying, "Sin removes joy Sin brings physical damageSin produces fear." Oh, really? I've never se [...]

    2. Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Dannah Gresh don't just expose the problems, they really help you to overcome them. The answers that they give all clearly point back to their origin, God's Word.A relatively easy read, usually well-written, with enormously helpful solutions to the problems girls face. Covers 25 lies that women and girls believe, and 25 Truths (and more!) to replace them with.Reading Tip: Have a notebook and pen on hand!

    3. I will never advocate censorship in any form because every person who can read, even if barely, deserves to read anything and everything she/he wants.But I cannot express how very much I abhor books like these, written by a bunch of tight-assed homophobes and bigots and haters of everyone who is not like them. In other words, folks, we must all be white, Bible-thumpers, holy rollers, and anal-retentive social conservatives. These "writers' seek to poison the minds of everyone outside their narro [...]

    4. This book definitely deserves more than five stars. I went into this book knowing that the author was going to make a list of lies every girl and woman most likely believe(d) at some point in their life. And I already knew that there were lies I have believed, I just didn't know which ones. I really liked how they told the stories of other Christian girls, because a lot of times we think that we're the only ones that struggle, that all the other Christian girls have it all together. But it's not [...]

    5. I'm not the target age group for this book. I actually read it to see if I could recommend it to others. The message of the book is very good. It's honest, practical, and helpful. For any Christian girl in her teens who is immersed in today's culture and the typical church, it is a message that needs to be read and applied. For those who have lived sheltered lives, parts of it would be unnecessary and perhaps better skipped, though there's still an incredible amount of worthwhile material. The r [...]

    6. Excellent Dose of TruthI confess that I wasn't too sure about this book to begin with. A book about lies doesn't necessarily sound like the greatest read, haha! But it pretty quickly put my fears to rest. Nancy and Dannah provide a great rundown not only of the lies we so often choose to believe, but also of the truth that has the power to overcome them. A main focus was on getting God's word into your heart, which I loved! My only main concern was that certain illustrations and sections dealt w [...]

    7. A wonderful book for all young women ages 13+! "Lies Young Women Believe" takes 25 of the most-believed lies that today's teenagers commonly believe, and reveals the actual truth, backed up by God's Word. Even if all of the points aren't specifically applicable to you at the very moment, they're still very good to read and remember for the times when you will need them. As with all the books I've read so far that were written or co-written by Dannah Gresh, this one was not a disappointment!

    8. My god mother gave me this book as a graduation present from High School. Heading onto college is going to be a transition, yes, but with God I feel more equipped than ever!I didn't really know what this book was going to be about, but as soon as I started reading it, I honestly couldn't put it down! It's supposed to be a kind of daily/weekly bible study, but I read through it in four days!I thought the authors did a very good job creating a well organized and scripture based study--I didn't eve [...]

    9. ExtremeNot completely without merit otherwise I'd be writing that it should get zero stars; however, the majority of viewpoints in this book are far too extreme to be practical and every time I think I read a nice lovely sentiment that actually resonates with me, it is followed by extremist absurdity that just doesn't align with my faith.

    10. Not sure what the bad comments are about. I'm approximately 1/3 or maybe more through the book and enjoying it so far. My teen pastor gave it to me and I trust that he wouldn't give me a book to read that didn't line up with the scripture. So very much enjoying it so far. :)

    11. Reading this book was like sitting in a cozy living room sipping on hot cups of cider while Nancy and Dannah talked with you. They approached you in a warm, gentle manner. They did not hesitate to cut to the truth and tell you some raw, pure honesty, but they did it with godliness and gentleness - even throwing in some nice humor while they were at it! If every young girl wanted to read this book, it would do them great benefit, I'm sure. It identified 25 main lies that are prominent today and h [...]

    12. This book's excellent title appears to introduce a very helpful topic: that there are many lies told to young women today which they would do well to question. What is not so apparent from the title is that the lies dealt with here are not those generally formed in society, but those which could plague young Christians specifically about the practice of their faith and how it impacts their personal lives. The solutions it offers therefore are possibly not quite as attractive to a general audienc [...]

    13. An essential read for young women in today's society. This book is wonderful. I am probably a little outside the intended reader-audience age (I'm 22), but having read this book for the first time while in high school/early college, I can hereby say that it means SO much more to me on this second read-through, because I am in more of a position to SEE the lies and the havoc they have wreaked in my life. Authors Nancy Leigh Demoss and Dannah Gresh speak it like it is and continually point you to [...]

    14. While definitely targeted to a young teenage audience, the book contains quite heavy material in some of the real life stories used to introduce the Lies Young Women Believe. The principals for defeating these lies are Bible-based, making this an excellent resource. My favourite chapters were the last three which took you through the process of defeating the lies.I give it only three stars because it is not a book I found personally life-changing although I certainly think it could be for the au [...]

    15. I thought this book was very good. I structured my reading of it as a bible study: cutting out a portion of my day to read it, reading a chapter a day. It was slightly annoying to have to find a good breaking point in order to read the little blurbs on the side, but for the most part they held useful information. This book has positively impacted my life. I noticed some of the parts in the book pertained to me and used those sections to help my life. However, there were some parts of the book th [...]

    16. I recommend this book for older girls/young womeneasily 16 yrs. and older. Not for girls younger than 14 and even then, it would depend on their life experiencesif a girl has been exposed to sexual experiences either in real life or via books and movies, then she's not getting a Biblical view of those things and this study would help her get the right perspective on these issues. I did a Bible study with two of my teen-aged granddaughters with this book. It addressed issues regarding body image, [...]

    17. This book was absolutely amazing and so helpful! I read and read until I had just about finished it and had learned so much by the end. I loved how it was so applicable to any young woman: though there were some areas which I don't struggle in as much, other bits I could completely identify with and so no one would be able to avoid reading it with the excuse "it's not relevant to me"! I really recommend it to any young women, particularly those around 14 and 15, and I so wish I had read this bef [...]

    18. Me and my friend Mariah lead a biblestudy at our school and we used this book. I loved it because it shares tips and lies we belive. I relate because it revolves around relating to teen girls and it hits it head on!I would recommend this to any GIRL! Guys, its in the title! :) This book was awesome and very helpful! :)This book uses symbolism as the Bible does. Like the Lion and the Lamb and stuff like that. It also does a good job of characterization. When a new person (actual person) is introd [...]

    19. I recommend this book even for adult women. I started off reading it in the thoughts of using it in teaching younger women, but then I found myself surprised at how many of these lies just carry over into our adult years. Nancy and Dannah cover lies in nine different areas of our lives and then covers practical help to overcome the lies. It's worth a read because you might not even be aware of the lies you have fallen for. Prepare to have your toes stepped on a bit but if you're wanting to be mo [...]

    20. Lies Young Women Believe is an excellent resource for teen-agers. DeMoss and Cresh detail 25 lies often believed by young women. They interviewed many young women and tell some of their stories and they share their own experiences with overcoming lies and learning to hang onto the truth. They give practical and biblical solutions to countering the lies and trusting in the truth. Topics covered include lies about God, about Satan, about guys, about relationships, and more.Give this book to a teen [...]

    21. Though the subjects covered in this book were very relevant to most teenage girl's lives, my friends and I agreed that this book wasn't much help. The lies were presented in a clear way and we knew we had believed several of them, but when it came to actually solving the problem, we found that there wasn't much help offered. This is just our opinion, so please, if you think this book might help you, don't let this review warn you away. Different things work for different people.

    22. This book is extremely encouraging. It shines a light in this dark world of ours. Many parts are very convicting, as this book is supposed to be. I find that the most important part in this book is the Truth that Sets Them Free. All of the passages and true stories this book includes releases the young women who read this book from the bondages that the world puts us in.

    23. This book is completely awesome! It speaks the truth in so many ways to young women and, brings answers to certain questions that teen girlsoften have. It confronts fears that a lot of teen girls face and exposes the lies that satan tells us throughout our everyday life. I would recommend"Lies Young Woman Believe" to any of my girlfriends and (the book that was written before LYWB) "Lies Women Believe" to many women that I know. Again it was awesome!!! Read it sometime. =)

    24. I read this book before I chose to share it with the bible study group I run for teens. I think this book is good for teens however there needs to be more biblical truth in it. For example, it would be more effective if the authors described the context of the verses they were using from the Bible. I decided I will use this for my girls but will add more biblical references.

    25. This book is a very useful tool to encourage young women, but I thought they took their biblical interpretations a bit far at times and I didn't agree with all of their points about a woman's purpose (it was from an extremely conservative standpoint). Other than that, I received a lot of helpful truth from this book!

    26. I wish I were younger when I got to read this book. I never realised how every lie can be combated with a corresponding truth. This piece of work, I guarantee, will provide aid in constructing a firm ground of principles in life a woman in Christ should possess. Definitely a must read. :)

    27. An age appropriate book for me to read. I was age 24 when i read this book 2 years agp. It offered me some really good tips and advice on what to believe, what not to believe and how do i counter those lies.

    28. Great book for teen girls!I liked that this book was unique in that it focuses on many of the lies that young girls tell themselves! Great book, I read the book with a group of girls in the youth group I work for.

    29. Es un libro muy bueno porque te ayuda a aprender las mentiras que a todas nosotras nos pueden pasar, como el hacernos creer que la belleza es estar falca y tener un rostro hermoso y aparte este libro esta basado con la palabra de Dios y me ha ayudado mucho. se los recomiendo

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