The Damned Season

The Damned Season Commissario De Luca is recalled to duty to investigate a series of brutal murders motivated by political power struggles and ominous post war machinations after the fall of the fascist regime

  • Title: The Damned Season
  • Author: Carlo Lucarelli Michael Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9781933372273
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Commissario De Luca is recalled to duty to investigate a series of brutal murders motivated by political power struggles and ominous post war machinations after the fall of the fascist regime.

    One thought on “The Damned Season”

    1. It starts in the sun, watching ants crawl around a land mine in the middle of the road. Then a voice shocks De Luca back into reality and the air is full of the smell and taste of fear. This one, whilst still short and gripping and easily read in a day, is more slowly paced. You can almost hear the buzzing of the flies and the heat of the sun. The cool of the shade smells musty. This is the countryside. There's something brutal and basic about it. Evidence of brutal beatings and murder, dry bloo [...]

    2. E' il secondo capitolo della trilogia che Lucarelli dedica alle indagini del commissario De Luca, ambiguo e discutibile personaggio che cerca di sopravvivere al passaggio dal Fascismo alla Democrazia, nel tragico scenario dell' Italia distrutta dalla guerra. L'idea è davvero buona e Lucarelli la sviluppa fino in fondo: perchè il periodo ha davvero molto (forse troppo) da raccontare, e magari è giusto farlo proprio a partire dalla struttura di un romanzo poliziesco ben fatto.Siamo nell'estate [...]

    3. Πήρα να το διαβάσω σχεδόν κατά τύχη.Προέκυψε ένα μικρό υπέροχο διαμαντάκι,με την ευκαιρία να βάλω στο προγραμμα να διαβάσω και τα αλλα δυο της τριλογίας του φασισμού.Πολύ συμπαθητικός ο επιθεωρητής Ντε Λούκα.

    4. The Fascist regime has broken to bits: the Italians have switched sides, Mussolini is imprisoned, then rescued by the Germans, and sets up a parallel Government in the north of Italy (September 1943), the American troops have landed at Anzio (where my husband's grandfather was stationed with the Italian Army, and anything you have read or heard does not come close to describing the situation, January 1944). At the end of Book #1, Carte Blanche, the Fascist party members in Rome, Commissario De L [...]

    5. The second part in the wonderful De Luca trilogy. Here De Luca is on the run, trying to escape his past, but still finds himself drawn into the investigation into a multiple murder. Once again the characterisation is wonderful and the story proceeds at a great pace. The Murder is far more complicated than initial signs suggest. I'm now really looking forward to reading the final book in the series, to find out if De Luca will manage to survive the war.

    6. What makes this detective story really interesting and special, is that it takes place in Italy in 1945, just after the end of the WWII. Worth a read if you like detective stories or if you are interested in Italy. It is a second book in Carlo Lucarelli's trilogy about inspector De Luca, and the whole trilogy is available on amazon in English translation.

    7. De Luca II (o tre se si conta indagine non autorizzata) calano i poteri della polizia, nuove polizie si aggiungono e nel caos della fine della guerra i delitti sono ottime occasioni per dimenticare in anticipo.

    8. De Luca has survived the fascists in Carte Blanche and now must negotiate the resistance who has reached power. He never eats and frequently has stomach pains and faints because of it, so I do miss the food that otherwise is a wonderful feature of Italian writing.On to the third of the trilogy, Via celle Oche

    9. Non è un giallo, è una storia. Carina, racconta un pezzo d'Italia mai raccontato, però non è un giallo.Quindi le mie due stelle significano "due stelle come trama di giallo", certo non due stelle nel complesso.

    10. Lucarelli, Carlo. THE DAMNED SEASON. (1991; U.S.-2007). ***1/2. This is the second novel in the De Luca trilogy from this author, featuring Commissario De Luca. In this installment, De Luca is attempting to get away from his past as a policeman under the Fascist regime that was in charge of his town. Although he is essentially apolitical, he is well aware that he could be tarred with the same brush that leads to reprisals in 1943 in Italy when the Allies have finally swept the Nazis from the cou [...]

    11. You can translate this review on: labibliotecadidrusie/Voto: 7/10MahLa prima esperienza con questo autore non mi ha lasciato particolari entusiasmi.Il libro è abbastanza breve e questo lo rende conciso e privo di fronzoli. Al contempo ho avuto l'impressione che mancasse qualche approfondimento che facesse chiarezza o che permettesse di seguire meglio. Non che sia affrettato o tirato via, l'impressione è più che le cose siano sott'intese, scontate o date per intuibili. Probabilmente è così, [...]

    12. I'm curiously conflicted about the De Luca Trilogy, by Carlo Lucarelli. This second book, The Damned Season had numerous gaps in the narrative and logical flaws, but I still really liked it. It featured a reasonably complex mystery and the solution to the murder of a farm family somewhere in the countryside between Bologna and Rome was extremely satisfying. Short on character development -- short, period (117 pages) -- this book still held my interest, partly because I'm intrigued by Commissario [...]

    13. THE DAMNED SEASON (Pol. Proc-Comm. De Luca-Italy-1945) – VGLucarelli, Carlo – 2nd in TrilogyEuropa Editions, 1991/2007, US Trade paperback – ISBN: 9781933372273First Sentence: There was a land mine in the middle of the trail.The Allies have come to Italy and Commissario De Luca is exhausted, hungry and traveling with false papers as his name is on the list of those wanted for working with the Social Republic. He is found by a young officer, Brigadier Leonardi, who wants to be good policema [...]

    14. Δεύτερο βιβλίο της Τριλογίας του Φασισμού, με ήρωα τον επιθεωρητή της αστυνομίας Ντε Λούκα. Μετά την απελευθέρωση της Ιταλίας από τον Φασισμό, πολλές περιοχές της χώρας ελέγχονται πλέον από αντάρτες και μέλη της αντίστασης, που τώρα βρήκαν ευκαιρία να το παίξουν αρχηγοί. Ο [...]

    15. I have pretty much the same issues with The Damned Season as I did with the first book in the series, Carte Blanche. I think Lucarelli is a wonderful writer – I love his style and the way the story is told, but the book is simply too thin for me and the story underdeveloped (the book is less than 100 pages long). What I wanted as a reader was the story fleshed out to give more insight into De Luca’s flight and the back story of the area and some of the locals, particularly the various victim [...]

    16. The year is 1946. The Italian partisans and communists are settling scores with their fellow countrymen who became fascists under Mussolini's dictatorship and/or collaborated with the Nazi occupiers. The bloodletting is brutal.De Luca is a cop on the run, trying to get to Rome under a false identity, because he fears for his own life. The newspapers carry reports of a fascist executioner being arrested--one Captain Rassetto, a colleague of De Luca's when he was assigned to the Political Squad by [...]

    17. Now this is more like it. We find out protagonist in the countryside, with a plethora of interesting characters, & a very brutal murder to solve. We find him amongst partisans & communists, & Lucarelli plays with our morality & all that we know about history -- he makes us plead in our hearts for a 'fascist' policeman. He brings power struggles down to a completely personal level & that pleased me very much, because that's really what it is, always. Amongst the suspects here [...]

    18. The second novella in the De Luca trilogy, The Damned Season picks up where Carte Blanche ends. De Luca is on the run because the Second World War is not going well for Italy and the Fascists, and he has been an agent of their rule as a police officer. He is recognized by a local police officer, who blackmails De Luca to stay and help the local force solve a multiple homicide.This addition to the De Luca trilogy is stronger and more interesting (though not significantly longer) than the previous [...]

    19. The second book in the DeLuca Trilogy. As are all the trilogy books this is a novelette, absorbingly short but enjoyably so. Fascist Italy crumbles near the end of WWII as Italian police Commissario DeLuca, a policeman first, last, and always, despite his affiliations, has left the fascist infrastructure and is attempting to make it to free Italy in the south keeping his wits about him and his head attached to his shoulders. Of course he is distracted, by chance or choice, if not force, to inves [...]

    20. This story just never grabbed me. Detective stories and police procedural type of books can be really good, but this one in particular never pulled me into the story. The author includes a really cool preface to the book about research he did on real life WWII era law enforcement in Italy. That gave me hope for a page-turning novel. Didn't happen that way though. Lucarelli is a good writer, but the story falls flat for me. The main character's narration is dry and not nearly as insightful and wi [...]

    21. A good friend of mine is currently working on the set of a Tv fiction serie based on this book.If I had a Tv I would be curious to see the final result on the screen, but unfortunately (or luckily) I don't have it. This book has annoyed me so much and thanks to it Lucarelli has caught his occasion to become one of my unfavourited crime fiction novelists.

    22. I liked the setting and cop on the run story, but the mystery was confusing and lacked suspense. Too many characters introduced in 100 pages

    23. Lucarelli mi ha riportato indietro nel tempo, la sua scrittura fluida e appassionata ti costringe a leggere il libro tutto d'un fiato. Cinque stelle meritate!

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