The Story of Peppa Pig

The Story of Peppa Pig Get to know Peppa Pig the star of her very own Nick Jr animated show in this charming paper over board storybook IntroducingPeppa Pig Peppa Pig is a lovable but slightly bossy little piggy who lives w

  • Title: The Story of Peppa Pig
  • Author: Neville Astley MarkBaker
  • ISBN: 9781409305989
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • Get to know Peppa Pig the star of her very own Nick Jr animated show in this charming paper over board storybook.IntroducingPeppa Pig Peppa Pig is a lovable but slightly bossy little piggy who lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and her little brother, George This charming storybook is the perfect introduction to Peppa Pig s wonderful world.

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    1. Who IS Peppa Pig? Neo and I read this story to learn a little more about her. From an early age, Peppa loved muddy puddles and vegetable gardens. She learned to love her brother, George, as well. Peppa' love for her family grew with each passing day and she is always able to discover new and exciting adventures, particularly if they involve mud. Neo told me all about Peppa, though he seemed to learn a few things in this story that he did not already know. Bring on more Peppa!

    2. guys dont get tricked i actually read this and it was a great book. im looking forward to reading more peppa pig in the future

    3. I can't tell you how many times I've read this to my son (who is now 5). Now I'm reading it to my nearly 1 year old girl, who is obsessed with Peppa Pig. Thank you Mark Baker and Neville Astley for creating such a lovable cartoon.

    4. A nice primer to introduce little ones to my 3-year-olds current obsession: a bossy pig and her sweet family.

    5. Alright, my daughter loves this show on TV so I thought she would love this book and I wasn't disappointed. To say she loved it doesn't even come close really. She went ecstatic when it was delivered to our house. There are many things I love about this book, one being the color of the illustrations. The colors are bright and vivid and so pleasing to the eye. That is one thing I love about children's books and this one was a perfect example of the colors I love to see. The illustrations themselv [...]

    6. This book jumps all over the place, as though the plot were scattered mud puddles. For a child who has never seen Peppa, this book is disorganized and uninteresting. Perhaps children who have seen Peppa would be more interested in the story, granted, but without that context, it's rather a mess.Additionally, the use of "bossy" on the very first page to describe Peppa is problematic, since isn't that the type of language we're to specifically avoid with young ladies/piglettes according to Lean In [...]

    7. I have fallen in love with Peppa Pig (somebody help me) Went to England in June/July 2013 and bought a Peppa Pig Ballet doll. then on I made my library director buy as much Peppa Pig book and DVD they sell for the US market! I love them. They are fun and I can hear her accent in my head. Peppa sounds like 'Pepper' and George is like 'Goorgah' I am learning lots about Muddy Puddles and all is well!

    8. Nothing really new here if you've followed the TV shows but what it is is a good introduction to the charming characters. It's much better than many of the other watered down Peppa Pig books that are just ripped from the TV screenplays.

    9. A tidy tale of a precocious piglet's persistent pursuit. -Monty K. Check it out!Scottsdale Public Library

    10. Another well loved Peppa Pig book, my 2 year old daughter loves these books, i have to read them to her all the time.

    11. My 2 1/2 year old loves this book! She got it for Christmas and has asked me to read it to her the past 3 nights in a row!

    12. Read this to my cousin she loves peppa pig! I wish I could recreate the voice from the tv show when reading it to her

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