One thought on “Too Many Blondes”

  1. Right, I'm totally caught up on this series now. What impressed me most about this book was how well it was joined up to both the book before and the one after. Henderson links the series together excellently. There was even a mention in the first book of a development that doesn't happen until the latest book. It's stuff like this that really makes a series work and be more than it's individual parts. This book is set at Chalk Farm gym where Sam is supplementing her sculpting by working as a pa [...]

  2. There's is nothing like a good British mystery to keep me reading. The main character of this one is a sculptor who moonlights as an aerobics instructor. Henderson has taken me through the rave clubs of London and I enjoyed every minute of it. Plus there's quite a good mystery to solve. A fun summer read.

  3. Fun, smart, a little cunning and lots of sassy are to be found when Sam Jones is on the case. Sam is one of my favourite female character. She's competent but not goddess like perfect. She's good at what she does, she's creative and a not so bad artist. She lives her life by her own rules and ethics. She's not weakling and knows what she wants but not necessarily how to get it. In this second adventure, Sam finds the manager of the gym she works part time dead in the loo. She tries to help her f [...]

  4. I think I'll read the other books in the series too, now! It was really good and the humour was sooo good. I thought a few things in the book were a bit clichee or overrated, but all in all, it was exciting, easy and fast to read and had a pretty good subject!

  5. Yep, just the way I expected it to be. Great, funny and filled with mystery. I enjoyed every minute of it, every page, hehee. Sam is the kind of girl you wanna be friends with :)

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