Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long

Kingfish The Reign of Huey P Long Book by Richard D White Jr

  • Title: Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long
  • Author: Richard D. White Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781400063543
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book by Richard D White, Jr.

    One thought on “Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long”

    1. Huey P. Long was a richard cranium and a rooster lollipop. The only wonder is that he wasn't killed sooner. He certainly put the 'ass' in assassination.Thank you, Mr. White, for providing a thorough and highly readable account.

    2. This may not be the best biography of Huey "Kingfish" Long but it enthralled me nonetheless will make you shake your head in disbelief as one man became as close to being a dictator as is possible in a democracy. The Kingfish, who served as Louisiana Governor and US Senator from 1928 to 1935, when he was assassinated , ran wild, ignoring laws or creating new ones which were unconstitutional, raiding the state treasury, personally hiring and firing state employees, appointing judges at will, and [...]

    3. I hesitated before reading "The Reign of Huey P. Long" since a Pulitzer Price winning biography based on oral history on Long's life was also tempting. But now I don't regret in because diving in White's portrait of the Kingfish was a real pleasure. First and foremost, I learned about how state politics worked under an ambitious politician. The book is short on details about Huey Long's formative years prior to his second run for the governorship in 1928. Instead, the author focuses almost exclu [...]

    4. This was a very interesting read about Huey Long. It was really eye-opening in that I had no idea how ruthless he was, but really showed why people loved and hated him. His public persona (and some of his private) really bears comparison to Donald Trump, so relevant right now! Crude, narcissistic, and power-hungry, he gave his detractors no quarter and attempted to crush them totally. I found the book a little slow and dry in the beginning, but picked up along the way.

    5. I read this book in preparation for my first trip to New Orleans. Most of what I knew about Long I gleaned from the Randy Newman album "Good Old Boys" with songs like "Louisiana 1927" and "Here Come the Kingfish." White's take is a straightforward, relatively concise and highly entertaining look at Long's life, in chronological order, from humble beginnings to corrupt end as a US Senator who posed a serious threat to Franklin Roosevelt's re-election in 1936. One of many conspiracy theories surro [...]

    6. This bad book of popular history presents Huey Long as sui generis, with no historical context of any kind. No reference to the long standing tradition of extreme powers of Louisiana governors, the long history of political antics in the region (governors and anti-governors, legislatures and anti-legislatures), no mention of the upland/lowland, Baptist/Catholic, hillbilly/cosmopolitian rivalries and hatreds, no attempt to connect Long with the generations of Southern agrarianism, Populism and wh [...]

    7. If you don't believe something like Hitler can ever happen in America, read this book about this absolute corruption of power in Louisiana.

    8. I almost did not believe what I was reading - but as I'd heard many of the stories before, I had no choice But Huey Long was quite the character. And his supporting cast - wow. If you want a tale of fist fights, corruption, dueling (yes - go get your gun and let's shoot at each other), but not into the Western scene - here's your book. Makes me wish there'd been CNN or other network filming the madness that went on in Louisiana during the Great Depression. Makes me wonder how much of the underha [...]

    9. A good short biography of the sui generis Louisiana pol Huey Long. He made himself dictator of Louisiana and was killed as a result, quite possibly as part of a plot by his political enemies. This book touches the high, or low, points of his outrageous career, but it does little to convey an understanding of the milieu that produced Long. To understand this guy, we need to know why corruption has been tolerated more in Louisiana than anywhere else. White has little to say on the matter. What mot [...]

    10. This was an okay book about an interesting man. The information was very well-researched. I'm from Louisiana and I'm very familiar with the "Huey Long School of Politics", but even I learned new things from this book. For instance, I never knew the animosity between Roosevelt and Long. I did like how the author tried to explain all sides to the story. He did not blame Huey entirely for everything and pointed out things others did that were just as bad (or worse depending on your perspective) as [...]

    11. I'm not much of a non-fiction reader, and only picked this up because my son checked it out from the library. The writer's style is very engaging. He manages to keep the narrative drive lively and interesting, despite the many names and details presented throughout.I knew little about Huey Long before reading this. Now I feel at least my knowledge is adequate. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in the history of Louisiana politics or in Huey Long himself. And guess what? Huey Long was [...]

    12. A well-written and impeccably researched account of Louisiana's most notorious politician. Enjoyed this book thoroughly. I thought it could have devoted more than a few pages to his assassination and the conspiracy theories that accompanied it, but the portrait of Huey that emerges is rich and memorable.

    13. Well written and concise, which serves to underscore just how setting up an absolute dictatorship democratically can happen, even in this country. Sometimes loses the impartiality one finds in books like these, but the facts simply cannot be explained away and the results can only be spoken of in the most stark terms.

    14. I read this book recently and contrary to most folks who've reported on it, I wasn't particularly mortified by Huey's antics in depression era Louisiana. A cursory look at current US politics is enough to discourage any tendency to see him as a unusually corrosive and corrupt politician. Considered in the light of the performance of the Clintons - the pay to play scandals, the Uranium deal, the public lying and deceit, the underhanded dirt before and during the recent election campaign, pales be [...]

    15. Donald Trump is not the first delusional demagogue to run for president. In the 1930s an equally irresponsible although better qualified candidate challenged the political establishment on a basis of half-baked ideas and a massively inflated ego. Long before “the Donald” was “the Kingfish,” Louisiana governor and senator Huey Long. Long could no more hide his delusions of grandeur than Trump can today. From the moment he took office as governor in 1928 to the day an assassin's bullet cut [...]

    16. I thought this book was fascinating. I hadn't really come across Huey Long before and I have no idea how! Although this book was written eleven years ago, the comparisons with the current President of the United States are hard to avoid. Long comes across as clearly far more intelligent, politically savvy and driven than Trump but this is essential reading who fear that the President is without peer in terms of his abuses of power and has gone further than anyone before! Reads like a fast-paced [...]

    17. Quite interesting since we went on a cruise down the Mississippi to New Orleans. The ship stopped in Baton Rouge and we saw some of the sites mentioned in the book. The old capital building was beautiful!

    18. Review title: But he built good roads . . . .Like Huey Long, this biography of the flamboyant Louisiana governor is short, sometimes flashy, ultimately ends too soon, and doesn't achieve its goals. And like his German fascist contemporary, Long was short, flashy, ended but not soon enough, and fortunately didn't achieve his goals--but he did build good roads. What do we learn from this?: Beware dictators building good roads, I guess.Although, actually, one of the flaws I found in White's short b [...]

    19. This incomplete biography is of a man unique in America history. Many Louisianans revered their Governor Huey Long as a martyred champion of the common people, one who took from the rich and gave to the poor. Huey is remembered by them with gratitude for providing them hundreds of new bridges, a modern highway system, free school books and new schools, thousands of governmental jobs, and years of amusement at his unpredictable actions. So much good and so much harm for so many people in such a s [...]

    20. "The end justify the means," remarked the Governor "Kingfish" when asked about his iron grip on power in Louisiana politics. When told by a legislative aid that a bill be proposed would be unconstitutional, he said characteristically, "I don't give a damn!" He was a dictator, yet paradoxically did more for the poor and disenfranchised of his state then any governor before or after, instituting programs that provided free textbooks to children, taught thousands of illiterates to read and care for [...]

    21. This is a good, straightforward narrative of the political life of Huey P. Long, governor of Louisiana and U.S. senator and one of the nearest things to a dictator (albeit in one state) that the U.S. has ever had. A good introduction but with a very anecdotal style. It's very much in the "Great Man" tradition of historiography and doesn't tell you much at all about the context that produced Long. A book that situated him better by explaining the politics and economics of Louisiana, the Deep Sout [...]

    22. Karl Rove wa a piker compared to Huey Long. The Kingfish's ability to manipulate and dominate Louisiana for years remains one of the most entertaining and horrifying stories of American history. Lots of echoes of the strong arm, loyalty-first political tactics we hear about in the news today, although Long had a tongue and wit that could shred his victims before they knew they were bleeding -- a far cry from the dull cudgel that our current president deploys when he opens his mouth.My chief disa [...]

    23. Selective and repetitive, this book is strongest where it highlights the apparent impossibility of Huey's rise and lasting dominance over Louisiana's political machinery. Otherwise, this is a loose sketch of Long's career and enemies list that leans heavily upon the extraordinary number of legendary revenge tales that surround this man (factual or not).It does help that I chose the best time to read this book; the spring of 2016 was the season of the equally unlikely dominance of Donald (the) Tr [...]

    24. A good primer on Huey Long, who fascinated me initially because of his liberal populist message and his status as, in the words of one commentator quoted in the book, the only political dictator America has known. At under 300 pages, I never got a solid sense of who Huey was outside his public persona and how he was able to get away with so much. But that's okay since I just wanted to get a feeling for what he had done. I'll have to read another bio like the T Harry Williams opus to get a fuller [...]

    25. Gives a good overview of the rise and rule of Huey P. Long. Although there is an anlysis at the end, the book is descriptive in essence. For European readers like me its mystifying how such a character could rise in Louisiana at that time. The answer to this question is not given, at least not in detail nor in comparison. But the book nor the writer claim to do so. Anyway, in order to get some understanding, first one has to get the facts straight. And that is what this book does in a chronologi [...]

    26. This guy really was a character. He seemed to be blessed with the ability to p. a lot of people off, and inspired loyalty, too. Someone upstairs must have tapped him on the shoulder when he was born and said "You are born to be a politician." The author details the feuds he had and the crazy things he did fairly well. Maybe there are longer bios about Huey Long out there. This was not a bad 'short' one.

    27. It's hard to believe Huey P. Long was ever a real person or these events ever really happened. I can't believe people allowed him to get away with his awful behavior! I really can't tell if he started with good intentions but then he got carried away, or if he was always just power hungry. One thing is for sure - Huey P. Long played a huge role that partly shaped Louisiana into what it is today, for good and for bad.

    28. An amazingly complex individual and a morality tale for our times. Given the economic climate of today, the ground is fertile for the return of a demagogue like Huey Long. Well written with just enough detail to make it interesting. I would have liked him to go into the conspirasy theories circulating when he was assasinated. Oh yeah. Spoiler alert- he was assasinated. Seems like the main charector always dies in these biographies.*grin*

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