Artiglio lucente

Artiglio lucente Varjak Paw discendente di una famiglia di Gatti Blu della Mesopotamia da sempre curioso di scoprire cosa c fuori fuori dalla villa della Contessa dove vive e dove lui e i suoi sono nati e cresciuti

  • Title: Artiglio lucente
  • Author: S.F. Said Dave McKean Maria Bastanzetti
  • ISBN: 9788804533832
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Varjak Paw, discendente di una famiglia di Gatti Blu della Mesopotamia, da sempre curioso di scoprire cosa c fuori fuori dalla villa della Contessa dove vive e dove lui e i suoi sono nati e cresciuti, senza mai nemmeno uscire in giardino, cos come si addice ai gatti nobili Ma un giorno la Contessa muore e la casa finisce nelle mani di un sinistro Gentiluomo accompagVarjak Paw, discendente di una famiglia di Gatti Blu della Mesopotamia, da sempre curioso di scoprire cosa c fuori fuori dalla villa della Contessa dove vive e dove lui e i suoi sono nati e cresciuti, senza mai nemmeno uscire in giardino, cos come si addice ai gatti nobili Ma un giorno la Contessa muore e la casa finisce nelle mani di un sinistro Gentiluomo accompagnato da due ancor pi inquietanti felini neri che si muovono come automi giunto per Varjak il momento di varcare la soglia, per cercare aiuto in citt Ma per le strade, popolate di automobili spaventose e gang agguerrite, si moltiplicano le sparizioni di gatti E se avessero a che fare con il Gentiluomo

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    1. first, let's focus on the artwork, because i saw this cover somewhere and i knew that i needed to read this book, no matter what its contents. i really do love dave mckean. he has been responsible for some of my favorite jonathan carroll covers, and the man just really knows how to draw cats.he manages to get cat mannerisms down perfectly with such an economy of line - i love it. the only person whose cats even come close, and with a totally different tone is jeffrey brown:he gets all the cute s [...]

    2. Book no 1 of the 16 cat bookstheliteraturevixenoklikes.cVarjak Paw is the only one in his family of noble Mesopotamian Blue cats whose eyes arent green and he is constantly teased and ridiculed for this reason.His older brother even claims this is the reason their owner-the Contessa has stoppedvisiting them and only stays in her room. One who doesnt make fun of him is his grandfather the Elder Paw and Varjak loves to listen to him tell stories about their ancestor Jalals adventures.One day a str [...]

    3. Can't believe this brilliant book has escaped me for so long. Beautifully written and illustrated. Possibly too challenging for my Y3 class but keen to share widely with all children across KS2.

    4. I saw this book in the store, and the cat on the front cover was so adorable that I had to buy it for my sister. Of course, then I had to read it before giving it to her!This is definitely a kids' book - not even YA, but for younger children.However - it's also an excellent book. McKean's illustrations are perfect for the characters and the story.Varjak is a young Mesopotamian Blue cat who's been brought up to think he's something special. However, when his owner disappears and a strange and sin [...]

    5. I originally gave this book 2 stars, I felt it was unrealistic and dull, no doubt because the whole idea of a kung-fu cat turned me off before I had even started reading, so I didn't give it a chance. Upon discussion, I realised I was being unfair and was persuaded to re-read it. The second time I found myself liking the characters, even though I knew the ending I still worried when they were in danger and felt their true friendships on the cold hard streets of the city, I willed them on their w [...]

    6. I bought this at a book sale one day and I only bought it because it had a cat on its coverd I am not disappointed. What can I say? I'm a cat person!Although this is more of a children's book and I could totally predict what could happen, I still found myself enjoying it. Teaches some lessons and the artwork is pretty neat.

    7. Brilliant book! Vividly imagined by SF Said with stunning illustrations by Dave McKean. This is a must-read for MG fans.

    8. Almost a life manual for us all. The idea that no one is too special to help others and that comfort zones hold us back seem to have special relevance to the UK's current treatment of refugees.Clever writing and brilliant characters - it's easy sometimes to forget it's about cats!

    9. This kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Varjak Paw belongs to a family of Mesopotamian Blue pedigree cats who are owned by the Contessa. However, she has rarely been seen recently and when a mysterious gentleman turns up with two uncanny black cats of his own, the Contessa disappears. Being only concerned with comfort, safety and good food, Varjak's family are blissfully ignorant of the dangers Varjak can sense. Plus, Varjak, with his yellow eyes - something no true blue would ever be pr [...]

    10. This thrilling story follows Varjak Paw, a Mesopotamian Blue cat living in the house of Contessa on top of a hill. His family bully and ignore him, and his eyes are the 'colour of danger'. Varjak Paw is successfully portrayed as different to everybody else (something that some children may be able to relate to), and soon becomes increasingly desperate to see the world outside of the Contessa's house, something he has never done. The Contessa soon becomes sick, and when a sinister man with two bl [...]

    11. Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamium Blue kitten, living in a house on top of a hill, he has never left the high walls that surround the Contessa's garden. His family are happy to recline in the knowledge that a strange man will feed them caviar, as they admire their own handsome pedigree. Varjak however is bored, an outcast, unlike his siblings his name doesn't begin with J and he has eyes the colour of danger - he is desperate to see the world outside of the contessa's house. Armed with the wise words [...]

    12. Το βιβλίο προορίζεται για μια πολύ στενή ηλικιακή ομάδα, αυτή των 8-14 ετών. Για την ομάδα αυτή είναι ενδιαφέρον, ευκολοδιάβαστο και με μηνύματα που παλεύουν να μην ισοπεδωθούν από τη σκληρή πραγματικότητα. Στους υπόλοιπους δεν μπορεί να δώσει κάτι, πέραν του να περάσουν την [...]

    13. This novel is so much more than a story about a cat leaving its sheltered home life for the city in search of a dog to save his family. It works on many different levels to question life as an outcast; from your own family, from your own society and your own environment. The main character, Varjak Paw is given advice with almost mystical, Eastern powers to solve problems that he encounters on his journey; if he chooses to apply them, and these help him to become streetwise and learn more about t [...]

    14. My boyfriend suggested I read this while I was ill this week (I was reading Station Eleven, which is not a comforting book when you've got the flu!!) and it was a brilliant idea. A really lovely story with beautiful illustrations, which genuinely touched me.

    15. This has been one of those books that has been recommended to me by GR but one that I wasn't ever quite certain of. Then a few weeks ago I ended up going to our used bookstore in town to get another book from the window that I had been eyeballing for quite a while and with that visit we ended up looking through some of the other YA books they had for some older treasures when I came across this book. Deciding what the heck I chose to go on ahead to get it then used it as my rebound book since of [...]

    16. This book basically reeled me in at the library when I realized it was talking about ninja cats. Yeah, that's right. And I was not disappointed at all. This book was adorable. Adorable. But also subtly creepy. You don't get any backstory on the mystery, you have no idea what is going on or why - which is pretty common in kids books, but still is a little alarming in this one. The characters are cute, but simple, and of course Varjak takes to the Way quickly because, hey, it's a kids book. And he [...]

    17. Revisited my childhood with literally my favourite children's book of all time. When I opened it, I saw that 10-year-old me had written my name in the book in 2003 :O

    18. Read this as part of the Read Harder 2018 challenge. As a cat lover I enjoyed this tale (tail?) of a kitten getting in touch with his exotic heritage and saving the day

    19. My sister is doing a reading competition for her school and was given a bunch of books to read, and this was one of them. I try not to pass up a chance at reading free books, even if they're ones I wouldn't pick out of a bookshop, and thankfully Varjak Paw, though a children's book, turned out to be a great read - extremely easy and fast to get through without being boring at any point, it had lovable main characters and beautiful atmospheric illustrations (as expected of Dave McKean, whose work [...]

    20. Varjak Paw – by S F SaidThe outside world was a mystery and any adventures Varjak Paw had were through the stories his grandfather told him about heroic ancestor martial arts expert, Jalal and his travels around the world.Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue cat, with bright golden yellow coloured eyes which are described as the colour of danger. Varjak Paw lives with the rest of his family in the countess’s house on top of the hill. His family consists of his parents, grandfather, and four sib [...]

    21. Varjak Paw by S. F. SaidA tale of Varjak the cat, descendant of the great Jalal, finding his identify in the big world. Varjak an outcast grew up with his parents and his siblings being told the story of Jalal by his grandfather. Jalal was a brave and courageous cat who after 100 years has left a legacy for his descendents to follow. Varjak Paw years to have an adventurous life where he can show his siblings he is worthy of being a descendent of Jalal. His opportunity arises when the countess d [...]

    22. Once again a matriarchal society has been transformed into a patriarchal one, largely inhabited by male characters, but still, it's about cats, so I had to love it. Plus I really love that cover with the golden eyes. And yes, I did google to see if the breed really existed.***Casting about for the next read-aloud after the Penderwicks, we struck on this. Glad I finished it last month. Also, very glad that the McKean illustrations aren't as disturbing as the ones he does for Gaimain's books.***It [...]

    23. This is an entertaining novel, beautifully illustrated. It tells the story of one Varjak Paw, a cat from a noble line of Mesapotamian Blues. Varjak is a bit of an outcast in his family, what with his obsession with going Outside and his dislike of simply sitting around looking dignified. When the Countess (the owner of Varjak and his family) dies, a sinister man with two even more sinister black cats comes into the picture. Varjak must escape to the Outside, learn the cat martial arts, and retur [...]

    24. 'Varjak Paw' by S.F.Said is a great read for children studying at KS2. The story follows the main character Varjak who had always lived an easy life up until he was forced out of his home by the Gentleman and his two horrible cats. As the story unravels we learn about Varjak's struggle to come to terms with living, and more importantly, surviving on the streets. We inevitably read about how Varjak comes up against rival gangs and of the battles he faces against them. At times the story can be qu [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed Varjak Paw. Initially, i found it hard to get into, as i didn't understand where the story was going. However, i persevered and once i got past the first couple of chapters i was hooked. The story explores many themes: family bonds, friendship and journeys. Would be a great cross-curricular topic book to use in year 3/4, and could lead onto some interesting character exploration work. The only downside to the book, is the ending, as it feels rushed and is slightly confusing [...]

    26. I got this because it had Dave McKean illustrations in it, and as an extra bonus those illustrations were of cats. That's one guy who can draw a cat But I wound up really enjoying it - it's pretty obviously for a younger audience, and it's sort of about a cat that learns martial arts, but the story was pretty good, and I didn't feel stupider when I finished it, which I feel is often the case with "children's literature". A quick read, but worth the time.

    27. middle school battle of the booksWas OK. I'm not usually into the anthropomorphic thing. This is a good book about self acceptance. Recommend to younger middle schoolers.

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