The Truth About Unicorns

The Truth About Unicorns What dark and secret spell beguiled Oriskany Forks Why did Crazy Lizzy paint her body with strange symbols Who stole Cass s newborn baby girl Why did the round house have a windowless second story and

  • Title: The Truth About Unicorns
  • Author: Bonnie Jones Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780855114619
  • Page: 157
  • Format: None
  • What dark and secret spell beguiled Oriskany Forks Why did Crazy Lizzy paint her body with strange symbols Who stole Cass s newborn baby girl Why did the round house have a windowless second story and no way to reach it Was the circular pit in the woods a meeting place for a witches coven Who would believe there could be so much evil in such a pretty little town

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    1. Interesting, unusual book written in the 70s, set in the 1920s/30s. It's about family, the occult happenings which deeply, darkly effect them, the nature of love, insanity/mental illness, self-respect and life in a small, rural community. The author inherited and currently lives on the farm featured in the story, and runs an unusual animal sanctuary, called Spring Farm CARES: springfarmcares/The author was also married to Gene Reynolds, the producer of the MASH tv show. She has written another o [...]

    2. its good little fast-paced and sometimes a little strange. But it definately takes those turns the reader doesn't want it to. Which makes the reader keep guessing instead of predicting what will happen. The people you want to fall in love don't and those you don't want to fall in love, do how frustrating!

    3. I'm not sure when this book entered our household library, or even who might have brought it in. It could have been either my mother or myself, both of whom have been known to partake in this type of story. I think I might have picked it up at a book fair, but, as I said, am not entirely sure.This is a story set in the 1920's and 30's about the residents of a small town in New England. Though the town is nothing at all like Peyton Place, there are, indeed, many secrets and mysteries among the in [...]

    4. I am a sucker for certain kinds of stories; so read the 5/5 as I liked the book, rather than a claim that this book is really good (I do think it is good: but not sure where I'd put it on a scale of things).I read it a long time ago, so cannot give a detailed review.Here are some of the things I liked about it. Patterns repeat across generations; sister loved; sister scorned; and the patterns have weird consequences. I also really related to the emotions of some the characters, the teenaged prot [...]

    5. Nope. Do not like Ms Reynolds' writing style.This has the opposite problem as, say, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss -- whereas every gesture, scrap of furniture, & tiny personal motivation in Shanna is over-described to the point of neurosis, everything in Unicorns is under-described to the point of lacking background, motivation, or connection with the reader. I couldn't properly picture the characters, their setting, their relationships to each other, or why they were doingwhatever they were doing ( [...]

    6. This book was wonderful. After about page 30 I could hardly put it down. The characters are believable, the mystery is compelling and in the end, you are not sure what to believe. I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.

    7. I wanted to love this book. I found it in a dusty old bookstore in New York and the dust jacket had me convinced it would be my next favorite book: "Robert Frost meets Stephen King." God, yes please! That sounds fantastic.The Truth about Unicorns is a decent book. There are several really meaty characters in the book and the start of a great mystery that really keeps you turning the pages. I particularly liked Harley, Lil, Upjohn and Carrie. I thought that some of the other characters, particula [...]

    8. Set in the 1920's, Reynolds presents an almost ideal community. Almost because there are struggles, but they seem rather minor really (save, perhaps, Paul Bascomb's treatment of his daughter Lil). What I think Reynolds's shows, is that even when things look rather good on the surface, what goes on beneath might not match up. While the novel does have a mystical bent and deals with occult themes (I surprised myself by knowing who Montague Summers was as I actually have the book referenced), it's [...]

    9. A weird, pastoral little story, and by "pastoral" I mean "slow-moving, but ultimately very likeable". Is that what pastoral means when it's applied to a novel? I think so, it feels right at least. I'm going to use it that way. Also, much of it takes place in a pasture, with cows and everything, so it's got that going on too, pastorally speaking.Small town life, paranoia, religion, the supernatural (possibly), insanity and family history, explored through the lens of rumour, family and the sort o [...]

    10. I am giving this a 3 star but I was tempted giving it a 4 because I can't remember the last time a book had me all worked up and excited after the ending. It is a detailed story which makes it a little bit tedious and therefore the lower rating. However, overall I enjoyed the book, not sure if I liked the ending or not though :)I think I will have to think about it a bit more!**Overall an interesting read though I really had a hard time choosing shelves for this book. Set in the early 1900's and [...]

    11. For this small farming community in upstate New York in the 1920s, the Jazz Age might as well be playing out on the moon. Around here, folks? concerns pretty much stay the same as one decade slides into another. Nothing important really changes. The cows still need milking. The Parmelee family curse has been in place for ages. Carrie?s been evil from the cradle. Red-haired women have never brought anything but trouble to this town. And there sure ain?t nothing new about what teenagers are gettin [...]

    12. This its a fascinating book. It reminded me of the Salem witch trials a lot at first, with someone accusing others wrongfully of witchcraft to further their own goals. But it only leaned on the Salem trials for that part. The rest was very original, with some great characters. The only part i did not like was the ending. It went so fast, and next thing you know, a calf gets born, AND THAT'S IT! I'm still stunned by this ending. I would have liked to see some resolution to Lil and Harley's love s [...]

    13. This story is in someways a retelling of the Salem witch hysteria set in a small town in the late 1920's. Prejudices between family lines, ignorance, hysteria, and a taint of madness drive the behavior of the town. Characters are complicated with both good and bad characteristics. The story revolves around two sisters, Cassandra and Lilith. While there are hints of possible magic, most of the events can be attributed to coincidence or superstition or plain bad behavior/trickery. It was an unusua [...]

    14. On the cover: "Robert Frost meets Stephen King" as well as a comparison to The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. I like Frost a lot, King and Jackson are two of my favorite characters, so I was excited to read this one. I first picked it up over three years ago and couldn't get into it then and while I finally managed to read it all the way through this time, I wasn't completely won over by the plot or the characters.

    15. I picked this up by mistake but decided to go ahead and give it a try. I got pulled in while waiting for a doctor's appointmentjust an easy read. A story of turn-of-the-century rural life mixed with magic and witchcraft. Kind of the "Charmed Ones" do "Little House on the Prarie"!! Not great literature but okay for a summer read.

    16. My mom told me she read this book in high school. I went to the same school and took the book out to read and it was just as enchanting as my mother had described! Unique and dark and beautiful. This book had me on the edge of my seat

    17. i was enchanted by this book, it is one of those books that when re-reading it, it brings back the smells of the previouse summer and the sound of the wind through the trees from the last time i read it.

    18. I gave this a five for a two reasons. The first because it is really that good, but the second is much more important. This book is completely different than anything I have read in a while. I am so glad I found this book because I almost did not even go into the bookstore I found it at.

    19. Great book! I could not put it down though I actually had read it previously over 20 years ago. It is still a mesmerizing story and stands the test of time. It is one that I will definitely read & re-read along with a few other worthy classics.

    20. this was an incredibly interesting & thought-provoking book. I lost my copy in a home fire, unfortunately, but I think it will be one that I will replace.

    21. Magical and poignant-following the lives of a family in the 20's, the good the bad and the unusual. I re-read this every few years or so.

    22. I read this book when I was 16 and fell in love with it. I think this book influenced my own writing more than any other book.

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