The Stone Hatchlings

The Stone Hatchlings A child s imagination takes flight When Abby finds two warm round stones in the backyard she adopts them pretending they re unhatched birds She lovingly builds them a cozy nest and watches over the

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  • Title: The Stone Hatchlings
  • Author: Sarah Tsiang Qin Leng
  • ISBN: 9781554514328
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • A child s imagination takes flight When Abby finds two warm, round stones in the backyard, she adopts them, pretending they re unhatched birds She lovingly builds them a cozy nest and watches over them constantly until one day she imagines that with a crick and a crack, the stones hatch to reveal two gray chicks With a flourish of her paintbrush, Abby colors the birdsA child s imagination takes flight When Abby finds two warm, round stones in the backyard, she adopts them, pretending they re unhatched birds She lovingly builds them a cozy nest and watches over them constantly until one day she imagines that with a crick and a crack, the stones hatch to reveal two gray chicks With a flourish of her paintbrush, Abby colors the birds yellow, blue, and green, and proceeds to take excellent care of them Then the make believe birds stop singing Soon they also stop eating, and when they start to lose their feathers Abby realizes it is time to let them go She waves goodbye as they fly off But every morning, two new birds appear at the window and sing to Abby As in their bestselling book, A Flock of Shoes, this gifted author illustrator team captures perfectly the whimsical imagination of a small child for whom anything is possible.

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    1. In The Stone Hatchlings, Abby adopts two "eggs"--two smooth stones that she finds in her backyard. She makes a nest for them, sits on them to help them hatch, and then feeds and sings and takes care of her "birds". Abby spends many happy hours with them, until her interest starts to wane, and she sets them free in her backyard again. This is a wonderful story about the power of a child's imagination.I love how Tsiang had Abby's parents be both honest with her "Those are stones," and encourage he [...]

    2. The Stone Hatchlings, written by Sarah Tsiang and illustrated by Qin Leng, is a picturebook scheduled for release on September 1 2012. In this charming picturebook Abby finds two eggs, which her family sees only as stones. she cares for her stone eggs, and when they hatch she cares for the stone chicks, complete with some artistry of her own to give their feathers color other than grey. One morning her birds stop singing, stop eating, and begin loosing their feathers. Abby realizes that her bird [...]

    3. In this beautifully illustrated sweet book, a little girl finds two stones and imagines them into birds. The birds sing with her, play with her, and, even, bathe with her. However, as the days pass, the birds miss the beautiful blue skies of the outdoors. Abby must make a hard choice.

    4. Oh my goodness, do I love this book. What a wide-open ending, and so many perfect little details in the illustrations.

    5. Originally posted at Perogies & GyozaIn 2010, Tsiang and Leng's debut title, A Flock of Shoes, was published to great critical acclaim. This was the delightful story of a little girl named Abby and what happened to her shoes during off-season. In 2011 they teamed up for another fantastic story, Dogs Don't Eat Jam and Other Things Big Kids Know (doesn't that sound like a title your kids would eat right up?). The Stone Hatchlings is their 2012 offering, and it is so nice to be back with Abby. [...]

    6. Abby discovers two eggs in her yard and she knows that she must take care of them. While her parents try to explain to her that the eggs are actually rocks, Abby is unconvinced. She makes them a nest and keeps them warm until they hatch. While her parents look on, Abby's birds hatch, follow her during the day and sing early every morning. Then one day, Abby realizes something is wrong and she must set them free.The Stone Hatchlings is a gentle picture book about a young girl's imagination and ab [...]

    7. The Stone Hatchlings was a sweet story of imagination. I liked the parents' role of being gentle anchors to reality while also fostering their daughter's ventures into her creative world. The story has inspired a lot of dramatic play for my 3 year old daughter. She pretends various items are eggs that are about to hatch!

    8. Abby finds two heavy eggs in her backyard, and despite her mother's insistence that they are stones, Abby knows they will hatch if she makes a nest and sits on them. A nice nod to imagination. Might be fun to use with "If You Find a Rock" by Peggy Christian, or Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hatches the Egg".

    9. Abby discovers two round stones in her yard. She pretends they are eggs and takes very good care of them until they "hatch" and she sets the creatures free. Her parents are patient and tolerant of her imaginative explorations yet also honest with her. The charming illustrations are my favorite part of the book.

    10. Age: Preschool+A happy celebration of imagination and letting something go that wants to be free. A unique telling of imagination because the artist draws the stone birds as if they are real and Abby invests heavily in their believability but Tsiang gives us subtle hints to remind us that they are not.

    11. Love the art, but I just sort of don't get the whole part in the middle of the story where the hatchlings start to want to be freee little girl is just too little and too concerned for her imaginary friends for me to get how this part works.

    12. Corbchops says: "Their eggs were stone, and they flew with their stones. [That was fun] because stone eggs are not real."

    13. A book definitely for the older picture book listener/reader. Can rocks be your friends? A pet rock sort of idea. I wish the little girl in this book had some "human" friends. Tweet, tweet.

    14. Abby finds two stones outside, and has fun pretending they are eggs. A good story about the power of imagination.

    15. I always love books that show great imagination, and the illustrations here are simply wonderful. What a great story.

    16. This was kind of a strange little story - but I kind of loved it. Abby has a sweet imagination and I love parents who play along! I'm completely charmed.

    17. Great read!I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. This book cover is on my Pinterest board and my blog, Michelle Dragalin’s Journey.

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