Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head A collection of poems written throughout my life Topics include nature fantasy Love loss and sarcasm Some were written for specific people others just observations

  • Title: Voices In My Head
  • Author: Cindy J.Smith
  • ISBN: 9781465395627
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of poems written throughout my life Topics include, nature, fantasy, Love, loss, and sarcasm Some were written for specific people, others just observations.

    One thought on “Voices In My Head”

    1. Here are two reviews I have received concerning my book.This is a quote from Victoria Treder. "I just finished Cindy’s book of treasures—each one opening her heart to the world, filled with wonder, anguish, love, descriptions of the amazing world around us. I don’t know how she can bear to re-read some of them, so full of hope that was later dashed; some so full of anger—but always, the serenity that she finally finds in her love of God. She has truly bared her soul, and her life, to all [...]

    2. Ok, so what I know about poetry is that personally I hate a Grecian Urn!Thus, my knowledge is far less than limitless!The thing is, I dont need to disect these poems or to share the same exact life experiences to be able to get it!Life, loss, tragedy and HOPE is central to this collection and I could and do relate to that!What grabbed me most was the non-holes barred brute honesty of these poems which shocked me and made me relate all in one go!Not all the poems are heavy or tragic and I could r [...]

    3. I was gifted a copy from the author for an honest review. Ms. Smith’s words are from the heart and she even has them in sections if you’re interested in the fitting of your moods. I personally felt that more than a few hit home for myself and was pleased the way the voices in her head brought me to some unspoken words of my own. Thank you for allowing me the chance to read your thoughts. I’m looking forward to another awakening of your words

    4. Its been a good long time since I've sat down and read some poetry just for fun, or because I wanted to, and this book ravishes the emotions I'm feeling today. Sometimes you just need to read for a passion, a rhythm, a dream, and Cindy captures the essence of it all through her words. This is a poetry book to get lost in, and live with daily. Something you can feel through heart, explore with love, and genuinely relate to. Beautiful words, fabulous layout, capturing voices.Cindy gets 5 stars for [...]

    5. me truly moving passages with another reviewer on here, I don’t consider myself a poetry buff, but I found a depth of feeling and expression in Cindy Smith’s book which is absent in others I’ve read there’s a sensitive edge of highly personal experience, some of it raw on the emotions I also felt somewhat of an intruder with a few of them, which I suppose underlines how evocative they are in the latter part of the collection, dealing with passages of Nature, there are beautiful outbursts [...]

    6. "Voices in my head" by Cindy J. Smith is a lovely collection of heartfelt poetry, taken from the author's all day life, served with refreshing honesty and directness. I was quite taken by the down to earth character that I have not often found in poetry, but then I must admit I rarely take the time for poetry.Smith talks openly about her family, friends and partner in rhyme, with obvious devotion and a little thing for Valentine's day it seemed to me. My personal favourites were her poems on nat [...]

    7. i loved this booki will be honest i am not a poem reader but after reading this book i totally changed my mindthis author really touched my heart i totally recommend this book to others it was an awesomeread something that i am sure i will read again

    8. VOICES IN MY HEADPoems by Cindy SmithReviewed by R. MurryGenuine poetry can communicate before it is understood was T.S. Eliot’s motto for writing. His name and motto I picked as a stepping stone because of his American fame and the appropriateness of using his motto in referring to Ms. Smith’s style, which is clear and comprehensible – no mental gymnastics required in reading her poemsI’ll give you a microcosm of her writing technique:From poem: OLD MAN (My note: Man looking back on lif [...]

    9. When I was asked to review a book of poetry I was a bit unsure as it is not my usual thing so I enlisted the help of my daughter who does read poetry so you get 2 views for the price of one!!Heather said they are well written with a degree of sentimentality with is reflected in the reader and the reader can see clearly how dear the people in the poems are to the author. The reader can then encompass these feelings and take them on, perhaps recognising them and associating them with a person in t [...]

    10. 10+*s. WOWI fell in love with these awesome poem of loss, love, tragedy, and hope, but my favorite and the one that sticks out of head the most is 'Happy Birthday, Dave'. Though my name is not Dave, I actually felt that this poem was for me because its what I felt when I turned 35 last year. Each one of these beautifully written poems hit my heart and life in so many ways. Some made me smile while others brought tears to my eyes. The truth and honesty in these poems are remarkable and how the au [...]

    11. As an English major in college, I've read my share of poetry and have even written some, which was why I was so excited to read Voices in My Head. Cindy J. Smith writes beautifully. The poems are touching. The feelings are relatable. It was refreshing to read this book of poems! I loved every second of it!

    12. This book had me laughing and crying. I loved each and every word in this lovely book. As a lover of poetry and a fellow poet. This book Rocks. Congrats. Cindy Smith. I recommend this book to all who loves a very well written book that touches your soul and stays in your heart.

    13. I love poetry so much. It shows so much strength and heart to be able to write. Thank you Cindy for opening up to us all and letting us read your beautiful works of art

    14. A wonderful selection of poetry that examines a lot of different emotions and does them justice. Each time I need a boost or a hint of inspiration, I know I can flip to a page and find a poem that speaks to me. Excellent work, as always, Ms. Smith!

    15. Beautiful words, powerful emotions. I have read all of Cindy J Smith's poetry books and I am surely a fan!

    16. I want to preface this by saying I'm not really a poetry reader. I read the eBook version which did not seem to be formatted right so the poems jumped when going from one page to another. -- NOTE: The author informs me that this was due to the copy of the file she provided me. -- Most of the poems in the book were of a very personal nature and dealt with subjects I was unable to relate to.The first section of the book "People in My Life" had too much of a personal memoir feel to it and I was una [...]

    17. 5 star. voices in my head - Cindy J smith!Well what can I say. This lovely lady offered me a review copy of her books, to start with when I found out that they was in fact poems not a actual story I wasn't so sure at the start. But soon as you read the first page it pulls you in. With this being my first ever poem book I have ever read it has been the best! ( She was also very understand as to why my reviews have been slow )Cindy has written these poems beautifully, as I previously said this is [...]

    18. This collection is about love, sorrow, even grief, melded in the crucible of life. The author, Cindy J. Smith, is a truck driver who is blessed with a natural gift. Often while driving through the night, when all is quiet, she is hearing these voices flowing through her mind. She sees herself as their vessel. They force her to deliver them to paper, and she does so with a gentle hand, making her mark with simplicity, and with heart wrenching honesty.Here are but a few of these voices in her head [...]

    19. Poetry is one of those things I have always enjoyed. I'm a bit of a dark romantic, so this was exactly what I was looking for. These poems areue, to say the least. Sometimes, the things we need to hear the most go unsaid and the things we need to see the most go unseen. People who expose these things are considered "cynical" or "insane"After all, these are the voices in her head. In each poem, she outlined major changes in her life, but maybe also outlined the troubles we fight every day as a so [...]

    20. Let me preface my review by stating I do not read poetry books but I am exploring new genres to read this year and thought I would give this a try. I can say unequivocally that you can truly feel Cindy J. Smith's heart poured into the writing of each of the poems.There were some I could so relate to, some I couldn't relate to at all, some lighthearted and some heavyhearted. I know there are at least some poems that everyone can relate to in reading this!A couple of the poems I felt I was intrudi [...]

    21. I started to read this poem book and I couldn’t put it down. Cindy is a talented women, her poems really touched my heart. You can tell she poured her heart and soul into each of these poems. Over half of them had me in tears, they were beautiful and heartwarming. The personal ones really affected me the most, she talked about love and lost. WOW just omg WOW. I can’t wait to read her second Poem book. I highly recommend this book. Below are my top 20 poems in this book.1. My Angel2. True Lov [...]

    22. Beautiful heartfelt poetry covering the broad spectrum of human experience and emotion. Poems express in fewer words what novels seek to convey, but you need to have a certain way with words to be a poet, therefore poetry is harder to achieve imo. It is a great feat to be able to touch readers with fewer words. I believe poetry is a rare gift, one that I myself rarely can conjure up. A great book of poetry reads swiftly and leaves you with a lot to chew on for days, weeks afterward. Highly recom [...]

    23. I saw the title of this book and thought "with a title like that I KNOW I'm gonna like it". I clicked the link and read a few samples and found out it was a book of poems. Never expecting that some of them would effect me as much as they did. But there was one that touched my heart so much that I made contact with the author to see how I could get myself a signed copy. I read the book in 1 day. I could feel myself starting to have a panic attack so I sat down to read and this book seem to have t [...]

    24. I do enjoy immersing myself in poetry, and Cindy J Smith's Voices in my Head provided the perfect opportunity to do just that.In this collection of poetry, there is an electric mix of topics, themes and styles, though all with a voice that is clearly Smiths. Many of her poems are beautiful and emotive; I especially enjoyed Heartache.Filled with powerful imagery and depth, her poems provided me with time for escapism. A thoroughly enjoyable collection.Reviewer: BexDisclosure: This ebook was provi [...]

    25. I wouldn't call myself a poetry guru, but I loved these amazing poems. Some are about love, others about loss, but they are all about this crazy thing we call life. I can see many on Hallmark cards. Everyone will find at least one of these poems touching, because they all pulled on my heart strings and one titled "Old man" hit the nail on the head. Give this book a try and you'll see, the poems will tear you up, make you think and make you appreciate life, maybe even restore your faith in human [...]

    26. I usually don't read poems but a friend told me about it. So I had it and finally gave it a try. For me perosnally I had a hard time because of the way is showed up. Seems to be some issues with formatting and corrections. From what I read some were okay but some were dark. Some of them were pretty and I enjoyed. I guess if I could read it better I may have given it 4 stars but since I couldn't I gave it 3.

    27. I loved "Voices in my Head" by Cindy J. Smith. Ms. Smith has a way of drawing in her readers with her great work. I love how the author left a piece of herself in each of the poems. Whether it was pain, love, loss, joy or sorrow you can almost feel the emotions with her through these amazing poems. I would highly recommend this book for everyone.

    28. Cindy J. Smith is a really great poetry writer! This book has several variety of poems from funny to making you cry like a baby! Some are just words to live by! This is an amazingly wonderful book of poetry that anyone can read and relate to! She shares her life and wisdom in each of the poems! Her passion is unequaled for life and love! This book is a must read of the poetry world and beyond!

    29. Cindy has put together some of the most inspiring poems that I have had the pleasure of reading. She just seems to have a grasp of words that just hit home - almost seems like you can pick the poem that fits your day. I am looking forward to reading more poems from this talented and gifted Poet.

    30. If you enjoy poetry, you need to get this book.It has all types of poems and will make you cry, smile, laugh and think.I enjoyed every poem I have read so far.I still have about 1/4 of the poems to read, but I say with confidence that you'd love this book.

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