Knowledge and the Sacred

Knowledge and the Sacred This book is the published version of a lecture given in in the series Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh since

  • Title: Knowledge and the Sacred
  • Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • ISBN: 9780791401774
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book is the published version of a lecture given in 1981 in the series Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh since 1889.

    One thought on “Knowledge and the Sacred”

    1. کتاب بر مبنای سخنرانی‌های ارائه شده آقای نصر در گیفورد نوشته شده. نصر در این کتاب ادعا می‌کند حقیقتی مطلق و نامتناهی وجود دارد و معرفت تلاش برای یکی شدن با آن حقیقت است. اما برای این ادعا برهانی حداقل برهان به معنای امروزیش ارائه نمیشه و به جای آن روی شهود و عقل شهودی تأکید میک [...]

    2. This is my first SHN book, and frankly I was surprised at the perspicacity of his analysis and interpretations of different doctrines and theories, from Suhraurdi to Plato As did Guénon in a more revolutionary manner, Dr.Nasr describes how the "Moderns" separated the Logos from God, and consequently hid the sacred knowledge He then tackles the Definition of Tradition which is one of the most comprehensive definitions I've ever read so far, " it contains the sense of truth which is both of divin [...]

    3. How did we get from there to here? From a green planet to a dying one? From sacred to sarcasm. Nasr provides a very clear and erudite analysis of modern thought, dismantling it so that we may have hopes of putting the pieces of the puzzle back together for ourselves and for the sake of the rest of the biosphere. Modern philosophical thoughts and their detriments are examined concisely but thoroughly. A must read for anyone who wishes to begin to understand what's really wrong at the heart of Mod [...]

    4. چه لازم است به زاهد به‌زور می دادن// به‌خاک تیره مریزید آبروی شراب

    5. very differemt, some fantastic insights about the limitations of purely rational knowledge. However, the book was unbearably verbose at times.

    6. مروري بر كتاب شناخت و نقد انديشه هاي سنت گرايانه بوسيله گفتمانهاي فكري ايران معاصر.در اين كتاب مجموعه آرا و انديشه‌هاي حسين نصر ( 1312ـ) ذيل عنوان "معرفت و امر قدسي "به چاپ رسيده است .در بخشي از كتاب آمده است" :نقد تفكر فلسفي معاصر در غرب بر بنياد آموزه‌هاي سنت گرايانه يكي از اصلي [...]

    7. Amazing to say the least. Dr. Nasr's monumental work is as relevant today as it was when he delivered his noteworthy Gifford Lecture from which the book is made. I had been struggling to understand a few concepts and ideas that Dr. Nasr presented in terms the language. It seemed at times I would make sense of one paragraph then a few more down the line I was lost. This was because of my background mainly. However, it was suggested by a good friend to read the first chapter again when confused. A [...]

    8. I've already read this book and I though it was pretty good. The problem was that I read it over a year ago for a class I was taking at the time and I don't think I fully absorbed it. Nasr's work deserves the reader's full attention so I intende to pick this one back up soon.

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