Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House

Raised Eyebrows My Years Inside Groucho s House Presents an intimate portrait of the legendary comedian by a young fan who became Groucho s personal secretary during the last three years of the comedian s life

  • Title: Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House
  • Author: Steve Stoliar
  • ISBN: 9781881649731
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Presents an intimate portrait of the legendary comedian by a young fan who became Groucho s personal secretary during the last three years of the comedian s life.

    One thought on “Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House”

    1. I bought Raised Eyebrows because I'm a Groucho Marx fanatic and I've read just about every book on him and the Marx Brothers. I expected this story, written by a young man who worked as Groucho's secretary for a few years, to be mainly a listing of funny things Groucho said and superficial recollections of a name-dropping variety. What I did not expect was a detailed and jaw-droppingly revelatory look at the the sad final years of an American icon. Steve Stoliar was a young fan who ended up livi [...]

    2. Tempted to give this book higher marks. It's just about as good as anything on so minor a subject can be. A very personal and affectionate (read: fanboy) exposition and eyewitness account of the great Groucho Marx's final years. Fortunately, Mr. Stoller is an intelligent, witty fanboy, so the ball rolls along lightly. It's also a snapshot of Hollywood in the late '70s, when the old paradigms, long dead, began truly to decay. I suspect I am the last generation (b.1961) that would enjoy such a sna [...]

    3. One the best reads of the year for me, Raised Eyebrows might be the last thing I read on the Marx Brothers for a long while. I’ve read almost every major biography, Groucho’s writings, the letters between Groucho and his daughter, Harpo Speaks!, and many of the sources of Groucho’s wit as well, including: Perelman, Benchley, Thurber, Georges S. Kaufman, E.B. White, T.S. Elliot and Ring Lardner Sr who has been one of my favorite writers ever since I chased his work down based on Salinger’ [...]

    4. The book flows--Moreover, you come away with the sense (if you're as much a Grouchophile as I) of knowing where the author came from in terms of adoration, appreciation, and genuine respect for his employer in the last few years of his life. In summation, the book not only satiated my curiosity about the inner workings of the life Groucho led after the fame boom, but also made me incredibly envious of Stoliar and the time he spent getting to know one of his and our heroes. A good read.

    5. I borrowed this little gem for free on Prime and am so glad I stumbled across it. This book is filled with fantastic little witticisms and anecdotes, as well as some heartbreaking realities of aging. I appreciated the author's obvious love and affection for Groucho and the respect and dignity with which he recorded Groucho's final years.

    6. A fascinating tale of a fan's dream come true and the real-life drama that unfolded before his eyes behind closed doors. A must for Marxfans.

    7. I rarely listen to audio books unless they are (1) non-fiction and (2) biographically driven, so Steve Stoliar's "Raised Eyebrows" was firmly in my wheelhouse - especially with his choice of topic, the final years of legendary comedian Groucho Marx. Right off the bat, I knew I was in for a listening treat since Steve does a great version of the elderly Marx brother when reading remarks or quotes by the comedian. Steve's verbal telling of his story (which is coupled with Groucho's) is well paced [...]

    8. 4 1/2 out of 5Nurse: "How long have you had cats?"Groucho: "I've always had cats. And before that I had the measles."'The Nurse's car had recently been in for repairs. For an incapacitated man, Groucho was in a gallant mood.'Groucho: "Tell me where you live and I'll take you home."Nurse: "But my car has already been fixed."Groucho: "Well, then, you can take *me* home! You know you're cute, but it's too late."Nurse: "Too late for what?"Groucho: "Too late for you."This is an example of the Groucho [...]

    9. The memoirs of a fan who became secretary/confidante to Groucho Marx near the end of his life. Sweet, touching, funny. Worthwhile for any fan of vintage Hollywood or television. Read by the author.

    10. I listened to the author read this book through Audible, and I recommend others doing so as well as his impersonation of Groucho added to the text.Whether reading the book or listening, I recommend skipping Dick Cavett's intro. It says nothing of substance, simply encouraging you to read the book. Stoliar considers Cavett a friend, and there is also a long section in the book where Stoliar extols the virtues of Cavett's memoirs, talking about how he shared it with friends and encouraged others t [...]

    11. Steve Stoliar was a college-aged Marx Brothers fan that through fortunate events found himself working inside Groucho's house answering his fan mail during the last three years of the actor's life (1974-1977). This experience led him to meet many showbiz luminaries including famous performers and brilliant writers. But the essence of the book is Stoliar's affection for Groucho himself and how he coped with the madness created by Erin Fleming, the much younger wannabe actress and platonic paramou [...]

    12. One of the best memoirs I've read. A suspense story, a story about families, a story about celebrity, a story about elder care. This book has it all

    13. A fascinating look behind the doors of Groucho Marx's home in Beverly Hills in his final years in the mid-70s, as chronicled by his secretary, Steve Stoliar. Stoliar was a college freshman and a huge fan of the Marx Brothers, and his campaign with a classmate to get the Brothers' film 'Animal Crackers' re-released led to his appointment by Erin Fleming, Groucho's companion, as a secretary, working in a spare room in Groucho's own house, overseeing the never-ending stream of fan mail, sorting thr [...]

    14. Many years ago, I remembered seeing Groucho Marx and Erin Fleming together on one of the talk shows (Merv Griffin?). What stood out about the appearance was that Erin appeared to be the only person on the set who didn't get the jokes that were firing fast and furious. At the time, I recall wondering what Groucho saw in her. When I asked a friend about it, I was told not to be so naïve. I soon forgot about it and got on with my life.When I found this book, my expectation was that it would be a b [...]

    15. Groucho Marx is a bit of personal hero of mine. I have been in love with the Marx Brothers movies since childhood when I stumbled upon the marathons they used to show on New Years Eve. The machine-gun like banter and wit kill me every time. Groucho, in particular, was a pure subversive. Whether in the movies, radio or his later television shows, Groucho not only moved to his own beat but would use that beat to throw off any syncopated rhythm he came across.He was brilliant.So I was very hesitant [...]

    16. I found this book in the library searching for Hector Arce's biography of Groucho. Steve Stoliar was a college student in the 1970s and worked for Groucho the last few years of his life. If you know anything about Groucho at the end of his life then you know it was the Erin Fleming show and depending on the author telling the tale, Erin was a either a savior for Groucho or a devil. Stoliar who owes his employment to Erin is very objective about the situation showing us her good and bad qualities [...]

    17. One of my all-time favorite books! Yes, I'm a huge Groucho phile and have been since a child. But, as much as I love Groucho, this book is important in another area - Aging. Stoliar really does an outstanding job of presenting the last of Groucho's days. From his first encounter to the end, the reader will feel they are right there in the room with Stoliar and Groucho a Groucho fan or for the celebrity watcehr, Stoliar lays out the day to day activities that occur. He writes in such an interesti [...]

    18. Steve Stolier is a great writer and voice talent. Here he recounts his time living with and working for the great comedian in Groucho's final years.I had the pleasure of listening to him read his own audiobook, this latest and revised edition. I highly recommend you choose the audiobook. Stolier is a wonderful reader and a dead-on mimic. His uncanny impressions of Groucho, Dick Cavett, George Burns, and others are entertaining and lend even more credibility to this wonderful memoir. Plus it's al [...]

    19. Steve Stoliar lucked into a job in Groucho's house for the last three years of his (Groucho's, that is) life, handling the fan mail and organizing the memorabilia. As such, he had a first-hand look at the codependent, abusive relationship between Marx and Erin Fleming, his "secretary," handler, not-really-girlfriend. This is a fascinating first-hand look at a vanished age in Hollywood, the sad last days of a legend, and a sweet memoir of a young man coming of age at the feet of his hero. Stoliar [...]

    20. The author was a UCLA student when he started a successful campaign to rerelease the Marx Brothers' film, Animal Crackers. Groucho and his companion/caretaker, Erin Fleming, came to UCLA to give the campaign a boost, to Stolier's delight. A bit later, Stolier was looking for a summer job, and called to ask if there were anything he could do for Groucho for the summer. Fleming hired him. He thereby became a valued member of Groucho's household for the last three years of Groucho's life, 1974-77. [...]

    21. This is the first-person account of one who was among those who worked for Groucho Marx in his last years. In a way, you could characterize it as a "coming of age" story; just substitute 'death' for 'age.' As many of a certain number of years know, Groucho's retinue in his sunset years included a woman named Erin Flemming who brought a great deal of drama and anxiety, and yes, abuse to her relationship with Groucho. The book is well written and has many entertaining details of a vanished generat [...]

    22. Life is strange sometimes. Why did I read about a long dead comic who was nowhere near my generation?Simple really when that comic was Groucho Marx. If you can look past the creakiness of his films (some are 80 years old!) you will see a humour that still works today.This book was a fascinating read and you really almost believed you were there.Yes, it's sad to see Groucho's decline in print, however this book is far more than just detailing that."Raised Eyebrows" is a tale of getting old and ev [...]

    23. Interesting if You Like this Kind of StuffI am a sucker for the goings on of old Jewish comedians, movie stars, vaudevillians and TV stars. This book then was right up my alley. Though no one will ever confuse Stoliar with Hemingway, his writing does not stand in the way of delivering a very inside view of Groucho's final years and his relationship with Erin Fleming. There are also great stories involving Groucho's friends and other celebrities that make this book well with your time.

    24. Great read! Witty but not cloying look at daily life at Groucho Marx' home in the final three years of the comedian's life with great cameos by a wealth of personalities both from Groucho's past and from Los Angeles in the 70s. Stoliar has a great eye for character and ear for how "famous people" are when they rub up against one another. If you love old Hollywood and have an interest in the Marx's and their crew, this is the book you've been waiting for.

    25. Extremely sad tale of Groucho's final years under the domination of a mentally ill care-taker. Fortunately she was rescued from being a bag lady and got the help she so desperately needed all her life. But not before running and controlling Groucho's household and and alienating his children. After Groucho died; she died a few years later in a group home. So sad Groucho couldn't enjoy retirement and peace and quiet and seeing old friends.

    26. Interesting book on the end of Groucho's life as told by an adoring fan who was with him during that time. The perspective of viewing his life at the end is reaffirming and funny, but I was left wanting to read a bio that deals more with his life when he was young and in his prime. Groucho's life was fascinating up to the end, no doubt, but reading about one of my heros slipping away got sort of depressing. That said, if you like the Marx bros. like I do you will certainly enjoy this book.

    27. This updated edition of 'Raised Eyebrows' does not change much but does offer an epilogue that updates the reader about what befell the major players since the publication of the first edition. The book is a must read for any fan of Hollywood lore and Stoliar is personable and highly likable. The account of Groucho's final years with the bizarre Erin Fleming is both tragic and very funny

    28. Recommended for fans but be prepared - this is the final years of the legend - not his best moments. Time has shown that he did not get to go quietly into that dark night. Some of his own choice some by disturbing manipulation.The author tries never to exploit the sordid moments-just inform and gives the honest impression of his sincere devotion and love for Marx.

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