True Refuge: Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart

True Refuge Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart How do you cope when facing life threatening illness family conflict faltering relationships old trauma obsessive thinking overwhelming emotion or inevitable loss If you re like most people cha

  • Title: True Refuge: Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart
  • Author: Tara Brach
  • ISBN: 9780553807622
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How do you cope when facing life threatening illness, family conflict, faltering relationships, old trauma, obsessive thinking, overwhelming emotion, or inevitable loss If you re like most people, chances are you react with fear and confusion, falling back on timeworn strategies anger, self judgment, and addictive behaviors Though these old, conditioned attempts to contHow do you cope when facing life threatening illness, family conflict, faltering relationships, old trauma, obsessive thinking, overwhelming emotion, or inevitable loss If you re like most people, chances are you react with fear and confusion, falling back on timeworn strategies anger, self judgment, and addictive behaviors Though these old, conditioned attempts to control our life may offer fleeting relief, ultimately they leave us feeling isolated and mired in pain There is another way Beneath the turbulence of our thoughts and emotions exists a profound stillness, a silent awareness capable of limitless love Tara Brach, author of the award winning Radical Acceptance, calls this awareness our true refuge, because it is available to every one of us, at any moment, no exceptions In this book, Brach offers a practical guide to finding our inner sanctuary of peace and wisdom in the midst of difficulty Based on a fresh interpretation of the three classic Buddhist gateways to freedom truth, love, and awareness True Refuge shows us the way not just to heal our suffering, but also to cultivate our capacity for genuine happiness Through spiritual teachings, guided meditations, and inspirational stories of people who discovered loving presence during times of great struggle, Brach invites us to connect deeply with our own inner life, one another, and the world around us True Refuge is essential reading for anyone encountering hardship or crisis, anyone dedicated to a path of spiritual awakening The book reminds us of our own innate intelligence and goodness, making possible an enduring trust in ourselves and our lives We realize that what we seek is within us, and regardless of circumstances, there is always a way to take refuge in a healing and liberating presence Praise for True Refuge Drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience as well as ten years of personal experience on the path of awakening, Tara Brach s superb second book brings readers ever deeply in touch with our true nature This book is a precious gift, filled with insight, shared from heart to heart Thich Nhat Hanh True Refuge is a magnificent work of heart For anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of the mind and how to improve the quality of their life, this book offers unique insights and easily learned practices that literally can transform your life s path Read, explore, and enjoy Daniel J Siegel, M.D author of No Drama Discipline This is a special book, lovely, loving, wise, and helpful It is like having a sage and caring friend sit with you, offering comfort, insight, and guidance for your own true journey home Jack Kornfield, author of The Wise Heart A healing and helpful meditation a gracefully written spiritual gem on awareness, refuge, and presence Spirituality Practice A richly detailed, hopeful book This accomplished example of spiritual self help offers a gentle path for change in the face of suffering Publishers Weekly This book is an undertaking and one that can change your life if you embrace it It is heartfelt and practical full of grit, honesty, and clarity Beliefnet

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    1. The second book by one of the foremost teachers of Buddhist meditation and thought in the West. Tara Brach is without peer in her ability to synthesize the ancient teachings of the Buddha with modern psychology. The clarity and compassion with which she shares her wisdom makes her writing accessible to all, including those with no prior knowledge of Buddhist teachings. The book is a must-read for anyone on a spiritual path. Highly recommended.

    2. I do not know how to review a book without being personal; reading, to me, is insanely personal. Tara Brach begins her book with the revelation that she has spent the past 20 years of her life trying to figure out the source of her chronic, physical pain, only to find out that the condition will be with her the rest of her life. While it did not take me 20 years, I did spend the last decade of my life knowing something was physically wrong with me and desperately trying to find doctors who would [...]

    3. Reading Tara Brach's new book, True Refuge, is like sitting by a fireplace, listening and talking with a best friend. She writes calmly, intimately, from the inside out. Tara is able to describe the human predicament, our vulnerabilities and foibles, our fears and aspirations, with a respect and accuracy that emboldens us to acknowledge what’s true, and empowers us to begin the reflective work of creating a happier, richer life. And, she has walked the walk, as you can hear in this video. I am [...]

    4. Similar to the wisdom of Pema Chodron, one can find a soothing and encouraging friend in Tara Brach. When the going gets tough, when the breath becomes shallow, its best to take five and listen to what they are saying In this particular book, there are meditations that help you persevere and lead you to find your inner strenght. These mental exercises are less fun than grabbing a chocolate cake or a margharita but have zero calories and more refreshing in the long run :)

    5. Can already tell this is a powerful, honest, just awesome book. I sense i will be dottig it with post-it's as I did her previous book, highly recommended: Radical Acceptance.

    6. Its going to take me a minute to read this book -and that's a compliment. Every time I start picking up speed Brach writes something that stops me in my tracks and forces me to stop, backtrack, reread and then live her advice for a couple of days. Then I go back and reread, move forward a little bit, start picking up speed and the process repeats itself. I have a shelf of Buddhist texts, but its Brach that always breaks the information down so sensibly. My favorite parts are when she's giving an [...]

    7. Welcome this sense of self that Tara Brach is able to touch with us. One of the wonderful things about Tara Brach is her ability to know us through knowing herself, and what she's able to give to us in her advice and examples is how we all connect. There is light within if we open to it. But this is not a "spiritual" book in the sense of being vague or lofty, but a very "practical" book that is based in meditation practice and in being straight with ourselves. What I sense most is her welcoming [...]

    8. What I really loved about this book is that I've been listening to/reading Tara Brach for over a year now, one book and a couple dozen podcast episodes and not once did I know that she was diagnosed with a degenerative genetic disease that is slowly making her life ever more painful. She doesn't focus on that to get sympathy or to show strength, but she does bring it out and explore it deeply in this one book in order to relate to those who are experiencing deep sorrow in their lives. She contin [...]

    9. This gracefully written book was so beautiful and illuminating I didn't want it to end. Guess I'll just have to read it again. Will undoubtedly get even more out of it on a second reading - it's deep! Cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to gain deeper self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

    10. With the her wisdom and kindness, the author shows us how to directly face our emotional discomfort in order to heal ourselves and move forward. She shows us that when we run away from whatever bother us through false refuges such as materialism, endless TV and internet, or being busy, we perpetuate the problems and continue to make ourselves suffer. Instead, Brach explains that only by seeing the problems directly and experience them through our body that we can truly thrive and feel connected [...]

    11. What an amazing book. This is a book I recommend highly and know I will be revisiting again and again for its wisdom, depth and heart. Tara Brach describes the landscape and journey of a mindfulness practice with so much aliveness and so much love. There are many ways that mindfulness practice can be described but I feel so inspired and drawn to the way Tara frames this practice, as a courageous and sometimes painful breaking open of the heart, as, indeed, a path toward more and more spacious lo [...]

    12. Books that make me tear up from time to time with poignant stories of the human condition leave me feeling "tenderized" and in touch with my own heart. This is one of those books. Tara Brach is a well known Buddhist teacher, but the practices and vignettes in this book are accessible to anyone. Because Tara is a practicing psychologist, there are many stories of her clients' experiences and this makes the book really come alive. Tara is a gifted teacher, and her warmth and her own struggles come [...]

    13. Brach writes of her own frustration with a rare disease that causes pain everywhere in her body and has hindered her once active lifestyle, and how meditation has helped. She also describes how she teaches meditation to those who come to her for guidance in handling difficult events in their lives. Author gives a lot of interesting meditation coping skills, but at times it drifts off into 'hippie talk'.

    14. She is one of my favorite Buddhist authors. While this book didn't rock my world like Radical Acceptance, I still found it a sweet rich visit to freedom. If you haven't read or listened to Tara, get that remedied today!

    15. Thank you, Tara Brach. The stories were so relatable and helpful. I appreciated how ideas were presented from different sides.

    16. There are many worthwhile teachings in this book, which advocates a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness. Deriving knowledge from a background in Buddhism and yoga, and suffering from a debilitating, degenerative illness, Tara Brach teaches the value of finding a peaceful sanctuary inside our heart. She talks about her own struggles as well as those of her clients –all relatable to most human experience– and then suggests meditation exercises to help find that sacred space of serenit [...]

    17. Tara Brach is a powerhouse. A degree in psychology, being trained as a life coach and reading many pop psychology books did not prepare me for her writing. Direct experience of pain and suffering is our wisest teacher and being open, awake and loving to ourselves and each other is the best education. She actually walks through what this is and looks like through cases and stories of her experience. This makes all the difference, as I’ve had my fill of books that give brief aphorisms and advice [...]

    18. True Refuge tackles some of life’s greatest struggles through the lens of Dr. Brach, who relates her challenges with chronic pain and a differently abled body. I highlighted nearly a third of the book. Dr. Brach’s wisdom and enduring words encourage us to give ourselves and others compassion. Each chapter ends with a short meditation and a guided reflection. I found it a bit difficult to follow a written meditation, but she offers audio versions on her website. I highly recommend this book!

    19. So sorry to have this book come to an end! What a wonderful and healing experience to read and work through some of the issues that have been a struggle for me. It also helped to deepen my meditation practice and to open my heart to a tenderness and acceptance to self and to others that brought a lot of healing for me. I highly recommend it.

    20. Tara Brach's wisdom and guidance are powerful. The writing is straightforward, making the concepts accessible. This book set me on a new path of personal growth that has been healing, expansive and enlightening Since reading it, I began listening to Tara Brach's podcasts and have done two retreats with here mindfulness practices she teaches are life-changing.

    21. Everything by this brilliant psychologist/teacher is so full of insight, wisdom, love and intelligence. And it is useful. If you like her podcasts, and you will if you hear them, then know that the books cover the same territory- how to open one's heart, how to forgive, and how to heal. The world is a much better place because of Tara Brach.

    22. Listened to this one as an audiobook, but I'd like to buy the print book and re-read it (it's hard to do the guided meditations when driving!). While there does seem to be some redundancy in this text, I appreciated learning about different types of meditation and am finding that what I need is not always what I might expect (e.g. loving-kindness meditation).

    23. Great explanation of the RAIN technique. I love the guided relaxations and how it includes healing not only for yourself but also for those around you.

    24. Another great read by Tara Brach. It asks the question, what is awareness and how is awareness my true refuge?

    25. What a wonderful book! I had never read any of Tara's books before and I just love her writing style. The book is real, down to earth, and full of gems. Tara's stories are inspiring and moving.

    26. This is an honest must read book for anyone. I count it as one of the most important books to read in a lifetime.

    27. With so much going on in the world today, we all could use some mindfulness. Tara's books are worth checking out and reading.

    28. This was the first book I read by Tara Barch, I found it very hard to get into. I don't know if I would read any other books by her.

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