Braiding the Storm

Braiding the Storm An exploration of identities Braiding the Storm is a lyrical visceral poetic narrative that examines the corporeal sexuality adulthood family and the many metamorphoses of the human heart

  • Title: Braiding the Storm
  • Author: Laura E. Davis
  • ISBN: 9781622290253
  • Page: 489
  • Format: None
  • An exploration of identities, Braiding the Storm is a lyrical, visceral poetic narrative that examines the corporeal, sexuality, adulthood, family, and the many metamorphoses of the human heart.

    One thought on “Braiding the Storm”

    1. These are brave, unforgiving pieces that confront aging, sexuality, personal history, and family head on, yet still offer sensory and auditory delight that shows deep respect for the words themselves. The result, for me, is a new voice that makes me want more - to read more, to know more, to devour with insatiable appetite the strength each poem demands, as well as the surprising mind that penned them. Davis' poems unlock something in their reader, all the while refusing to apologize for it. A m [...]

    2. Highest recommendation! This is truly confessional poetry with a kick! With its tough, honest language, fierce vision, and unparalleled honesty, Braiding the Storm wonderfully mixes love and fear, optimistic and regret. Laura Davis' poetry is as private and personal as it is timeless and universal. This slender volume signals the emergence of a powerful new voice in American letters. She is indeed Woman: hear her roar.

    3. What I love about this book is how every single poem seems to dig into me and leave me breathless. Not one poem here lacks in strength or message. These are poems about aging, about sexuality, about what it means to be a daughter, sister, woman, and how to understand where we belong in the world, how small we really are. The language is sensual, at times even erotic, and the poems allow you to enter them with ease, and leave feeling as though you have experienced something extremely profound. Ev [...]

    4. Davis’s first chapbook is a gritty collection of coming-of-age narratives, depicting a young narrator living through loss and personal struggles. Set against the backdrop of Pittsburgh, Davis’s poems are both street smart and surreal.

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