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  1. শেষ করতে পারলাম তাহলে!! [বিজয়ীর হাসি] খারাপ কথাবার্তা আগে লিখিবইটা সম্পর্কে সবচেয়ে প্রচলিত প্রশংসা হল এটা মঙ্গলগ্রহে নিয়ে যাবার জন্য সবচেয়ে বেশী ভোট পাওয়া বই। তবে আমি খুব ভাল করেই জানি যে এই [...]

  2. Zvezdica manje zbog mog entuzijastičnog oca koji je tokom restrikcija devedesetih, kad god bismo nas troje klinaca kukali kako nam je hladno, uvek odgovarao da smo mi neki Korčaginovci, skinuli bismo se do pasa i išli da sečemo drva uz povik: “Ne, drugovi, sada je toplo!”

  3. i read this book years ago and i wasn't able to understand it because of my age, but now is really one of my favorites, i could believe the emotions of the character as if they were real and not something someone made up, even thought i´m not entirely sure if i like the character of pavel korchaguin due to the narrow minded in wich he is portraited and the fact that he has no toleration to other way of thinking that is not his own, and his true is the only true, but you can blame it to the hist [...]

  4. I read this book long ago. I was maybe ten years old. (30 y ago?)wow!!! it was my dad who started reading it. he read a few pages aloud to me and my sisters. we were so "enamored" of Pavel and his adventures alot. when Dad was at work, we read a few pages and then after a few days I red it by myself alone! I could not leave it from me, this amazing book. a year later I saw the movie at a cinema in Tehran.I have strong memories of the book. it is well writen.Yes it does propaganda but it shows a [...]

  5. Ένα συγκλονιστικό και συγκινητικό έργο από τον Ostrovsky, ο οποίος στην ουσία περιγράφει την ιστορία της Ουκρανίας την εποχή της ρωσικής επανάστασης. Ο τραγικός ήρωας ταυτίζεται με τη ζωή του ίδιου του συγγραφέα, ο οποίος πέθανε μόλις 32 ετών, γράφοντας μέχρι τελευταία στιγμή στ [...]

  6. This book is probably the most famous example of Socialist Realism, which was the only approved writing style of the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. Ostrovsky vigorously toes the party line, extolling the virtues of the Red Army, the Bolsheviks and collectivization of farms while condemning the Whites, the bourgeoisie, the Trotskyites, bandits, wreckers and a variety of other imaginary enemies of the Soviet state. This book is also famous for being bad. As literature it gets a solid F. The vocab [...]

  7. This is one of those books, that shaped my childhood dreams.Nikolai Ostrovsky is definitely my all time hero

  8. It is not your classic page turner, but for me, it was simply the passion of Pavel Korchagin (the protagonist) that drove me through this book. Read the latter 200 pages in one sitting. You may want to feel a little sorry for Pavel by the end but his enthusiasm makes you realize that feeling sorry would be an insult to him.

  9. ক্লাস সেভেন থেকে নাইন, এর মধ্যে কোন এক সময় পড়েছিলাম ইস্পাত। মূল বই নয়, অনুবাদ ছিল সেটা। তাও কম করে হলেও দুই যুগ আগের কথা। বিপ্লবী সংগ্রাময় জীবন সম্পর্কে সব চাইতে স্পষ্ট ধারনা তৈরি হয়েছি এর পরে [...]

  10. This is a book by a person who"burnt the candle of his life from both ends." One of the greatest biography written in a novel form. I read this book in English, Hindi and Marathi.

  11. Mình đọc quyển này với 1 sự háo hức và kỳ vọng khá cao. Cuốn sách nổi tiếng, và trong trí nhớ của mình thì hồi bé có từng xem 1 series trên TV, rất lôi cuốn và cảm động.Nhưng cuốn sách này thì dở tệ.Cuốn sách được chia làm 2 phần: phần 1 nói về tuổi thơ của Paven, những bất công mà Paven và những người lao động Nga phải gánh chịu, cho tới những ngày cách mạng tháng Mười nổ ra, và [...]

  12. think of inspiration and this is one of few books that come to my mind. a very good description of building of socialist russia and the spirit behind it. but moreover this also entails a great autobiographical adventurous journey of the author. it has so many incidents that we could only wish for, right from the childhood to the youth of the author. more importantly it is a story of endless energy, strength, and spirit to achieve something dear to ones heart. it is story which teaches you how th [...]

  13. Yet another merde of propaganda, making heroes out of the idiots and idiots out of the readers.No need to mention that this trite tale of heroic deeds of late blind cretin Pavka Korchagin can excite only a very simple proletarian mind that ready to dash for some vague idea, lusting to "expropriate expropriated" and enthrone mediocrity at the global level.

  14. Although I'm unable to understand the depth of the main character Pavel Korchagin (who seems to pet hatred, violence, and dogmas) but I understand how the immense passion of the young writer ( 1904-1936) to write the book, lying in the bed blind and half paralyzed made the book worth reading. It's a semi-biography novel of Ostrovsky portraying how the Bolshevik revolution became a need of that time. The socialist realism he feels in earlier Russia, the wartime violence, murder, rape, plunder , r [...]

  15. : The most precious thing is life and we only have life once. The person's life should be spent this way: When he looks back, he does not regret for wasted years, not because of mediocrity and shame —the quote from the book How the steel was tempered. Speaking of Paul, my admiration can not help that he was a hero, he is a stubborn man when he had to withdraw from the battlefield wounded occasion, he still kept trying to contribute in the rear. When he was diagnosed with the nerve had trouble, [...]

  16. I am very disappointed by this book and believe that it became so famous because of its Soviet propaganda. It may be somewhat interesting from historical point of view, but if you want to read about revolution in Russia, there are definitely better historical and fiction books on the topic. "How the Steel Was Tempered" doesn't have much value as a work of art, so I would recommend to save your time and read something else.

  17. Жаль, что на сайте нет половинных отметок, рука бы не дрогнула поставить произведению три с половиной балла, поскольку 4 - оценка для полюбившейся книги, а эту историю я перечитывать не возьмусь. Слишком уж скуп язык, слишком силен идеологический дух, пронизывающий каждый аб [...]

  18. Ostrovski'nin otobiyografik özellik taşıyan bu romanı Pavel Korçagin adında Ukraynalı bir gencin devrim sürecine dahil oluşu üzerinden inancın ve başarmanın hikayesini anlatıyor. Yalın anlatımı sebebi ile çok eleştirilen bir kitap bu, ama aksine benim en hoşuma giden yönlerinden biriydi. 20. yüzyılın yazın anlayışını taşıması benim için bir eksi değil çok büyük bir artı açıkçası. Mikro anlamda devrim sürecinin en küçük kasabalarda nasıl yaşandığ [...]

  19. বইটার মূলভাবনা মিলে যায় এই লাইনের সাথে "বীরত্ব জন্মে সংগ্রামের ভেতর দিয়ে,আর কঠোর অবস্থার ভেতর দিয়ে তার পরীক্ষা হয়"।অক্টোবর বিপ্লব সবার কাছে কাম্য ছিলনা।এই বিপ্লব পূর্বেকার সামন্তবাদ ও এর থ [...]

  20. Hiện thân của tác giả, lí tưởng của tác giả, sự cống hiến của tác giả đều nằm trong nhân vật trung tâm Pavel- chiến sĩ Soviet thiếu niên . Cuộc sống của con người vô sản này, không có của cải nhưng anh có những điều lớn lao hơn, anh có 1 gia đình yêu thương mình, có một người con gái yêu anh da diết, có một lí tưởng sống trường tồn. Ngoài ra, chiến tranh ác liệt quá. Đọc Thép đã t [...]

  21. Bad literature, pure propaganda piece. Chả hiểu sao nó lại có thể khiến nhiều thế hệ say mê, thần tượng cái anh cuồng tín và dở người đấy?

  22. Say to the steel is you this book, it is not strange for everybody! The book speaks a strong and brave hero, Paul till golden.Read the steel is you this book, I realized that a person's life is for his perseverance has a great influence on. He said the book, Paul was the hero's gold, his life is tough, but by what he himself to survive? Is perseverance. Perseverance gave his boundless strength, god has made him a three times since the understanding of life. ZhuHe sailors came, he was attracted b [...]

  23. I'm not sure that Ostrovsky's semi-autobiographical novel of a young man growing up in Ukraine through the Russian Revolution, and subsequent civil war between the Whites and Red Army, has aged well. As a child my mother read this to me and my brother and I remembered it as more of a ripping yarn than it actually is.The first part tells the story of our hero, young Pavel's town through the occupation by first the Germans, then the Bolsheviks, the White army of Ukrainians and Poles, then the Bols [...]

  24. I will recommend a very good book for everybody,it named how the steel was tempered. Do you think this book is about “Steel”? You must be wrong.Just read it, and know what it about.You will love it,trust me.The story is a fictionalized autobiography. It is about a person only in the revolution to defeat the enemy in the difficulties and hardships can overcome their own,only in their pursuit and the motherland,the people's interests linked together,will create a miracle,only the growth of the [...]

  25. Here we have the classic Soviet story which is by all accounts an autobiographical historical fiction work. Many reviews often dismiss this novel due to its Bolshevik tone. In doing so, they miss the main gist of the entire novel: what makes an average person into a giant?Pavel Korchagin begins a life of struggle working in a kitchen with abusive employers during the time of Tsar. As the winds of history change, so too Pavel grows along with them. As the story progresses, Pavel endures many tria [...]

  26. It is really a classic that it worth reading. Like what the title reveals, the strength, the will, are hard like steel.It gives me an idea that a country and an era that I have ever experienced, I do remember my grandpa tells me how his life was like thirty or forty years ago, which is definitely away from me, but I can make some connections between these two scene, which is kind of fantasy for me, and think about it for a while, the picture is also clear and I can even imagine the harsh environ [...]

  27. This one is written by a fanatic. The author is so obsessed with his dogmas that he seems religious rather than political, and yet it's politics he is dedicating his life to. The communism as he understands and practices it.So it's a great book. I dislike the main character and most of the moral principles in the book seem to be from medieval times, but it has strength and the book is enjoyable to read. Fanatics do have power in their words. Belief is the heart of life and sometimes it may not b [...]

  28. A powerful and thumping testimony of the hailed Bolshevik Revolution of Soviet Union and I think this is one of the most knowingly written novel regarding this event. Pavel Korchagin earns our sympathy as a tragic hero but his life of relentless works towards righteousness teaches us profoundly to remain in the path of justness and integrity.Sure, his ending is pathetic but the closing of the novel gives us a glimpse of hope. Long live the comrades and the revolution. Proud to complete the novel [...]

  29. An autobiography of Nikolai Ostrovsky, which portray how the Bolshevik revolution became a need of the society. The author became more of a storyteller and sketched the political,social and economic scenario in Russia. One of the most evident novels which imply Bolshevik revolution was a part of people's life back then. The emotional involvement of the author with his struggle overpower the story. But once someone starts reading it,it's hard to put off.

  30. I just finished reading the first part of the book, it filled me with the spirit of revolution. Pavel is no strange person to me, I know and hear of heroes that resist and fight for their cause since I was a child and until now. The collaborative work, the mutual eager for freedom, the fight for your cause are present both in the book and in my life. I know I would have been great friends with Nickolai Ostrovsky, because revolutionaries are the same no matter where or when.

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