I skydd av skuggorna

I skydd av skuggorna Ett pizzabud k r vilse i G teborgs vergivna hamnkvarter det r ett m rkt och nedg nget omr de Pl tsligt flimrar ett ljus till bakom ett smutsigt f nster och ett kort gonblick tror budet att han har hi

  • Title: I skydd av skuggorna
  • Author: Helene Tursten
  • ISBN: 9789164203830
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ett pizzabud k r vilse i G teborgs vergivna hamnkvarter, det r ett m rkt och nedg nget omr de Pl tsligt flimrar ett ljus till bakom ett smutsigt f nster och ett kort gonblick tror budet att han har hittat r tt Sedan slits en d rr upp och en brinnande m nniska stapplar ut p g rden N gra minuter senare r mannens d dskamp ver.I G teborg frodas den organiserade brottsEtt pizzabud k r vilse i G teborgs vergivna hamnkvarter, det r ett m rkt och nedg nget omr de Pl tsligt flimrar ett ljus till bakom ett smutsigt f nster och ett kort gonblick tror budet att han har hittat r tt Sedan slits en d rr upp och en brinnande m nniska stapplar ut p g rden N gra minuter senare r mannens d dskamp ver.I G teborg frodas den organiserade brottsligheten och drar in stora pengar p narkotika och beskyddarverksamhet Det r en skr mmande och h nsynsl s v rld d r man skriver sina egna lagar och r ttvisa skipas i tysthet Rivaliserande g ng sl ss om marknaden och nya grupperingar f rs ker ta sig in Kriminalinspekt r Irene Huss och hennes kollegor hamnar mitt i korselden n r de utreder fallet med den ihj lbr nde mannen Den f rfallna byggnaden i hamnen har tillh rt ett av stadens mc g ng, och offret var en av medlemmarna Har mc g nget m rdat en av sina egna eller st r G teborg inf r nnu ett g ngkrig Och varf r k nns det hela tiden som om polisen ligger steget efter Hemma hos familjen Huss firar man att Krister har blivit restaurang gare Men gl djen blir kortvarig Utanf r restaurangen detonerar en bomb under familjens bil, och bomben r av just den typ som de kriminella g ngen anv nder Irene inser att det r en varning och att hela familjen Huss befinner sig i livsfara.

    One thought on “I skydd av skuggorna”

    1. I truly liked this story by Helene Tursten because it was filled with so much data and examples of characters that it was like almost several storys rolled into one. Irene's family of Krister, Jenny, and Katarina, and their dachshund, Egon were in peril as they had bought the restaurant Glady's from the previous owner and didn't know that they also were responsible for his previous debt to a biker group. Helene goes into detail of several murders and the ramifications later with the biker groups [...]

    2. Swedish detective Irene Huss and her family deal with the repercussions of a motorcycle gang war in this 10th book in the series--I enjoy the low key procedural aspects of this in comparison to US detectives. The Swedes get hurt, take time off to recover, do a lot of paperwork whenever they shoot anything, drink a lot of coffee and have functional work-life balance with their kids, exes and current partners.

    3. This volume closes out the Inspector Irene Huss series. The series gives page-time to relationships at home with Irene's family, relationships at work, and of course the current case. This time around, we have the seeds of a war between rival biker gangsd a direct threat to Irene's family. I started reading these "in preparation" for a trip to Sweden a few years ago. A couple of the books were lighter on the Swedish references, but this volume has a couple full-on-Swedish references. Beyond the [...]

    4. Helene Tursten wraps up her Irene Huss series with "Protected by Shadows," translated from the Swedish by Marlaine Delargy. The plot deals with gang violence in Göteberg, Sweden, and the book opens with a horrific murder. Two thugs brutally pummel their victim and set him on fire while he is still alive. Irene and her colleagues in the Violent Crimes Unit join forces with their counterparts in the Organized Crimes Unit to identify key figures in the local gangs (the Gangster Lions and Gothia MC [...]

    5. Like the previous novel, Who Watcheth, Protected by the Shadows gives a detail account of the efforts of the Swedish crime unit as well as the efficiency of their CSI in investigating the crimes. It’s interesting to contrast this with the procedures U.S. readers are familiar with through television series and movies.Since part of this narrative is concerned with Irene’s family and keeping them safe from gang retribution, there’s more characterization and personal information than usual, as [...]

    6. "With gang violence escaling in Goteborg, Sweden, the Organized Crimes Unit pairs with the Violent Crimes Unit to help defuse the situation. But could there be a mole on the force? In this final installment of the internationally bestselling Irene Huss investigations, the gang warfare that has been brewing in Goteborg is about to explode. A member of a notorious biker gang has been set on fire--alive. Even in a culture where ritual killings are common, this brutal assault attracts the attention [...]

    7. Protected by the Shadows, Inspector Irene Huss #10. FINAL. Helene Thurston (Sweden) iBook pre ordered. This is just not a good year for me, a person who likes to read series! Another final!!!! BUT I just hope it is not really as I truly enjoy this character her professional and her personal life is so well depicted and Helene Thurston tells a very good story. Wish there was more to read by her and more writer’s like her. This story also was interesting as I recall a former colleague of mine le [...]

    8. Protected by the Shadows is a nice ending to a frustratingly uneven series. Detective Inspector Huss was a solid introduction, offering likable detective who did not suffer from her own demons. But the series faltered as it moved along, sometimes hitting its mark but more often than not missing and missing badly, if only from sloppiness (i.e. referring to John Lennon vocals on Beatles songs that were sung by Paul McCartney). And so we have reached the end. Protected by the Shadows is a trifle of [...]

    9. Reading an advance edition of this book, which is scheduled for US publication from Soho Crime on December 5, 2017. The book was originally published in Sweden in 2012. The Mystery Book Group read the first in this series, Detective Inspector Huss, in October 2011. The plot involves the increasing problems with biker gangs in Sweden. The gang wars, murders, drugs, and then protection racquets touch close to home for Irene and her chef husband Krister. This story starts in flames and gets even ho [...]

    10. This is the last book of the Irene Huss series. Like all the other books in the series this one is well written. What I like best is that the police are honestly portrayed as human beings. This book is a bit different because there is a personal angle to the crimes. That does give a new twist to Irene. It's one thing to protect the public but another to protect your family.I liked this series and am sorry to see it end. But we were given a good ending and I can live with that. I received a free [...]

    11. Is this really the last Irene Huss book? All of this series are well written and Irene and her family both at work and home have become familiar to readers as the focus changes from book to book. Many previous stories show Irene choosing work over family but in this one she has to as her family is threatened and must go in to hiding. When you think of Sweden you don't think of gangs but at the end the author explains her subject choice because of the expanding power of gangs. At least by the end [...]

    12. Terrible book. Disjointed, wordy, more a tutorial on motorcycle mores in Scandinavia than a murder mystery. There is little mystery here. I have read all of Helene Tursten’s mysteries and pretty much enjoyed them until this one. If she is ending the series w/ this one, it is pretty much a good idea. BTW Ms. Tursten’s, “Mafia” refers to Italian crime gangs. It’s not just a term for any organized crime.

    13. Protected by the Shadows is the first book I've read in this series. It's suspenseful & entertaining enough with likable characters to have kept me going. The presence of gangs & their control over certain aspects in our daily life is frightening & one can only hope that police forces worldwide will never cease trying to eradicate them. This book won't be published here in the USA until December 2017

    14. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t care for this book. The dire message about the gangs came through loud and clear. But I found the story itself lacking. I guessed who the mole was halfway through the book. I found there were too many gangs and names and I found it difficult to keep track. I’m sorry to see the end of the main characters because I liked them and their relationships with each other.

    15. I enjoyed this book lots of action and it all made sense to the storyline.Irene and her family is the part i would have liked a little more on.Overall well thought out characters and plotline.I do hope there will be more books featuring Irene.I received this book free as part of giveaways.

    16. Excellent Very engrossing and informative. Inspector Huss is just as sardonic and insightful as always and finally gets to display her athletic prowess. Tursten once again brings her characters to life with brutal force and touching moments that reveal themselves in unlikely, but well placed areas of the story. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend.

    17. Well-delivered plot & good character development but lacking in the can't-put-it-down suspense that would've tipped my review closer to four stars.While not at the top of my go-to authors, I would certainly read another novel by Tursten again if I was looking for a quick & enjoyable read.

    18. I enjoy my Swedish mysteries and even though this is not one of Helene Tursten’s better ones, it won’t keep me from reading more of her novels.Recommended but publication is not until November 2017.

    19. I'm sad that this is the last of the Inspector Irene Huss series. It's filled with bodies, bombs, informants and dangerous events. I loved reading about Irene and her family. This is a great ending for a wonderful series. It definitely helps to read these in order.Highly recommended!

    20. I really like Irene Huss and am disappointed this is the last in the series. Will be interesting to see what Helene Tursten does next

    21. I like these books because Irene Huss has what I would call a "real" family. That is very rare in police procedurals. This is apparently the final book in this series.

    22. GoodInteresting about the gangs and their world. Not my most favourite book in the series; I think more because it felt a little predictable and not new news.

    23. I have to say I really enjoyed this series, I liked Irene and the other characters, sad to see the series end.

    24. Last in the Irene Huss series. A bit slower than the rest but really picked up at the end. Very good book

    25. It's sad to see this series come to an end, but it certainly goes out on a strong note. Protected by the Shadows is filled with bodies, bombs, informants, and danger. Tursten keeps the level of suspense high from beginning to end. I was particularly happy to see that everything was handled intelligently. When Irene's family is forced into hiding, every detail is done the right way. Irene may be very frightened, but she keeps her head and keeps on working-- refusing to stop until the bad guys are [...]

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