Fate/Zero(6)煉獄の炎 [Rengoku no Honoo]

Fate Zero Rengoku no Honoo None

  • Title: Fate/Zero(6)煉獄の炎 [Rengoku no Honoo]
  • Author: Gen Urobuchi 武内 崇
  • ISBN: 9784061389120
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Fate/Zero(6)煉獄の炎 [Rengoku no Honoo]”

    1. The whole story is good, but it could have gone a whole lot better ifa.) the ending matched the brilliance of the narrative preceding it,b.) the introspection of the two principal characters was pushed to a minimum, andc.)(view spoiler)[ one of the character's fate is not predictable from the get-go. Kariya's death would have made a more meaning if he had done a good move by himself that impacted the Battle. But no, he was just likeere, a Master being eaten alive by worms. And even Waver Velvet, [...]

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