That Kind of Guy

That Kind of Guy Good girl Julie never expected her hot former player boyfriend to propose marriage But when he did she turned him down for reasons even she couldn t figure out Will she settle for a nice safe guy in

  • Title: That Kind of Guy
  • Author: Mina V. Esguerra
  • ISBN: 9789719902072
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Good girl Julie never expected her hot former player boyfriend to propose marriage But when he did, she turned him down for reasons even she couldn t figure out Will she settle for a nice, safe guy instead Or will she let him find his way back into her carefully guarded heart

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    1. This is my 3rd Mina V. Esguerra book and I think this is her best so far.This is a notch above the two earlier books that I read by her. Two years ago, I read her My Imaginary Ex that tells about the love story of Jasmine and Zachary. The boy asks the girl to be his pretend-girlfriend because the girl (not Jasmine) he is courting does not want a naive boyfriend. Then last year, I read No Strings Attached and it is about the older Carla falling for the younger Dante. In both cases the POV is a gi [...]

    2. 3.5 starsTo be completely honest I don't know what to say. I really like Mina V. Esguerra and even though this is only the second book of hers that I read, it definitely won't be my last. The problem was mostly in me - I couldn't connect with the characters for some reason and caught myself actually leaving the book for a few days until I was ready to continue. The journal part of it, where Julie tells the stories of Anton and other women was maybe what threw me off the most. I felt like, other [...]

    3. It is not about chemistry. It is about certainty.I guess I have had that figured out when I read that the lead character made a mistake with her boyfriend the first time around.Review and Reflections:I grabbed a copy of the book since the author will be arriving at the event that I'll be coming too, soon enough. And for me to have a pep talk with Mina Esguerra, I shall at least know what are her books, and how does she write.This is the first book that I read from her and I actually liked it. Th [...]

    4. Original post at One More PageBack in college, I was friends with two girls in my org, and we were often called as the Powerpuff Girls because we were always together. Our little group was also known to be the "ate's" or the older sisters of the other younger members of the org, which was kind of why we had a kind of impression on others that we always laughed about when we were talking amongst ourselves. Privately, we call ourselves manang's (another term for older sisters in some Filipino dial [...]

    5. I'm not really fussy when it comes to book covers for I'm an avid believer of the famous quote "don't judge the book by its cover" although, I also believe that it doesn't work all the time. But if I will be asked to choose among all of Mina Esguerra's books based on their cover, I'll definitely choose this one. I just love the color and the picture of a girl reading in this cover. Then I will later find out that it's a good choice for it's a good read after all.Just like any other works of Ms. [...]

    6. Originally posted here.I won a copy of Mina V. Esguerra's latest, That Kind of Guy, when I joined the contest that she hosted. You can read all about it here. I enjoy reading her novels because I can relate to her characters and of course, the local setting.Manang is a Filipino word that is roughly translated as "older sister" and is usually used as a term of respect. It's hard to define but manang is also used to describe conservative girls. My friends and I say we're manangs when we'd rather s [...]

    7. He'll turn your life upside down, confuse the hell out of you, and make you deliriously happy. Just over 170 pages, this book was a quick read for me! I decided to read this after I saw this on my friend's bookshelf, and I can honestly say that I don't regret reading this.So we have Julie. Simply described as: Manang. She's a total goody two-shoes, innocent, and she never had a serious boyfriend.I was also, for the most part, a nice girl. Not someone who was drawn to the wrong kind of guy, or wh [...]

    8. Original post here.One thing that kept nagging at me as I breezed through That Kind of Guy over the weekend was: how manang is manang?Julie, the female protagonist, was labeled a manang by her younger sister Andrea, probably owing to the former's rather conservative ways and the fact that she's NBSB (no boyfriend since birth). But when Julie was given Anton's number – how and by whom, will be explained later on in the novella – she was actually the one who dialed and called him up. And on th [...]

    9. That kind of guy is Anton, buff, neat, sleek and reeks like a real player. That kind of manang is Julie, naïve, comfortable, clueless and arrows pointing to the direction of boring. So what do they have in common? At first glance, nothing. But one has to read on to understand that chemistry is not for elements only.The characters are relatable and the scenes timely. I believed a man like Anton would exist and the uncertainties that Julie has is plausible. I know of friends who are into dating g [...]

    10. After reading most of her books, it's clear this one fits into the Mina Esguerra mold.  Her author's blurb says so - that she writes contemporary romance and YA novellas.  It was a good, quick, feel-good read. It's about a guy who's been type-casted as a player, as one who wouldn't get serious in a relationship, one who cannot and won't change.   Eventually though, he found his true love, the girl who would change him.If one can get past the YA theme, it gets you to do a rethinking on some ne [...]

    11. Chick Lit is not always a priority on my books to read, but I always make room for Summit books such as this; actually, especially when it’s Mina Esguerra’s books. They’re very easy to read and you can finish them in one sitting. That Kind of Guy lets readers meet Julie, a girl who particularly always wants to stay on the safe side most of her life. She wants certainty when it comes to relationships. She even sometimes comes out as a pushover at work. “Meek” was what I first thought sh [...]

    12. This has been on my TBR for the looongest time, and I'm glad I finally picked it up because it was worth the wait (lol)! I enjoy good girl-bad boy stories, so I was ecstatic to find just how ~perfect this was. It opens on a relatively painful phase—the aftermath of a breakup, wherein Julie (view spoiler)[was ~researching on Anton's player past~ (hide spoiler)]—instead of the beginning of the relationship, and I loved that because it kept me turning pages. I wanted to know the hows and the wh [...]

    13. This was incredibly cute. I loved the journey of Julie & Anton's romance, especially the what we got to see from the past before everything happening in the present. 3.5-4 stars. This is my first book from this author and I'll definitely be reading more.

    14. Manang literally means old woman but another meaning would be a woman who is old fashioned with mostly unperturbed customs, morals and such. Julie is an example of the second meaning of manang. And she didn't mind about it until she started dating Anton who is a former bad guy type. She is unexperienced with love and doubts that their relationship will get further as they belong in totally different circles. The story is light, the plot is simple & the first point of view is used. Her Filipi [...]

    15. 3.75/5.0I really liked this book. My friends keep talking about Mina Esguerra nonstop and we're all reading her books like crazy, I decided to read this one next since I've already met Julie and Anton in Better At Weddings Than You.I wasn't expecting much, but I loved it anyway. The only thing I didn't like was that there wasn't so many dialogs between Julie and Anton in the present, so I felt I still didn't know him that much in the end, but I did enjoy them as a couple.I liked to see Julie and [...]

    16. What to do when you're bored out of your wits--read a Mina V. Esguerra novella. Good thing my bi-weekly client call was cancelled. Finally. FINALLY. Read this. =)*Review to Follow*Original review posted @ Off the WallManang is commonly used as a term for an elder sister or an older female. It’s also used to show respect when speaking to an elder woman who you don’t know by name. [1] This is also used to describe an old maid or a laid back, conservative female or someone who isn’t easily sw [...]

    17. from The Book HooliganSide-by-side Review with Reportage on Lovers“Certainty is sexy.” – Julie, That Kind of Guy“The Filipino, indeed, makes the most imperious of husbands but the meekest of lovers” – Narrator, Reportage on LoversThat Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra is a story about Julie, a woman who is a “manang“, a word used to describe Filipino women who are frank and who does not readily give up herself to relationships because she knows how brutal relationships can be and h [...]

    18. The coverAt first I thought the girl (let’s call her Julie) was reading a book here but she wasn’t. At one part of the story, you’ll discover that this was actually her notebook of Anton’s (her ex) hook-up stories, that Anton never know of and that she reads (and updates) every now and then to remind herself that it was worth saying no to him when he proposed marriage to her.ReviewI never thought that Anton, would be this swoon-worthy type of guy because of his no serious, playboy attitu [...]

    19. Also posted in It's A Wonderful Bookworld.QUICK REVIEW: Julie describes herself, or at least her sister, Andrea, as manang or “older woman” as defined in the book. But it is not the age that actually makes a manang in this country, but the conservative ways that one firmly believes in. I used to think that I am manang too, considering that I am the eldest of three siblings and I used to have younger friends who look up to me for advice (not fashion advice, though.) I didn’t date around lik [...]

    20. I think this is, by far, my favorite MVE novel yet. Her books have this certain appeal- almost relatable characters with considerably normal problems, but nonetheless interesting. She doesn't succumb into a prose-like way of writing but her characters hook you in anyway. What I love about TKOG is that it has the appearance of your typical YA/NA novel where player meets his match, but it's more than that- it's not that at all.You feel Julie's confusion and doubts over staying with a reformed play [...]

    21. Summit is a publisher of magazines in the Philippines. They have a line called Summit books which my sister collects the books in support of the local authors. The stories revolve around finding love and the protagonists are college to mid-30s, most are very easy reads and a reader can finish in one sitting. Different but one of the better Summit Books I've read. I liked the time hop within the story. Got me feeling kilig and sappy at the time.

    22. I like it enough because it made me laugh. What I think lacking is the description of the female protagonist. After reading this, all I know is her attitude toward relationships. I didn't get a good grip of her personality. Other than her face scrunched up when she's lying, I don't know what she looks like. I guess, I'm used to characters with their facial trademarks. The book is a nice afternoon snack. It is entertaining and funny. 3 stars.

    23. i noticed i was bitchy with the books i've read today. i dont know if it was because of my high fever or i just dont really enjoyed them muchanyway i planned to give this book 3 stars but i realized i gave no strings attached 3 stars and i liked that book better than this one so i stick to 2 stars. i like Anton but i dont like Julie much and her indecisiveness. okay ill stop before this turns into a rant.:-)

    24. This book was so good?Okay, so it's a sort-of-romance between this girl Julie (kind of boring, reliable, job as an editor) and a dude named Anton (well off, used to be a player, hangs in a fast and upper class crowd, crazy lifestyle). Julie broke up with Anton half a year agoter he asked her to marry him because they'd been dating for a year. It's revealed through a flashback how Julie and Anton's relationship was back then, and then we see them meeting again in the present. Anton asks Julie wha [...]

    25. Could relate to Julie's being a Manangexcept I've never met an Anton. Yet. Kept seeing Rachel Coates and Jef Flores in my head as I was reading coz of the cover. Loved this simple but meaningful (for future reference) story.

    26. More like a 3.5.Full review here at Once Upon a StoryThis is my first Mina Esguerra book and it won't be my last. I was drawn to the premise that the heroine, Julie, rejected the proposal of all-around hot guy and reformed player, Anton. While I could readily tell why Julie would've said no, I also wanted to know why she feels conflicted about her decision and what sort of guy Anton was. So even though I had a feeling it was going to be cliche, I set that aside and started reading. In less than [...]

    27. Originally posted on Snapshot Inkblot WhatnotIt is not an uncommon trend on Philippine television shows and in romantic movies where the leading lady, often projected as someone who is plain-looking, will attract a bad boy type. You know the formula; boy is the appealing type with a long list of pretty and insecure girls that are now history, girl is your typical manang who still can't get over her last relationship which ended n years ago. Then the inevitable happened: boy meets girl, girl meet [...]

    28. One thing I like about That Kind of Guy: I can't relate to it. That's the thing about me: there are times I like to read and be able to relate, and sometimes I don't wanna be able to relate at all.Perhaps most of you think that it's a bad thing. No, it's not. Especially, if the book is supposed to be a light read, it can never be bad. The story's strength, I strongly believe, is not about its capability to let readers relate to it. It's the characters' voices that make the reader understand what [...]

    29. I first heard about That Kind of Guy from Chachic. I have never read any novel from a Filipino author and I never did want to (it’s a matter of preference or you can count the fact that I am not that familiar with books by Filipino authors) until I saw this in Booksale. It was very thin, the thinnest I have read so far.I didn’t know what to expect from Esguerra or from That Kind of Guy but I know it is Chick Lit (a genre tht I don’t usually read a lot) and with the ton of Paranormal and YA [...]

    30. Another winner from my favorite indie author, Ms. Mina Esguerra. I'm on a roadtrip and my husband is driving. I have two iPads, a kindle, two laptops, 3 paperbacks, and what do I read? That Kind of Guy, a feel-good, sweet, and twisted romance between Anton, the smooth hunky-dory player and Julie, manang extraordinaire, the perpetual big sister who gives everyone else love advice and predicts doom and gloom for all their relationships.When faced with a choice between Anton, sexy alpha-playa Mr. W [...]

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