My Darling, My Hamburger

My Darling My Hamburger Four friends Two couples One year that will change their lives Liz and Sean both beautiful and popular are madly in love and completely misunderstood by their parents Their best friends Maggie and

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  • Title: My Darling, My Hamburger
  • Author: Paul Zindel
  • ISBN: 9780006718000
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four friends,Two couples, One year that will change their lives.Liz and Sean, both beautiful and popular, are madly in love and completely misunderstood by their parents Their best friends, Maggie and Dennis, are shy and awkward, but willing to take the first tentative steps toward a romance of their own Yet before either couple can enjoy true happiness, life conspires aFour friends,Two couples, One year that will change their lives.Liz and Sean, both beautiful and popular, are madly in love and completely misunderstood by their parents Their best friends, Maggie and Dennis, are shy and awkward, but willing to take the first tentative steps toward a romance of their own Yet before either couple can enjoy true happiness, life conspires against them, threatening to destroy their friendships completely.

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    1. Oh, this booked soothed my adolescent soul! I just love Paul Zindell of his books are so quirky and warmhearted. Can I get an Amen?

    2. I don't know if any author has ever more poignantly or perceptively captured the essence of what it means to be a teenager than Paul Zindel has done in My Darling, My Hamburger. The specific crisis situation that this book revolves around perfectly recreates the atmosphere that many teenagers nearing graduation from high school face in their own personal ways, the feeling that all of the sudden their life has started to move a little bit too quickly after seeming to have traveled at a snail's cr [...]

    3. It was too short, it was dumb. I gave this book 2/5 stars. I regret even that. I don't know how people like this. I suppose I would have to be a high school student in the 1950s to really get it though. I would have liked to find out what happened with Liz, but it's fine. The story made no sense. I think I might be taking this one to the free little library. I'm too "meh" about it. I didn't really like it. I don't think I even have it any more. If I do, I've hidden it from myself.

    4. I enjoyed "My Darling, My Hamburger" by Paul Zindel, because I could relate to the characters. All of the characters are teenagers or very young adults. In this book, Liz is an average girl who falls for an average boy, Sean. The two have many problems in common, leading to their love for eachother. They take their romance too far, and Liz becomes pregnant. Liz's friend, Maggie, is there for her with whatever decision she makes. Sean and Liz talked about moving away, having the baby, and getting [...]

    5. Somehow I missed this book when I was growing up, and I don't really know how frankly. This is the story of two best friends, seniors in high school, Liz and Maggie. Liz is glamorous and beautiful and has a boyfriend, Sean. Maggie isn't as pulled together, is a little more bookish and reserved. Liz sets her up with Dennis, a friend of Sean's. As Maggie starts feeling a little more confident and her relationship with Dennis gets off the ground, Liz starts to spiral out of control. Her bad home li [...]

    6. In preparation for the course on Young Adult library users I am taking this summer, I started reading Jezebel's "Fine Lines" column, and this book was featured at one point. I've never read Zindel, despite a hefty appetite for this kind of junk.This book could not be written today. Zindel writes so expertly about the ambivalence that kids feel - towards relationships, towards themselves - and a confusion that is so real. I hope more YA authors today will be inspired by Zindel, and write more hon [...]

    7. I read this when I was a kid & would have given it 4 stars then. I liked it much more then but I still think the same things about the characters now as I did then. Liz is an idiot, her boyfriend's a jerk, Maggie needs to get it together & know her worth, & the guy she goes on a date with was ok. Reading this a s a kid I was alot more sympathetic to Liz going through the whole abortion ordeal. Reading this now I'm impressed & surprised that Paul Zindel wrote a book that dealt wit [...]

    8. I found a copy online, because all I remembered from my youth was the title, and I wanted to read or re-read it after all these years. It's very well-written, painfully true to life, and in the end, rather devastating.

    9. Really liked it when I read it back in the seventies at the appropriate age to be able to really identify with the characters and their issues. It's a good "coming-of-age" book and I think it has a timelessness about it that will lend it to modern day YA must-reads.

    10. I must be an idiot or something because I did not find this book charming like everyone else. Yes there was teen angst that we can all relate to but it all revolved around sex. The entire story does. I could not relate to any of the characters or feel compassion for any of them. They started out flat and ended flat. The book takes over the course of a school year, but there were no changes in them. Then ending was awkward and left a lot of unanswered questions. While I realize that life may not [...]

    11. This is the book I was so excited to review. I had so many thoughts when reading it and when I finished I just could not wait to get them down. Essentially, My Darling, My Hamburger is a book about first love, but it is more than that, rather it is a book on how teens deal with sexuality. Two couples are featured, Maggie and Dennis -- testing relationship waters for the first time, and Liz and Sean who engaged in sex. Read the rest of my review here

    12. I was talking to my aunt and she said she had to read this in jr. high lol. Talk about trying to scare kids out of sex.

    13. Review of My Darling My HamburgerThe book My Darling My Hamburger written by Paul Zindel is young adult novel , I really suggest you to read this book. One reason is because it really shows how some teenagers go through on their school life their life at home and their own life. Another reason why you should read this book is because the author is a really good writer he makes you feel like you are actually in the book. The main characters in the book are Maggie Tobin , Liz Carstenten , Pierre J [...]

    14. Another one I had all but forgotten until seeing it on Listopia. This was one of a slew of Nice Kids Screw up Lives By Having Unprotected Sex books published in/around the 70s. There were a ton of them, but Paul Zindel was a better writer than most of the others. He was kind of the male Judy Blume for a while. Still, the sentiments in these books, so simplistic and so reactionary, will make any teen in the 21st century bewildered and incredulouswell, unless they live in an ultra-conservative are [...]

    15. I remember reading this - maybe summer of sixth or seventh grade. It was one of those books that I felt so grown up by being allowed to read. Reading as an adult it seems like it was written to scare teenagers away from having sex. Funny the difference 35 years will make. And, this confirms that as an adult, I'm really not a fan of YA. My rating is the collective of the two readings.

    16. I love Paul Zindel"They should have known what they were risking. The present becomes the past, and it continues inside you".

    17. Once in a while, we all feel like no one understands us, whether it’s the problems we face or the way we feel. However in the book My Darling, My Hamburger, Maggie and Liz, two teenage girls in high school, feel hopeless and alone when their whole world gets turned upside down. Feelings of betrayal, love and happiness falls upon both of them. Their life was never perfect, but when an unexpected event happens, their world seems to fall apart and they lose everything that ever mattered to them. [...]

    18. If your wondering, this book has nothing to do with hamburgers. However the hamburger in My Darling my Hamburger by Paul Zindel acts as a simile to the common theme of love seen in the story. Have you ever noticed how some toppings on hamburgers just seem to go better together, and that some people have different opinions about the toppings that go on their burgers. This is how love is described in this book, as Dennis and Maggie and Sean and Liz, teenage adolescents experience love, their famil [...]

    19. Lizzie Skurnick puts this in the "Him She Loved" category but I would have been inclined to put it in the "Very Afterschool Specials."   Not that I've ever seen an afterschool special.In any event, the book is impossible to classify.  It's about teenage love and parental disappointment, and it stars Paul Zindel's usual cast of characters--a smart boy with a father who doesn't seem to know or care anything about being a father.  A pretty girl with a wimpy mother and a borderline-abusive stepf [...]

    20. Here is the entirety of my review after my first read: "This was a book full of characters I didn't like." I had given it 1 star.Reviewing it again to write an essay, I found the book held up to close scrutiny extraordinarily well, particularly when compared to the other books I was working with (Twilight, Uglies and The Outsiders). I think my initial reaction occurred because the characters in the book are very true to life. My high school experience was quite unlike the one depicted in the boo [...]

    21. I'm not sure where I picked this book up from but my copy is really old and beat up and was printed in 1971. The book was originally written in the late 1960's and covers topics ranging from love, the stress of parents, sex, abortion, and life choices all while following 4 teenagers Sean and Liz, and Dennis and Maggie as they complete their senior year in high school. The topics covered in this 43 year old book still plague teens and adults today and even while delving into these topics the book [...]

    22. Love Bermuda Triangle "What did your teacher say? I mean, for getting a guy who wants to go all the way off your case?" asks Liz. "Well, she said suggesting to go buy a hamburger."I replyed. Have you ever experienced true love? Have you ever had your heart broken to the point of no return? Liz and Maggie, Dennis and Sean. Two pairs of friends in a year they'll never forget- full of romance, betrayal, and hamburgers. Liz really likes Sean. Sean's friend Dennis wants to go out with Maggie. They ea [...]

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