But My Boyfriend Is

But My Boyfriend Is The most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself Dylan Williams is not gay Sometimes he gets off with other guys but so what He plans to get married someday really married like with a wife and

  • Title: But My Boyfriend Is
  • Author: K.A. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781609289317
  • Page: 159
  • Format: ebook
  • The most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself Dylan Williams is not gay Sometimes he gets off with other guys, but so what He plans to get married someday really married, like with a wife and kids And he s determined that his future family s life will be the normal one he and his brothers never had.Mike Aurietta is gay, but his job keeps him in the clo The most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself Dylan Williams is not gay Sometimes he gets off with other guys, but so what He plans to get married someday really married, like with a wife and kids And he s determined that his future family s life will be the normal one he and his brothers never had.Mike Aurietta is gay, but his job keeps him in the closet He doesn t usually risk frequenting infamous cruising places like Webber Park But when he s cutting through one night, he finds himself defending a victim from gay bashers.It s all Dylan can do to process the shock that anyone would want to hurt his quiet twin brother At first he needs Mike s eyewitness report to satisfy the gut wrenching desire for revenge Then he finds himself needing Mike s solid, comforting presence and the heat that unexpectedly flares between them.In the aftermath, Mike quickly learns not to expect too much from his conflicted lover Though he never thought his good deed would come back to bite him in the ass Or that hanging on to the possibility of love could force too many secrets out of the closet and cost them both everything.Warning Contains denial than you can float a barge on, bigger issues than a special end of the year compilation of your favorite magazine, and better sex than most people deserve After all, it takes place in Texas.

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    1. I'm buying this because Mitchell did not commit Epic Name Fail with the black character! His name is Dylan. NOT D'Juan or whatever stereotype "black" name some authors come up with. GA Hauser and Carol Lynne, I'm talking to YOU!!!

    2. Great, angsty romance between two guys deep in the closet. Dylan is the younger brother of Aaron from Collision Course and he's a chip off the old block. Refusing to acknowledge his attraction to men, angry at the world, and obsessively close and protective of his twin, Darryl. His world is shaken when his actions lead to an attack on Darryl, who then shuns him and goes to recuperate with Aaron and Joey. For the first time Dylan is on his own.Mike is a trainer with the local football team who ke [...]

    3. First off, I hate that Samhain books end at around 92%. I feel like there are things happening in the story in that 8%, only I don't get to see them because I have to read a synopsis and an excerpt from Bad Boyfriend. Dude, I don't need to read that excerpt! I've already read the book! But even if I hadn't, if you think I read any further after the book has ended, I got news for you: I don't. I press "Home" and select the next book on my reading list.Anyway. Dylan. He was all right. But his "I'm [...]

    4. 3.75 StarsI liked this book, didn't LOVE it. But I did LIKE it. First of all KA Mitchell can write up some quality hotness that I know, and I was not disappointed there. I thought she did a GREAT job of writing the character of Dylan as well. Dylan is a young black man that is DEEPLY in denial about his homosexuality. He has sexual encounters with men, but he is NOT gay. So, after his twin brother is victim of a gay bashing at a park where Dylan frequently goes looking for hook upsHis worlds col [...]

    5. 3 starsDid I like the book? Meh. Was it horrible? No. I honestly think it was just me. I have read a few of K.A.'s book that I have enjoyed but the the first in the Florida series and this one just didn't completely jive with me.What I didn't like:1. What was shoved so far up Aaron's ass that he had to act like a complete dumb dick through the whole book? Yes, he had to step up and take care of his family. Yes, he was the first to come out as gay in his family. Get. Over. It. His brothers, not o [...]

    6. I'm so exhausted with "but I don't want to people to think I'm gay" books, but Mitchell's an auto-buy. Why does it take her so long to write books???Update 8/27/12:Conflicted! I liked the MC's and I just wanted to hug Dylan until he couldn't breathe. And there were some scenes, mostly with Joey, that were really good and some dialogue that I wanted to print out and hang on my wall.But ultimately, what the hell was this book even about? I have no idea. It was your typical K.A. Mitchell with prick [...]

    7. Someone somewhere said that this is one of the twins from Collision Course which I remember liking A LOT. I also love multicultural romance. I'm all over this! Make it be August NOW!!

    8. 3.5 starsAt first glance this seems to be structured around a hate crime. Dylan’s twin brother Darryl gets stomped in a park known to be a hook-up spot for gay men. Unfortunately for Darryl, it’s a case of mistaken identity, it’s really Dylan the haters are after. To add to the mix-up, Dylan is confused and in denial about his sexual identity. He has plans to get married someday to some nice girl and produce a passel of kids. Even though he also loves to get his dick sucked by anonymous gu [...]

    9. Very good m/m romance about a deeply closeted guy with a lot of guilt about his straight identical twin being gay bashed. Can he keep lying to himself about the attraction he feels to the guy who stepped into the fray and saved his twin's life? This started out a bit rough for me, as I wasn't feeling much sympathy for the closeted twin until about halfway through the book. Anyone want to bet that the next book's about Tate? ;)Later: The more I think about it, the more I feel like I got cheated o [...]

    10. Has this been released somewhere already? It still shows as preorder at the sites I buy through, but there's all these reviews already??Can't . . . wait . . . till . . . August . . . need . . . book . . . now . . .

    11. Finally one more book for the series! Can't help but feel a little giddy, since K.A. Mitchell delivers some of the best i'm-gonna-sex-you-up-so-bad-you-won't-be-thinking-about-anything-else-for-a-long-time stories with a fine touch of realism.***- UPDATE 8/29/2012 -***Are you looking for something romantic, somewhat dramatic, God-help-me sexy and realistic to read? Well, duh, you found it!"But my Boyfriend is" consists of a well-woven plot and a perfectly developed and delivered story about one [...]

    12. OMG, this book drove me nuts! Dylan is a total jackass through 90% of the story. I think if I heard "I'm not gay" one more time, I was going to scream. And Mike, who was gay but not out for work reasons, should have left Dylan in the dust in the beginning. But it did seem to work for them for the most part, as their issues seemed to work for each other, if that makes sense. Aaron and Joey. I seriously do not remember Aaron being such a jerk to Dylan on such a consistant basis. As much as Dylan d [...]

    13. 2 Stars~But, Honestly~Why I Regret Nothing!♠ I so got excited when Aaron called and he was coming~BUT, really was a freaking super assholegosh,I do not remember him being such a prick~Ooooh maybe I really only cared about JoeyYep, that's probably why I forgot about prince prick Aaron.♠Darryl the typical confused guy, but he was also such a asshole.♠Also I hate the stereotypical status quo IMO TV ghetto living norm~So I just Skimmed over thoses parts~made it to the end and found~MEH~♠This [...]

    14. There is no doubt in my mind that K.A. Mitchell is a great author. She writes smart dialogue, interesting characters and just plain good story lines. But My Boyfriend Is was no exception. However, this is one of those rare times when I really must set aside my own preferences and dwell on why the story worked because unfortunately I never really connected with any of these characters, not one bit.The story is actually fairly straightforward but the layered emotional connections were far from tha [...]

    15. This is actually closer to 3.5 than 4 stars, but Joey was in it a lot and I love the fuck out of that guy and he carries half a star in his bubble butt, so.But My Boyfriend Is felt a bit off. I liked it fine and there's pretty much nothing that K.A. Mitchell can dish out that I will not read, but considering how hot Collision Course was, I expected so much from this book. It's still pretty great, I still adore the banter, and there are some pretty hot sex, but everything felt dialed down that th [...]

    16. I was gifted this book by the author at GRL 2014, and just now got around to reading it, because paperback. It sat on my shelf all year, looking lonely and neglected.I had read book 2 of this author's series a while back, and was looking forward to reading this one, and it didn't disappoint.It was weird, though, reading a paperback, I'll tell you that. Seriously weird, after so many years of reading only ebooks. I liked the characters in this book, both the in-the-closet Mike and the "I'm not ga [...]

    17. I am giving this a four star, although really a 3.5.What I liked:1. I really liked the fact that neither Dylan or Mike is perfect, that both of them have issues that are not resolved in the first few pages.2. The storyline was not just the same rehashing of the others, but original problems.3. Joey. There is just something about this character that makes me smile.4. The last couple chapters are f'ing amazing and redeemed one character that was pissing me off.What I didn't love:1. I was surprised [...]

    18. 2.5 StarsDarryl Williams falls victim to a gay bashing in Webber Park and Mike Aurietta saves him. At the hospital, Mike meets Darryl's twin, Dylan, and sparks fly. Even though Dylan does not consider himself gay and Mike is in the closet for the sake of his job, the two start a secret and steamy love affair. When all is said and done, Mike and Dylan must decide whether to be true to themselves or hang on to denial and remain in the closet.This one was okay. At first, I didn't care for Dylan. He [...]

    19. Not sure I am all that objective about this authors work, because I enjoy her voice so much. The angst and anger of Dylans character really appealed and I lovedtrue book.I thought the storytelling was really tight and the arc was done beautifully. Sex was hot and captured Dylans feelings nicely, nervous but aggressive. Liked it lots. I think if you're new to the genre, KA Mitchell is a great place to start, cause the writing is just that good. Magic.Re read end of 2012. Sigh, still liked it QUIT [...]

    20. Not enough m/m authors are writing interracial romance, so kudos to K.A. Mitchell for that. The writing was good, as always, and the story was compelling enough to keep me reading. The closet-case angst was exhausting, though. Each time Dylan threw an "I'm not gay" tantrum, I liked him less and less. The ending seemed rushed; I feel like we missed out on some major emotional payoff. Also, (view spoiler)[to make such a big deal about Dylan deciding to bottom for Mike but then never showing it wa [...]

    21. I discovered KA Mitchell this past November thanks to Dear Author’s former reviewer Sarah, who I think has reviewed all of Mitchell’s books (you can see the reviews here). I started with Collision Course, which still remains my favorite of her books. In this one, Dylan is the brother of Aaron (hero in Collision Course). Dylan is twenty-two, has sex with women, but also cruises a park that is known for gay sexual hook-ups, because he refuses to acknowledge to anyone he might be gay. After bei [...]

    22. I loved this book. The rating says it all.(view spoiler)[There were a few moments at the start of the book where I found Dylan a bit annoying with his crass words and hurtful attitude, meant to push everyone away and show he could do without anyone. But then I was given a closer look at how he thought and felt and why he acted the way he acted. And fell in love with him. The author did a fantastic job of showing Dylan's doubts and fears, not through words but through his actions and gestures. I [...]

    23. Beautiful. And full of deep truths, not really what you'd expect of a romance/erotica story. I liked this very much because there were words of wisdom here, words that more people should hear. Dylan is a riot, in EVERY sense of the word. He is quick to throw a punch, and quick to laughter—and actually does both of those a lot, together with all the I'm-not-gay sex he's having in this book. Yeah, right. Dylan has a way to go still, to get to insight.Don't know what to put in my excerpts this ti [...]

    24. This is a story of a set of twins, Dylan and Dare Williams. They are identical, but opposites in personalities. Dare is the nerd. Dylan is the one "not going to amount to much" from his family's point of view. Dylan wants life to stay as it is, but Dare has other ideas when he plans to further his college education that does not include Dylan. One night changes them forever, when Dare is brutally attacked on his way home through a cruising park near the UT campus. The attack is meant for Dylan, [...]

    25. Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2012/08/27/I absolutely love and adore Mitchell’s writing, and the first book I ever read by her, Collision Course, remains one of my all time favorite m/m reads. I was so excited to not only jump back into the Florida series, but also get the chance to see my favorites Joey and Aaron in action once again. Unfortunately, for me, Dylan didn’t live up to my own internal hype.Dylan refuses to admit that he may or may not be gay, but when his twin br [...]

    26. I can't decide how to rate this book. It was hard for me to get into this book because Dylan was so obnoxious, but I did feel bad for how his family seemed to treat him, and I was so glad (view spoiler)[Mike stood up for him at the end. (hide spoiler)] This book totally did not go the way I thought it would, and while it's nice to be surprised sometimes, I feel like nothing really happened. It's like where there was supposed to be a climax where the characters grow and move forward, the story ju [...]

    27. I enjoyed this more than I expected to, based on comments by other reviewers. K.A.Mitchell makes no apologies about writing lots of sex scenes and does it so well. In this case, her character's emotional reaction during the sex scene was an important part of the plot as was the number. Any less, and Mike's feeling at times that he was just being "used" had to feel justified.From Dylan's perspective, he had to see it as scratching an itch, because admitting to the underlying emotional involvement [...]

    28. I didn't think I would love this as much as I did. Collision course is one of my favourite books and I just didn't think this one could measure up. I remembered Dylan as a guy with a lot of attitude and it was very interesting to see him "grow up" and follow that journey. both Mike and Dylan (and Darryl, the twin) have a lot to deal with, but it still isn't all deep dark angst. it feels like the guys are working things out and sure there is some door slamming and walking out kind of drama, but i [...]

    29. The story was really good, I liked both guys a lot, even though Dylan spent most of the book as a giant ass. The only reason I gave this 3 stars instead of 4 is because my copy of this book was formatted REALLY badly. Like, it seemed to skip around, stopping in the middle of a chapter, backtracking several chapters, only to pick back up where it left off on the chapter I was reading. That threw me out of the story more than once, and there were also several times where it felt like a whole chapt [...]

    30. I liked this update to the Collision Course series but I didn't love it. Dylan and Aaron are so very similar with their gruff exteriors. However, in Collision Course, we saw Aaron's feelings change for Joey and soften. He was still gruff and difficult but there was a sweetness to him when it came to Joey and his emerging feelings and he was always out and not embarrassed by this sexuality. I missed that with Dylan. Dylan was so closed off, so in the closet. Mike was a very nice guy but I couldn' [...]

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