A Less Boring History of the World

A Less Boring History of the World Refreshes the parts other history books can t reachA bit ropy on the Renaissance In the dark about the Enlightenment Or in fact do you need a revision course on the entire history of the world and w

  • Title: A Less Boring History of the World
  • Author: Dave Rear
  • ISBN: 9780224087025
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Refreshes the parts other history books can t reachA bit ropy on the Renaissance In the dark about the Enlightenment Or, in fact, do you need a revision course on the entire history of the world and want to read a witty, irreverent, definitely not boring romp through everything that has ever happened on planet earth from 15 billion years BC to the present day Good.A LRefreshes the parts other history books can t reachA bit ropy on the Renaissance In the dark about the Enlightenment Or, in fact, do you need a revision course on the entire history of the world and want to read a witty, irreverent, definitely not boring romp through everything that has ever happened on planet earth from 15 billion years BC to the present day Good.A Less Boring History of the World tells you everything you need to know from the Big Bang to Barack Obama, taking in the Byzantines, the Black Death, Bin Laden and the fall of bankers along the way, all boiled down to bite size chunks so that you can finally piece together all the different bits of history and see how on earth we ended up in the mess we are today.A Less Boring History refreshes your memory and broadens your mind And, if that s not enough, it will also make you laugh A lot.

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    1. A mix of history and comedy put into words. The best combination ever. Simple and creative. I'm only on the first 100 pages and this is possibly going to be the best book I'll ever read. It got a grip on me already. I bring this book wherever I go. I recommend this book to every single person living on Earth's surface. Really amazing!

    2. They seriously need to start teaching history to school kids with this book. Not only would you have kids more interested in it, but I'm certain they would retain a lot more of the information as well.

    3. Gostei do livro, mas recomendo para quem já sabe sobre a história contada, caso contrário algumas das brincadeiras podem ser interpretadas como verdadeiras. Boas piadas, várias curiosidades e alguns trocadilhos perdidos com a tradução. Ouvi o audiolivro da TocaLivros, que ficou bem legal narrado por um comediante, mas pecou por alguns nomes e termos com a pronúncia errada.

    4. Loved this! It's so funny but also has lots of historical information, a whizz through everything that's ever happened on earth.

    5. I had been teaching middle school geography for 5 years, and when I moved to high school teaching, I received a World History section. My World History was a bit shaky, so I downloaded this book to listen to on a road trip to prepare for the upcoming semester. This was awesome! Not only does it essentially cover all the main topics that you encounter in World History, it is hilarious! I was able to use several of the anecdotes in my own classroom, which made history much more interesting to my b [...]

    6. No regrets at all! A very light and humours read, though it started off much better than it ended. 4.5/5.

    7. Ever wondered about the beginning of the world? Want to know more about dinosaurs? About the beginnings of man? Monarchy? Empires? What were the crusades actually about? If you've ever wanted to understand more about our origins then 'A Less Boring History of the World' is an excellent starting point.The clue is in the title. This version of history is certainly not boring. What it is however, is ever so slightly opaque. In injecting humour into historic events, Dave Rear has succeeded in creati [...]

    8. Boredom never featured in this book (although in fairness Rear did promise a less boring history and I love history anyway so I'm bias). It was charming, amusing and very few people were spared from his constant witty jokes that were not so hidden gems in this historical masterpiece.It is a whistle-stop tour of world history with everything from the dinosaurs to Bin Laden. It's an exceptionally fast ride through the formation of the world through to the classics through to the revolutions. Yet, [...]

    9. #كتاب / #a_less_boring_history_of_the_worldللكاتب / #Dave_Rearرغم أن الكتاب يلخص تاريخ العالم بحق ، بدأ من عصر الديناصورات ، عصور أوربا المظلمه ، حضارة الفراعنة ، الهند ، الصين ، ثورة المعرفة ، نيوتن ، آنشتاين ، إنتهاءً بالحرب العالمية الثانيه ، حرب الخليج ، صدام حسين ، بن لادن و حادثة سبتمبر "ايلول [...]

    10. Bilgilendirici ya da komik değil. Bazen ne gerçek ne şaka anlayamıyorsunuz. Bazı tarihi olaylar, kişiler, milletler hakkında az bilgi verilmesi kasti gibi geldi. Kesinlikle çocuklara tavsiye etmem (aslında kimseye tavsiye etmem) Para ve vakit kaybı.*Not funny, definitely not informative either. You sometimes don't understand which part is a joke and which part is a fact. Lack of info given on some historical events, figures, nations seems deliberately done. I definitely don't recommend [...]

    11. Uma abordagem humorística sobre a história.Humor, política e futebol não se discute: cada um tem a sua preferência.No caso em tela, não me foi palatável o humor do autor concernente aos principais eventos da história.Assemelha-se mais a jocosidades, faltando aquele "insight" de algo de alto nível.

    12. Imagine history as told by Jimmy Carr with more than a few off-colour comments thrown in by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh Hilarious, often very offensive, but still informative and highly entertaining. Be sure to take a lot of it with a pinch of salt though!

    13. Bitirmek için epey zorlandım açıkçası. Dünya tarihinde milyonların ölümüne sebep olmuş korkunç olayların içindeki zorlama mizahı sevmedim.

    14. It's a satire about history - completely irreverent - and it's laugh-out-loud funny." two main cities sprung up - Athens and Sparta - which spent a third of their time fighting the Persians, a third of their time fighting each other and the rest of the time fighting themselves. Over time, both of these cities developed democracies, which came from the Greek words kratos, meaning 'rule by', and demos, meaning 'total idiots'. This still provides the inspiration for modern political systems today." [...]

    15. You have to really know your stuff to summarise effectively the history of the world in less than 300 pages. You have to be a humorous writer of considerable skill to make jokes at machine-gun pace and hit the mark almost every time. Fortunately for the reader of "A Less Boring History of the World", Dave Rear ticks both these boxes, and this book is continuously funny and impressively erudite.The term "laugh out loud" is overused by reviewers, but I found that while most of the jokes elicited a [...]

    16. Part of the Christmas haul of Dec 13. I can only imagine that it must have taken a long time to condense the history of the worlds into a relatively small book. There were certainly some lines that made me smile and, yes, it did make the history of the world much more interesting and, in a strange way, more accessible. I think that the book may show its age after a while as modern, almost 'in-house' references are made which may very well go over some people's heads in the future (and I don't me [...]

    17. This book was terrible. Not only were there more attempts at jokes than history, the sheer stupidity of them was incredible such as 'Charles finally lost his head. This is widely regarded as marking the end of his reign' or the idea that Napoleon is still living on St. Helena with his wife and two dogs. I can see the value of encouraging people through entertainment to read about history and therefore despite Horrible Histories being written for children I would recommend it over this as a more [...]

    18. Maybe it should be called A Less Boring Very Brief History of the World. Facts seem to have been overlooked for slightly forced jokes. There were times when I actually laughed but just a few more when I cringed. All that said I raced through it in 2 days so I must've been enjoying it.

    19. A waste of £4.99! Every time I flipped through a page I thought to myself: is this guy remotely serious?!While this book is meant to be an entertaining view of history, it fails on two levels; history and entertaining. Worst book I have ever read.

    20. This is a great lazy read.However you have to actually be aware of the biggest milestones in history (for the very least) before reading it. Otherwise it just won't be funny to you at all. It has that witty dry British humor, which I personally enjoy.

    21. Talk about an irreverent look at world history but it was fun! Easy to read with plenty of humor and "bad guys" shooting, killing, and plundering around the globe . have fun with it! Don't take it too seriously!

    22. 4CD version read by Miles Jupp.Have only heard the first disk at this stage and the humour was a bit forced. See how it goes.Finished. Light entertainment with some funny bits but. not quite there

    23. This was alright, but honestly? I prefer Horrible Histories, even if it is for kids. It gives you actual knowledge, not 2 sentences of jokes and then one sentence of fact.

    24. I mean it's fun to read but sometimes it's so full of sarcasm that I don't know which one is real information here. (could be because of my lack of English humour)

    25. Covered some of the key instances that shaped world history in a lighter vein. Not for academic studies, but for an overall understanding of years gone by. A light-hearted and funny read. Hilarious.

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