GOTU (A Robin Marlette Novel)

GOTU A Robin Marlette Novel When a drug cartel attacks a cop the rules apply When they attack a cop s family there are no rules Sergeant Robin Marlette s special narcotics squad has killed a dangerous drug courier and the brot

  • Title: GOTU (A Robin Marlette Novel)
  • Author: Mike McNeff
  • ISBN: 9781935961383
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a drug cartel attacks a cop, the rules apply When they attack a cop s family, there are no rules.Sergeant Robin Marlette s special narcotics squad has killed a dangerous drug courier and the brother of a prominent Mexican drug overlord When Marlette s daughter is kidnapped as an act of revenge, it s a race against time to save her Marlette and his team are very gooWhen a drug cartel attacks a cop, the rules apply When they attack a cop s family, there are no rules.Sergeant Robin Marlette s special narcotics squad has killed a dangerous drug courier and the brother of a prominent Mexican drug overlord When Marlette s daughter is kidnapped as an act of revenge, it s a race against time to save her Marlette and his team are very good at what they do but are they good enough to defeat a drug cartel on its own turf Written by a 40 year law enforcement veteran, GOTU puts you side by side with the law enforcement brotherhood as they battle the world s most vicious criminals GOTU will have you rooting for the good guys and turning the pages well into the night.This is a new release of an edition originally published by Booktrope.

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    1. When I was asked to review GOTU by Mike McNeff I thought it sounded pretty interesting. I like to expand on the genres I read, so I gave it a go. I am very happy that I did! GOTU was an action packed book that kept me on the edge of my seat.Robin Marlette is a no nonsense kind of guy. McNeff did an amazing job of making Robin relate-able to readers. He didn't over do the character. Robin was very down to earth and did things I expect a brave sergeant up against a drug cartel would do. He was an [...]

    2. I just finished GOTU and found it one of the most entertaining and satisfying reads I've had in awhile. McNeff does a great job fully developing his main character, Robin Marlette and the action is top-notch. Obviously written by someone with first-hand knowledge of weapons, tactics and law enforcement.McNeff does a convincing job of putting the reader into the scene. On more than one occasion I found myself laughing along with the GOTU crew in response to wise cracks and other good-natured insu [...]

    3. Mr. McNeff certainly knows what he's talking about.He put together a solid plot, with plenty of action and enough human interaction to satisfy those that look for that.He changes point of view frequently, and though I have no problem with that, I think a break between the views would be helpful for those that do.The ending was good, and opened the door for a sequel.All in all, it was an enjoyable read.

    4. Helicopters. Guns. Corruption. ExplosionsNON. STOP. ACTION. My first note I jotted down was on page 11, "begins with action immediately." I'm not kidding, it kept me on the edge of my seat (or edge of the bed) until the VERY LAST PAGE.The GOTU (Guardians of the Universe) special narcotics squad is out to put an end to drug smuggling across the border, under the competent leadership of Robin Marlette. When they get a lead on a giant operation and end up killing the brother of the number one drug [...]

    5. Let me start by giving you two disclaimers. First: Do not read this book if you suffer from any kind of heart condition. Second: It’s worth the risk.McNeff grabs you from the first page with action and imagery straight off the silver screen. It reads like a film and moves like a film. I could easily see this being adapted into a screenplay. And then I would pay money to go see it.The main character in this police procedural/drama/thriller/tome of excitement, Robin Marlette, is reminiscent of f [...]

    6. GOTU is a thrilling and action-driven police drama that moves at a surprisingly fast pace, including frequent violent clashes, family drama and much more. At the heart of the novel is Robin Marlette, a maverick sergeant of the special narcotics squad and someone who everybody respects and looks up to. After the shooting of the brother of one of Mexico's leading drugs lords, things start to get a bit sticky.From the first page, the novel is littered with technically sound language recreating the [...]

    7. All the men gonna love this one!!!The excitement from the moment you click on the page is VERY WELL CRAFTED to carry over to all the conflicts and relationships, giving the reader a great feel of who these officers are, what they are capable of - all while showing us what they are up against!!! I love how GOTU shows MEGA police ACTION without distracting us with silly drama! I actually hate silly drama! This story stays true to it's excitement and the adventures of being Robin Marlette, the poli [...]

    8. Guardians of the Universe (GOTU) makes this book sound like some graphic novel starring Captain America and his ilk when it is nothing more than a superb smash-and-grab police procedural starring protagonist Robin Marlette, a true blood and guts super hero.McNeff, a forty-year veteran of law enforcement draws upon his intimate knowledge of how to combat drug smuggling on the Arizona/Mexico border. He introduces us to a squad of DPS officers that is reminiscent of The Dirty Dozen, the washed up, [...]

    9. AN ACTION THRILLER WITH CHARACTERMike McNeff is an author you will want to follow.His protagonist, Robin Marlette, is fully developed. McNeff has flushed out Robin's flaws, his expertise in law endorsement, and his fearlessness in curtailing drug trafficking. One of the aspects I particularly liked is that Robin Marlette is a likeable character who cares deeply for his family. He is someone whom you'd feel comfortable about inviting into your home. As a matter of fact, you like him so much that [...]

    10. I’ve not read anything with a plot like this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up loving it. The plot was interesting, fast paced and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.McNeff’s character development is brilliant. Having so many characters in the story I thought that I may struggle to remember who everyone was, but by the end I felt like I knew them all.I really enjoyed the family element of the story, so many police procedurals focus entirely on the police and the cri [...]

    11. GOTU: A Robin Marlette Novel” is about local law enforcement sergeant Robin Marlette, unwavering in his devotion to crime fighting, devotion to his group, and devotion to his family. His fearless approach to taking out the drug trade leads to a cascade of events that lead to the endangerment of his family requiring rescue and risk above and beyond the rule of law; the rule of love and friendship. The action rarely stops for a few adult level scenes and some developmental dialogue, making the n [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. I stumbled across it while searching for something else and struck it lucky. McNeff really brings the characters to life, and the stories line rocks with self-described action, although a good editor could really make it a better read. There are enough word omissions and grammatical mistakes to make even me twitch. Hey Mike, give me a call or drop me a line if you decide to write another one, I'll do it for free! I'm looking forward to reading the second in this serie [...]

    13. Well, I begin to wonder if the author of this book had all of his family & friends review it for it to have such a high average before I rated it. I think it's great that the author is a prior cop/lawyer so he has the knowledge to write about this genre of literature, however his attempts are hamstrung by his lack of writing ability. The only somewhat interesting aspect of this novel was that clearly the author was from Arizona as he references several known locations around Tucson/Phoenix.

    14. GOTUWelcome to the world of specialty teams fighting drug cartels, human rights and the environment involving the international space and all of the country's borders. A dedicated team of officers trained and experienced in the plot to get drugs and weapons into our country. Thanks for letting us know how the best of the action is not a dream. Great reading and writing.

    15. This is not your typical tough-guy stuff. It is a story about bad-asses and the stuff they get up to, but told with a warmth of character that is unexpected. With a tight plot and a level of technical, tactical detail that lets me know that the author really knows what he's describing, this is a fun read, both on-the-ground believable and educational.

    16. Looking for a good thriller? Give GOTU a try. This is a book written by a law enforcement professional with 40 years of experience. That being said this book gives you insight into the lives of those who defend the US border. Reading about the families of Robin Marlette and his crew, this book has way more depth than cop shows on TV.

    17. This was a very good book. Fast-moving, great characters, lots of action. Couldn't put it down. I give this one 4.8 stars. Highly recommend it. Jim read this and finished it on 6-14-14; gave it 4.8 stars.

    18. I don't know why - I read the sample but then had no interest in purchasing the book. Not sure why, can't quite put my finger on the reason. Might be something I come back to in the future maybe.

    19. Good action, some what realistic. I would recommend if you want a fast action read good guys vs bad drug guys.

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