First Thousand Words Arabic

First Thousand Words Arabic Presents common Arabic words accompanied by drawings

  • Title: First Thousand Words Arabic
  • Author: Heather Amery Stephen Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9780794500306
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Presents 1,000 common Arabic words accompanied by drawings.

    One thought on “First Thousand Words Arabic”

    1. I might need to know some Arabic for a project we're currently discussing, and I thought a good first step would be the alphabet; hence this book. It contains several hundred pictures, each one labelled with one or two Arabic words presented both in Arabic and Roman script. So far, I am not really trying to learn the words themselves, just the letters.Out of the scripts I have previously tried to learn, Korean is definitely the easiest. As everyone who's studied Korean will attest, it is in fact [...]

    2. This is a good visual dictionary. Pages are organized topically. Each page has images that are labeled in Arabic script as well as the Roman transliteration. Though I prefer to learn without using English, there are a good number of images that are unclear. There is a short reference dictionary in the back but it's in alphabetical order for English making it tricky to find a quick answer.This is also a great vocabulary builder for objects but there were not as many verbs, emotions or other parts [...]

    3. Pictures to represent every word! This book is amazing! If you are a visual learner and desire to learn Arabic, I recommend using this book as well as whatever other learning tools you have available. This book was obviously designed for children with the style of pictures drawn, but the value is there for adults as well. Simple pictures accompany every word, written in Arabic script and Arabic transliteration. Some of the topics are a bit hard to understand without any English, but there is a w [...]

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