Wolf Who Rules

Wolf Who Rules The popular fantasy novel Tinker introduced the inventor heroine of the same name who lives in a near future Pittsburgh which shares an interdimensional border with the land of the elves In this seq

  • Title: Wolf Who Rules
  • Author: Wen Spencer
  • ISBN: 9781618245250
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • The popular fantasy novel Tinker introduced the inventor heroine of the same name, who lives in a near future Pittsburgh, which shares an interdimensional border with the land of the elves In this sequel, Wolf Who Rules, the elven noble whose destiny is intertwined with Tinker, finds himself besieged from all sides Viceroy and head of the Wind Clan, he had been able to gThe popular fantasy novel Tinker introduced the inventor heroine of the same name, who lives in a near future Pittsburgh, which shares an interdimensional border with the land of the elves In this sequel, Wolf Who Rules, the elven noble whose destiny is intertwined with Tinker, finds himself besieged from all sides Viceroy and head of the Wind Clan, he had been able to guarantee the safety of everyone in his realm, but faced with an oni invasion, he has had to call in royal troops and relinquish his monopoly of Pittsburgh, which is now entirely stranded on Elfhome He now struggles to keep the peace between the humans, the newly arrived Stone Clan, the royal forces, a set of oni dragons, the half oni children who see themselves as human, and the tengu trying to escape their oni enslavement Meanwhile, Tinker strives to solve the mystery of a growing discontinuity in Turtle Creek She s plagued with inexplicable nightmares that may hold the keys to Pittsburgh s future The only clue from the Queen s oracle to help Tinker is a note with five English words on it Follow the Yellow Brick Road Oni, and dragons and tengu Oh my

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    1. What a tease! To come SO close to dealing with polyamory, then skip back! I guess it's just been too long since I read Tinker, but I don't really remember any hints of polyamory there at all. In this book, though, it's made very clear that elven society has found monogamy to be an unreasonable model for people who normally live thousands of years. Anybody who hasn't read Tinker shouldn't read this review, because there are spoilers for that book - but hey, that's to be expected in the review for [...]

    2. Any book that has me awake until after 2 am to finish it gets an automatic five-star rating. Will be rereading this one.

    3. From an omnibus put out by SFBC, this hardcover has Tinker and Wolf Who Rules and is called Steel City Magic. The gates between Elfhome, Pittsburgh, space, and the evil oni have gone all wonky and it is up mostly to Tinker to fix them. This blend of fantasy, plus ten minutes into the future sf, plus Tinker who finds a way to get science and magic to work together is quite an enjoyable mix. Also, Wolf and Tinker are possibly as likeable and wonderful a couple as Cordelia and Aral (Vorkosigan, fro [...]

    4. *Loved* this book. It's so refreshing to read a sequel that's even better than the first book.Take a fantasy world, invade it with science fiction, add a little romance, and throw in some theoretical magic and physics, and you have the "Tinker" series. Wen Spencer is fantastic--I really hope she writes another.

    5. "Wolf Who Rules" was as fun of a ride as "Tinker". Very fast paced, both in how it felt, and the actual time that has passed since the beginning of "Tinker". I'm so bummed that there isn't a book #3 waiting for me. This series has great potential to be a long unending series. (By these two books, this is a continuing read-in-order type of series, rather than a series of stand-alone stories in the same universe.)There are characters that are clearly evil, those that are clearly good, and a lot of [...]

    6. Picking up right where its predecessor left off, Wolf Who Rules immediately draws you back into the world of Elfhome. I would have to say that this book is even better than the first, and that's saying something.At the end of Tinker, the citizens of Pittsburgh are stranded when she is forced to destroy their gate to Earth. In the aftermath, there is a huge 'deadzone' where everything is distorted. Unsure what exactly is going on in these so called Ghostlands, it's up to Tinker to figure it out. [...]

    7. Yeah, so I am a little ashamed of even giving this three stars. It is seriously flawed, even more so than its predecessor. It looks at first as if Wolf is going to get a little more screen-time and possibly something of a personality, but in reality it's still all Tinker all the time. Yeah, yeah, he's busy ruling and doing politics and fighting dragons and stuff, but seriously! Anyway, the plot really gets away from the author as far as I can tell. I know we're dealing with at least three dimens [...]

    8. This is Part 2 of the book named "Tinker" by the same author. It starts pretty much the day after "Tinker" ends. A big difference between this book and Tinker is that this one includes lots of passages from Windwolf's point of view, thus the title. The plot is so complicated that I don't know how to sum it up, but I'll try. Tinker survives the end of book 1 to discover that she's ripped up dimensions and created a freaky area dubbed the Ghostlands. A couple dragons have come through the dimensio [...]

    9. 5 fabulous stars! (I am so enjoying this series reread!)Read Tinker Elfhome 1 first. Don't come to this series and skip about like a fairy, read them in order, it's the best way.Is there even a way to describe the incredible world building done by Wen Spencer? Everything feels real, the magic system, the history, the cultural background, the character responses, even the silly, tragic, accidental deaths. (You know what I mean, and if you don't you should read it and find out).It carries you alon [...]

    10. I loved the first novel in this series so I had high hopes for this one. I was hoping to see more elven culture and more oni, but got neither. Most of the novel is Tinker continuing to mess things up, creating projects she doesn't finish, and being childish. She doesn't take some things seriously, and takes other things way too seriously. Tinker was flawed in the first novel, but still likable. In Wolf Who Rules, I felt that she took a turn for the worse. She is constantly cheating on her husban [...]

    11. Sequel to Tinkere adventure continues with even more science and math.I really wish there was a third book because it feels like the "middle", but I am told there isn't/won't be anymore in this seriesI'll take what I can get

    12. An extremely satisfying return to Tinker's world. I hope Wen Spencer treats us to a third Tinker adventure soon!

    13. super fast-paced story. Tinker and Wolf are married, and the adventure continues.Tinker has to save the world, and she has to do it with a broken arm and attacks on her dreams while she's sleeping. Apparently 'see the future' and 'share dreams' have a downside.Exhaustion is even worse than broken bones. A former friend who has delusions of marrying Tinker adds plenty of aggravation to the mix.Meanwhile Wolf has to save the world while dealing with an ex-girlfriend who thinks Wolf would make a gr [...]

    14. I did not like this story quite as much as I liked the first one in the series. It was still an interesting world with science and mythological creatures and enough to keep me reading until the end. I felt like this story was a little more forced than the first one with references to Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. I'm not one that's bothered by profanity, but there were a lot of F****s in this story that made me think the author was trying too hard to make the characters cool. There w [...]

    15. Not as good as its predecessor Tinker, Wolf Who Rules is still a decent read. Although the book is named for Tinker's husband (Wolf-Who-Rules-the-Wind, or WindWolf to humans), the book is at least as much about Tinker herself as was the book named for her. Which is good. WindWolf is an interesting character, but probably couldn't hold a novel up on his own; he's a little too perfect to be truly compelling and his status as an elf isn't enough given his fascination with human culture and technolo [...]

    16. Wolf Who Rules is the second novel in a human/elven crossover series set in Pittsburgh, though not exactly in Pennsylvania. This is a high fantasy/science fiction novel, a balance that works and makes me enjoy it all the more.The premise of the series is that there’s a gate which can teleport Pittsburgh between dimensions, one of which is human norm and the other is elven with magic. The series focuses around Tinker, who has a knack for machinery that crosses both mechanical and magical barrie [...]

    17. The sequel to Tinker, which I hadn't read, and may be one reason it didn't click with me. The style is decent, but nothing sets it apart. (Other than dropping the f-bomb early and often.) Set in a future Pittsburgh transported to the planet Elfhome, the heroine, Tinker, once human, was made into an elf by her lover, Wolf-Who-Rules, to be his queen. (Tinker is both Mary Sue and TSTL--amazing how often those traits go together in fictional characters.) Oh, and there be Significant Dreams(tm) based [...]

    18. I love Wen Spencer's stuff. I really do. Her Ukiah Oregon books make me happy, and I reread Tinker until it fell apart. She's intelligent, and she has a way of taking all of these shining elements and binding them into an internally consistent whole that's hard to explain to someone else.But this book made me really mad.You can't present a character as a good guy, and have him commit genocide, and still expect your readers to view him as good. Even if at the end he realises the error of his ways [...]

    19. Something about this concept/world that enthrals me. Yes, I could have done with a fewer info dumps when it comes to the tech/science of it all. And there are quite a few threads that the author introduces and then fails to deliver upon - often making me feel like I skipped something.Enjoy this world, and Tinker the H, is pretty darn awesome - though I though the author was little unfair to her in this book - all those dreams/hallucinations. Wolf even thinks she is going mad - and then kind of n [...]

    20. I liked this book/series, even though it has some glaring issues. The H, is rarely around. The author has continuity problems, often dropping threads/characters when a set up has been created. So we get no resolution on small issues - and they do begin to add up to annoying levels.Still, there is something about Tinker that is magnetic - even though the author insisted upon making her a bit wacky crazy this book - with the whole dreaming Oz/Alice elements, the crying, the self-doubt, the crazy p [...]

    21. As a read more and more books by Wen Spencer I think back to my early reading days and she would have been the perfect jumping off point into fantasy/scifi. A little romance, a little action, and an incredibly strong female character. I enjoy her books now, don't get me wrong, I just know I would have LOVED her books when I was younger. These books are solid beach blanket reads for the slightly geeky.

    22. More fun the first, but reading Tinker is necessary to fully get this. If you play the RPG Rifts, this series is highly recommended as it includes multiple dimensions, ley lines, magic, science and the heroine is an engineer. It’s fun to read about a protagonist who relies on problem-solving (engineering, project management, data-management) instead of swords, guns, and magic.

    23. Story: Dragons. Elves. Tengu. Oni. Humans. Relationships. Culture. Politics. Science. Magic. Collision/clusterfuck. Time running out… What's not to love? 5 starsTW: rape, inhumane treatmentNarration: Expressive. Wonderful. Great basic narrative. Wonderful, varied voices and accents. Love. Delightful to listen to. 4.5 stars

    24. Wonderful book!Wow, what a great series! I have to admit I was quite skeptical of this series but I absolutely love it. The plot is fast paced and well developed. The romances are very interesting. I can't wait to read the next installation in this series.

    25. Dragons. Elves. Tengu. Oni. Humans. Relationships. Culture. Politics. Science. Magic. Collision/clusterfuck. Time running out… What's not to love?TW: rape, inhumane treatment

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