Alligator Lake

Alligator Lake As a pregnant teenager Avery Pritchett found refuge in Colorado but now ten years later her brother s wedding and some burning questions bring her back home to her small Southern town But will int

  • Title: Alligator Lake
  • Author: Lynne Bryant
  • ISBN: 9780451235787
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a pregnant teenager, Avery Pritchett found refuge in Colorado, but now, ten years later, her brother s wedding and some burning questions bring her back home to her small Southern town But will introducing her mixed race daughter to her independent minded grandmother bring solace or sorrow Will confronting her class conscious mother allow for new beginnings or confiAs a pregnant teenager, Avery Pritchett found refuge in Colorado, but now, ten years later, her brother s wedding and some burning questions bring her back home to her small Southern town But will introducing her mixed race daughter to her independent minded grandmother bring solace or sorrow Will confronting her class conscious mother allow for new beginnings or confirm old resentments And how can she ask forgiveness of her youthful lover who has been denied his child all these years As the summer progresses, Avery s return provokes shocking discoveries of choices made, and secrets kept and of deceptions that lie closer than she suspects.

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    1. What an entertaing and thought provoking novel about race relations as it expands over several generations in a small Mississippi town. I love the overall story. I would say this is a must read and has bee added as one of my all time favorites.

    2. Book challenge 2015, category "A book by an author you have not read before". Well, that wasn't exactly a difficult category, every other author I read is a new one. I'm pleased to have become acquainted with Lynne Bryant. My only regret is that I did not read this in English, because the Norwegian translation was clumsy and idiosyncratic. I had a few "wait a minute, I think she actually means" This disturbed my fluency of reading, but I still recognized the quality of the original story.Avery's [...]

    3. Lynne Bryant does it again with her brand new novel, Alligator Lake. I found myself up late finishing this page-turner. Like Catfish Alley, the book incorporates Southern roots, family secrets, generational classism and racial divides among the triumph of family love. The main character is a single white, 20-something female headed home to Mississippi after bolting to Colorado 10 years prior pregnant and disgraced. She's bringing her mixed-race daughter, whom no one back home has met, to be a fl [...]

    4. a poignant look at three generations of woman struggling with racial prejudice in Mississippi Delta country. Avery, a young, white woman returns from Colorado to her family in Mississippi to attend the wedding of her brother and to uncover the roots of her 9-year-old daughter Ceci's Sickle Cell Anemia. Alhough Ceci's father is black, Avery's family claims to be all white. As Avery comes to term with her own past, she unknowingly causes her mother and grandmother to examine their own pasts. This [...]

    5. This was a hard book for me to read. I am from the south and have traveled the world. Even though the situation isn't the same here, I know of many small towns down here that this could happen in.It was very well written. I normally prefer a book I can just devour in a day or two. If thats what you are looking for this is not it. I would still recommend this book to others especially if you like drama. It involves family conflict, racial tension, a deadly (potentially) disease, and love.

    6. Loved it! Reminded me of "The Help." 3 generations of women in Mississippi & their struggles with racism/integration.

    7. Avery is white and Aaron is black. They live in Mississippi during the 1990's. When Avery gets pregnant at the age of seventeen she leaves Mississippi rather than deal with the repercussions of having a mixed race child. Ten years later she returns for her brother's wedding with her daughter. This novel deals with the prejudice that still exists in the 2000's. The novel also goes back and time to show how little has changed with their prejudices, regardless of the facade that people put on their [...]

    8. Bryant blended the 3 narrators and different decades seamlessly. Even though I figured out where it was going, the tension mounted like a balloon ready to pop. I find it odd the local library put an "African American" sticker on the side. All 3 narrators were white. It dealt with their background stories in race relations and mixed children but I've read lots of other books of that nature and never saw such a sticker. It almost seems too PC. Many people will love this story and I see no need to [...]

    9. An easy read with a good story. Towards the end it was feeling just a tad long winded, but overall a decent read.

    10. Posted on Romancing the Book blogReviewed by~AprilReview Copy Provided by~the PublisherLynne Bryant does an incredible job bringing to life the past and present for three generations of women, all so very different, yet so similar. Her ability to project the mother/daughter relationships within these women is mesmerizing and touches the reader’s heart immediately.Alligator Lake is the story of Avery, her Mother Marion and her Grandmother Will. Alternating each woman’s past and present, the s [...]

    11. Great story about the deep south and racial tensions within a family. Well written, easy to read, and a would say at times a page turner that I couldn't put down.

    12. I won an advanced copy of this book through the FirstReads program. Avery left her hometown in rural Mississippi ten years ago after discovering she was pregnant; she's had little contact with any of her family since, knowing that many of them (along with many of the town's residents) would not be accepting of her half-black daughter. Though race is still a major factor in her hometown, she's returned to attend her brother's wedding, bringing her daughter to meet her family for the first time. T [...]

    13. Alligator Lake is an enjoyable story about life and race in a small Mississippi town, as told by three generations of white women: Avery, the single mother of a mixed-race daughter who left home after getting pregnant and has come back for the first time in ten years; Marion, Avery's mother who is struggling to reconcile the return of her daughter and granddaughter with her views on the importance of being white; and Will, Marion's mother and a civil rights activist who tends to socialize with t [...]

    14. Also this review was submitted to Southern Literary Review.Alligator Lake by Lynne BryantLynne Bryant continues the conversation of racial tensions and prejudices in the Deep South from her first novel, Catfish Alley, with Alligator Lake. Alligator Lake dives into the legacy of the complex racial relations between the white and black populations in this southern Mississippi town. Alligator Lake is a passionate story of four generations of women as they struggle with race, prejudice, love and for [...]

    15. Ten years ago Avery Pritchett fled Mississippi brokenhearted and pregnant. Now her brother wants her to return for his wedding but Avery isn’t sure she’s ready to face the inevitable questions about her mixed-race daughter or the memories of that horrible night years ago when she nearly ruined the life of the man she loved. But Avery’s daughter is sick with a genetic disease and Avery has questions for her family about their own racial background that Avery knows they won’t want to answe [...]

    16. Veldig god bok med spennende relasjoner og historier som tvinger seg inn i hverandre. Etter en litt treg start ble jeg veldig oppslukt av boka og klarte nesten ikke legge den fra meg. Leste den på norsk, og var ikke alltid like fornøyd med språket da det til tider kunne være for mye beskrivelser og dermed ble litt kunstig. Men selve historien var kjempebra!

    17. Alligator Lake, by Lynne Bryant, is a great book, examining racial relations and prejudices in the deep south. The book provides personal stories of four generations of females, both white and black. Perspectives are given from various points in time between the 1940s and the year 2000' providing strong perspectives on race in the deep south during various time periods.Avery Pritchett is a young, caucasian single mother who returns home to the Mississippi Delta with her mixed race daughter to at [...]

    18. Like her first novel, Catfish Alley, this books centers on the theme of racial tension in Mississippi. It is about three generations of southern women, their secrets and the healing they must go through to move forward. It is about Avery, a young women who moves home after a ten year absence and introduces her bi-racial daughter to her family.For me the first half of the book moved rather slow. Once I got to the second half though, it picked up and moved along at a brisk pace. I liked the charac [...]

    19. Avery Pritchett settled in Colorado when she found herself pregnant with her boyfriends daughter. Now, 10 years later she returns to Mississippi to celebrate her brothers wedding, bringing her mixed-race daughter with her.This book tells the point of view of 3 generations of women: Willadean, Averys grandmother who supported the Freedom Riders in the 40's; Marion, Averys mother who faces her own internal conflict regarding racial equality as she meets her grand-daugher, and Avery herself as she [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book, and learned a lot while I got to know the characters as well. Living in Wisconsin and Minnesota my entire life I really wasn't aware of all the racial issues that still existed in the South and specifically Mississippi or of the seriousness of sickle cell disease. This book is narrated from the perspective of three different characters and I appreciated the lens that each of them gave to the story. My heart hurt as I read for the lost loves of several characters, the [...]

    21. Avery is a young girl living in the times where everything was segregated. She has a grandmother will who don't care about the way things are supposed to be and gladly socializes with the blacks. Avery's mother is all about her position in the society and the way things should be all about whites. Avery meets Aaron who is the grandson of her grandma will's best friend sally. They fall head over heels and it isn't until after a big blow up and aaron being beating for being with avery that avery d [...]

    22. This is a solid second offering by author Lynne Bryant. She once again explores the topic of race relations in Mississippi and how different perspectives are still shaped by such a "black and white" view of others and the world. She does a good job of presenting this topic from the perspective of several women - Will, who always defied the expectations of a Southern, gentile white woman by not only associating with but having black friends; Marion, Will's daughter, who has spent her entire life [...]

    23. Alligator Lake by Lynne BryantThis novel is about three women from Greendale, MS. These three women may all come from the same family but could be no more alike than the next. Willadean the feisty, independent grandmother who fought for the underdog, Marion Princhett, Willadean's daughter who only wanted to fit in high society and thumbed her noses at those not in her circle. Avery Pinchett falls in love with a young man outside of her race and became pregnant. Avery moves away from the close mi [...]

    24. I just got my copy and I am so excited to start reading Lynne's new book. I loved her first one Catfish Alley. Just reading the back of the book I believe I'll like this one as much. Happy reading!Just finished Alligator Lake this morning. It was hard to see this book end. Lynne has a way of catching you on the first page and keeps you to the end. Avery and her daughter Celi were wonderful. The way the story wove from Avery's grandmother, her mother and down to her daughter kept your interest. F [...]

    25. I met Lynne Bryant at a book signing last year for her first novel Catfish Alley. I invited her to lead the discussion of her book with my book group and we had a wonderful evening with her. I was very blessed to have Lynne offer our group advanced copies of Alligator Lake - which will be released April 3rd. I absolutely LOVED Alligator Lake. It is a page turner that grabs you at page one and one of those books you hate to see end. It is a book of three generations of women and the secrets that [...]

    26. I swear Lynne Bryant has got to have someone telling her these stories. On April 4, 2012 she was doing a book signing at the Barnes and Nobles at the citadel Mall here in Colorado Springs. And I asked her" Where are you getting these stories". After I finished this one I'm still saying the same thing. This is another wonderful story that she has taken upon herself to write that tackles the subject of race in the segregated South of Mississippi before and after the Civil Right Movement. It is a s [...]

    27. The ending says it all. Ones past cannot be changed. So learn to embrace it. We all have hidden fears. I know I do. Move toward the future.Avery runs away from home angry with her Mother. She has a daughter with sickle cell anemia. Avery is a nurse so it leaves her with questions about her family she cannot answer.Her brother, Mark, talks her into coming home for his wedding. She has to face what she left behind. After 10 years she finds it hard coming home.The book was very enjoyable. It tells [...]

    28. As a pregnant teenager, Avery Pritchett found refuge in Colorado, but now, ten years later, her brother's wedding-and some burning questions-bring her back home to her small Southern town. But will introducing her mixed- race daughter to her independent-minded grandmother bring solace or sorrow? Will confronting her class-conscious mother allow for new beginnings or confirm old resentments? And how can she ask forgiveness of her youthful lover who has been denied his child all these years? As th [...]

    29. A fun and interesting book. I have a place in my heart for books surrounding a storyline or characters from the South, I simply can't resist. I loved the going back in time to tell various points of views of several of the characters. I enjoyed the mysteries surrounding them and ultimately it all coming together at the end, who wouldn't like that? The only complaint I have is of a conversation between Avery and her daughter Celi that didn't sound realistic, Celi is only 9 years old. All in all, [...]

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