Michael Allred's Madman Volume 1

Michael Allred s Madman Volume Where it all began The dreamy nighmarish first MADMAN series followed by the Ultra Pop MADMAN ADVENTURES which set the tone for the definitive MADMAN together for the first time in the trade paperba

  • Title: Michael Allred's Madman Volume 1
  • Author: Mike Allred
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Where it all began The dreamy nighmarish first MADMAN series followed by the Ultra Pop MADMAN ADVENTURES, which set the tone for the definitive MADMAN, together for the first time in the trade paperback format Ginchy O Rama

    One thought on “Michael Allred's Madman Volume 1”

    1. I remember Madman comics from my childhood. My big brother was a huge comic fan in his youngster years, and I often flipped through his collection while he was out with his buddies. I did not really get what I was reading at the time, but I still remember how full and bright the colors were in his owned issues.I wish he would still have a comic-stash somewhere for me to explore, but nope, I ain't that lucky.Madman Vol. 1 collects Madman 1-3, Madman Adventures 1-3, and few extras such as MADMAN I [...]

    2. I honestly think MADMAN is what comics should be most of the time: silly, fun, well drawn, an interesting story in an interesting world. Michael Allred manages to do all these things. His own interests and passions show through- 50s and 60s psychedelia, pop culture, pulp sci-fi, rockabilly, cheese cake pinupsIt's a total mash up of weird and wonderful stuff and a good introduction to Madman.As a note, while I did use the book scanner on the iPhone app, the pictured edition is not the one I have [...]

    3. I read some Madman Atomic comics recently and loved it so much I decided to start with the earlier Madman series. This stuff isn't as out there as Madman Atomic, but it's still great fun. It's a poppy trip through the sorts of stories that would fill some sci-fi and adventure comics of the 1960s revolving around a zany central character, with occasional diversions into what I can only describe as existential anguish. If, like me, the cartoon Freakazoid made a tremendous impression on your adoles [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this first volume! Madman is a very complex and hilarious character. He reminds me of myself. :-)

    5. Not the best Allred writing or art, it shouldn't be expected to be, it's his beginnings. However this comic really got me. It may be my new favorite.

    6. It's cute and then he's eating eyeballs and ripping people's hearts out so it's really utter madness I suppose. If you like a cartoonish style that can have both super campy and randomly mature themes, this is exactly what you're looking for.I can't decide how I feel about it, it surprises me too much from one page to the next, but it's pretty fun in that way.

    7. Stunningly perfect anatomy, absolutely graceful formatting and panel composition, combined with a bizarrely existential superhero. The dialogue is engaging, the stories unpredictable and mad-cap. I would love a little more insight into the motivations and back-stories behind the flock of mad-scientists that fuel the plot, not to mention a number of all-too-agreeable female characters, who unfortunately are just lovely window dressings in this first volume; typical in hero-comics, but hardly an e [...]

    8. Fantastic. I wanted to read this once I remembered that the X-Force/X-Statix Michael Allred was famous for doing something else. This is not as engaged with society or anything like that, but boy is it very, very good. Everyone is so strange and everything works out so well for Madman, but there is a real emotional arc to each long and engaging sotry. There was a little bit of a weird feeling in that I was reading Madman's dialogue in the voice of Paul Rugg. The blue skin, shock of hair, right c [...]

    9. What a relief. "Madman", such a nice road trip. I don't want to reveal anything from this one, but I will just say that the book is full of cultural references. Main character's name Frank Einstein comes from the mix of Albert Einstein and Frank Sinatra. Story is somewhere between these two. It's completely nuts. I like nuts. There is so much broody comics out there. It's nice to see groovy instead of broody. I recommend it to those who will appreciate the change.

    10. Sometimes things are just as good as people say they are. The world of Madman is violent, but for a hero with such a creepy name, he's all heart and violence. His compatriots are science, amnesia, puppy love, superheroism.It's clever, fun, philosophical (in a wonderfully dismissive way), and beautiful.

    11. This is a really trip superhero story that is strongly influenced by the sic-fi pulp serials of the 1950s. A lot of really weird things happen that a quite entertaining to read. The first half of the book is in black-and-white and the second half is in color. The black-and-white stories are really out there and a bit bloody at times. This is a good read for those who like quirky stories.

    12. I would give four stars to the the black and white Madman stories, two and a half stars to the color Madman Adventure ones. There's something about the tone of the earlier stories that I really liked that I thought was missing in the zanier, bigger adventures.

    13. I don't know if I've selected the right book to review from the site. I think this is it The book that I read was Madman, Volume 1 from Image Comics. The book was good, I'd never read Madman before. It makes me curious for future volumes, but really didn't blow me away

    14. I enjoyed the art. The story and dialogue was weak. After discussing, I was encouraged to read the additional stories in the book. I doubt I will.

    15. Madman's art is great, especially his brilliant facial expressions! the story less so. Still, a lot of men will connect with his hapless hero persona--myself included.

    16. I truly love the Madman comics. There's a narrative and stylistic simplicity that makes them easy to enjoy. Allred's art is always fantastic, and the character of Frank Einstein is a joy.

    17. Filling in my comic book history blind spots. So far, Madman's great! Really fun and playful without being dumb or infantile.

    18. Zany fun!The begining of the saga! Frank Einstein, the wonderful Joe, who loves Frank to the end of the earth and the rest of Mike Allreds zany crew are here! Just read it!

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