Tyler Makes Pancakes!

Tyler Makes Pancakes It starts with a grumbling tummy And a dream of something yummy What is it time for Pancakes Tyler and his dog Tofu are hungry for blueberry pancakes They are so good to eat all fluffy and juicy and

  • Title: Tyler Makes Pancakes!
  • Author: Tyler Florence Craig Frazier
  • ISBN: 9780062047526
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It starts with a grumbling tummy And a dream of something yummy What is it time for Pancakes Tyler and his dog, Tofu, are hungry for blueberry pancakes They are so good to eat all fluffy and juicy and hot But the real fun is making them First you need a chicken, a cow, a few blueberry bushes, some special trees, and lots of mixing, flipping, and topping C It starts with a grumbling tummy And a dream of something yummy What is it time for Pancakes Tyler and his dog, Tofu, are hungry for blueberry pancakes They are so good to eat all fluffy and juicy and hot But the real fun is making them First you need a chicken, a cow, a few blueberry bushes, some special trees, and lots of mixing, flipping, and topping Chickens Trees We re still talking pancakes, right Yes we are, and Tyler and Tofu find out just how it s done, all before sitting down for the best breakfast ever Do you think pancakes come from a box Not really So let Food Network star Tyler Florence and Craig Frazier take you on an adventure from farm to mouth You ll learn how we get the best ingredients and discover that the most important one of all comes from the heart.

    One thought on “Tyler Makes Pancakes!”

    1. 1.5 stars -- Tyler wakes up with a serious pancake craving, so he goes to the grocery store to purchase all of the ingredients he needs. As Tyler chooses each ingredient, the grocer explains where each item comes from. Tyler's dog, Tofu (cute name) tags along.Eggs sold in the grocery store are shown as coming from a little flock of chickens who peek out of a cute farmyard henhouse. You don't have to hold a degree in agriculture to know that that's about as likely as the Keebler elves being real. [...]

    2. Food Network chef Tyler Florence and Illustrator Craig Fazier team up in this cute book. Tyler, is a little boy who dream of pancakes when he wakes up he decides to surprise his parents with pancakes for breakfast and heads out on his bike with his dog Tofu. [ hmm. young child heading out on bike while parents sleep to buy ingredients for pancakes??]Mr. Jones from the local market gives Tyler an education as to where all the ingredients for pancakes come from -- eggs, wheat, butter, milk, maple [...]

    3. This one is all about where our food comes from, and only one part made me go "hmmmmmm". Tyler wants to make pancakes, so he goes to the market. He finds out that eggs come from chickens, and buttermilk doesn't have butter in it, but it's what's left over after you make butter. Mr. Jones from the market tells Tyler about flour being ground from wheat, and maple syrup is boiled sap - and then he gives Tyler some bacon. No explanation. Well, I wouldn't want to explain in a picture book where bacon [...]

    4. i want to be a chef when i grow up, so i like books were they cook things. i want to cook pancakes with my mom now -- age 5

    5. Tyler Makes Pancakesby: Tyler FlorenceIllustrated by: Craig Frazier5 Star RatingProduct Details ISBN-13: 9780062047526 Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Publication date: 4/24/2012 Pages: 40 Sales rank: 111,989 Age range: 4 – 7 Years Product dimensions: 10.24 (w) x 9.86 (h) x 0.42 (d)I’ve recently discovered that I have a very hard time finding anything wrong with a picture book. I sat down with my niece, who is a squirmy almost 2-year-old to read through Tyler Makes Pancakes. With some he [...]

    6. This book is full of child-like drawings that are sure to attract a young audience. The book is a great instructional piece that tells children not only how to make a famous breakfast dish, but where the ingredients come from. Many children will not realize that the things they buy at the grocery store come from much different places than the shelf. I would love to use this book to teach a lesson on where produce and other food items come from along with how cooking can be fun. This book teaches [...]

    7. This is such a charming book. Tyler Florence, a Food Network star, finally writes for children, and people like me. He even includes his recipe for blueberry pancakes at the end of the book! The great thing bout this is that it isn't just a kids book per se it's an informational book as well. But it's not patronizing, and it tells children where the ingredients of the pancakes come from in a most delightful way. With introductions to the chicken who lays the eggs, to the farmer who milks the cow [...]

    8. Fun Fact: Tyler Florence, the author, is a world renowned chef, having had many Food Network shows and specials. I honestly did not catch that the first time I read this book.Children get a simplified look into where food truly comes from with the help of his trusted, side-kick, best friend dog, Tofu. Very simplistic pictures make it accessible to the very young (pre-K -2nd grade). The dog adds the fun and comical element to this educational book to help keep the child's interest throughout the [...]

    9. I love Tyler Florence, I love what he has done for children's food and education both at home and in the school systems. His education has been really a blessing to many and his cooking shows are humorous and make cooking fun and enjoyable, less than a chore. This book is cute and creative. It's like stick-figures with extreme personality and color and I like it. Take something like a pancake recipe and dissect it and explain visually for a kid what all the ingredients are and where they come fr [...]

    10. Really, 3.5 stars. I liked this book much more than I thought I would. The story is simplistic and straightforward, but what I like is that it presents the concept of where our food comes from in an engaging way (albeit, slightly idealized). I like that the book ends with the recipe and even more information about the ingredients, such as nutritional benefits. I didn't love the artwork. The blue outlines around everything are distracting to me, but the overall composition was pleasing.

    11. Not horrible, but in the grand tradition of most celebrity-written picture books, a bit didactic. The descriptions of where each pancake ingredient came from were a bit longer than needed in a picture book. And why, when Tyler asked where the chickens were, was he told to imagine? He got an explanation for everything else!

    12. A cute story about a young boy named Tyler who goes on a quest to make pancakes. Along the way, Tyler learns a few things from Mr. Jones, the store owner. The illustrations are nice and follows the story line very well. The preschool kids were intuitive with a lot of discussion about the book during preschool storytime.

    13. This is a cute book about where ingredient come from to make pancakes. You mean to tell me eggs don't come from the grocery store?? Cute and simple explanations about where thing come from like who eggs comes from the farm, maple syrups comes from tree etc etc

    14. Mill Valley chef and Food Network/kitchen store/restaurant guru Tyler Florence does kids picture books now. The text is great - I'm not sure the illustrations are right for the book, but that's my opinion.

    15. Perfect for sequencing! Tyler wants to know about each ingredient in pancakes, where can he find the information? On a trip to Mr. Joe’s Market, Tyler finds his ingredients and so much more. It is a fun read and has a great recipe for Tyler's Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes! Yummm!

    16. Charming story about a boy wanting to make breakfast for his family. Loved the illustrations, especially his chef's toque. Nice education for kids on where our ingredients come from, and the recipe for the pancakes is included too!

    17. A lot of complaints about this book when you read through the comments and reviews, but I liked it. I thought it was a cute book, even despite a few minor flaws relating to where food comes from. Still a cute book. And made me want to eat pancakes.

    18. Follow Tyler and his lovable four-legged friend, Tofu, as they embark on a culinary adventure in Tyler Makes Pancakes! written by the Master Chef Tyler Florence with delightful signature illustrations by Craig Frazier.My full review at:bit/RI2jnJ

    19. This book was really cute! It made me really hungry for pancakes with all the good illustration it provided! I think this book is good for children because it teaches them where we get are food and teaches them you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it!

    20. Celebrity chef Tyler Florence writes a picture book for little kids in which mini-Tyler makes pancakes, learning about where all of the ingredients come from, and including a recipe for Tyler's blueberry pancakes. Yummy and easy for the little ones to understand where their food comes from.

    21. Terrific picture book for kinder/PYP with investigation into how things are made, inquiry questions, etc. Cute and delicious.

    22. Cute idea, but the writing seemed heavy-handed, it lacked an effortlessness, and the story seemed a little too contrived.

    23. Blue outlines. Limited palette. Simple line style. Minimal shading.Prose text follows ingredients to their origins.

    24. *Full Review to Come*Short and sweet: Cute book about cooking and pancakes. A little long and wordy for kiddos younger than six years old.

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