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  1. I'm noting this book here even though I read it as part of the Stark House omnibus volume A Trio of Gold Medals (2007): ISBN 978933586144. The reason is, obviously, that I want to note the three novels separately.According to Charles Kelly's introduction in the Stark House volume (which introduction I read after the novel, of course!), Flora's original title for this piece was Girl from Park Avenue. We can understand why the Gold Medal editor made the change -- the publisher was marketing its li [...]

  2. Seedy, grim and poetic, written with real class and a sense of bitter disappointment. Someone gimme a Martini.

  3. Charity Farnese "was a tramp at best and a nut at worst and probably a lush in either case, and nothing could come of her but trouble in the unlikely event that anything could come of her at all, and whatever she made you feel in the heart in a minute or two of the tail of the night, you had better play her a tune and let her go if you had any concern for what was left of your life." She was a Park Avenue dame who dripped money wherever she went and she was focused on martinis even to the point [...]

  4. Although similar in theme and style to the late-1950s novels by Lawrence Block and Orrie Hitt, Flora's style here also has a lot of similarities to David Goodis. At times the narrative is more from within the characterizations as opposed to being description or armchair psychoanalysis and the style frequently gets poetic. Went on a bit at times with needless dialog and backstory rumination and that put me in speed-read mode for large chunks of the book, but I could say that about most of these p [...]

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