City People Notebook

City People Notebook In Will Eisner created this sequel to his acclaimed New York The Big City These short stories focus on the denizens of the city from businessman to street people from young lovers to middle ag

  • Title: City People Notebook
  • Author: Will Eisner
  • ISBN: 9781563896804
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1989, Will Eisner created this sequel to his acclaimed New York The Big City These short stories focus on the denizens of the city, from businessman to street people, from young lovers to middle aged hoods, and showcase Eisner s sensitivity and eye for detail.

    One thought on “City People Notebook”

    1. I love how Eisner draws rain! City People Notebook is a loving tribute to humanity, its best and its worst parts. If you're from a big city or simply spend a lot of time in one as I do you'll see a bit of yourself and your peers in the illustrations. I particularly enjoyed "Time Frame," "Borrowed Time," and "Space."

    2. Simply poetic. With but a few lines and artistic sketches of the city and it's lifestyle, this book was a good enough laugh and erratically poignant.It's great because the imagery is true. Another thing that's so good about this book is that, Eisner completes a story with little words and more images. The lessons and a few life advices he wanted to tell the world are simply captured within his great city landscapes and humorous sketches that puts a smile on your face while you go through it. It' [...]

    3. Thought-provoking. If you are reading like a regular comic, you might be disappointed. As a cartoonist and writer, I found the underlying messages to be timeless (ironically a lot of them are about time and a fast-paced society) and brilliant. How often does the average person consider some of the absurdities of urban life and really question them? Human nature doesn't change all that much, sadly. I wonder what Eisner would think today about people wandering down the streets looking at their pho [...]

    4. City People is good, Eisner draws portraits of animate and inanimate objects which constantly encircle the city life. Once you read it you get a feeling that with an artist at your disposal and maybe lots of free time you may have written this novel yourself. Nothing great about it.

    5. This collection of Eisner out takes was really disappointing - sort of the best of the rest that I didn't think we're worth publishing at the time and you were right first time.

    6. Better than New York: The Big City but not nearly as good as The Building. And really only the art is better than NYTBC, as the stories are about on par.

    7. Both beautiful and unnerving, Eisner's "City People Notebook" is a vivid depiction of the hustle and bustle of life in a big city.

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