Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars

Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars Follow the adventures of these bright D moulded caterpillars in this fun and funky rhyming counting book with a surprise pop up at the end

  • Title: Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars
  • Author: Debbie Tarbett
  • ISBN: 9781845060275
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Follow the adventures of these bright, 3D moulded caterpillars in this fun and funky rhyming counting book with a surprise pop up at the end

    One thought on “Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars”

    1. This is a brightly coloured book with lovely illustrations, it includes ten little plastic caterpillars with one vanishing each time the child turns the page. Starting at number ten on the first page, the touchy, feely caterpillars encourage the young readers to engage their senses whilst counting along.Each page consists of four simple sentences that have a delightful rhyming scheme, again encouraging the reader to be able to guess the next number e.g. Rhyming words such as late/eight, explore/ [...]

    2. This is a counting book that counts down from 10 using caterpillars. The book starts with ten caterpillars, but as the story continues each caterpillar drops off from the group until there is only one left. Then on the last page, all of the caterpillars turn into butterflies! This is a cute book with raised caterpillars on each page for the child to feel as they read. They story is simple and predictable, but it may be more suitable for toddlers. Although the story may be a little advanced for i [...]

    3. A counting book, during the course of which the caterpillars reduce by one on each page. This is nicely illustrated and has the caterpillars in relief on the pages so that small hands can touch and count them as the book progresses.Recommended for ages 3 and up.

    4. Just read this book to my granddaughter. Delightful story with wonderful illustrations and 3-D caterpillars. Charming!

    5. Parents will have fun sharing this delightful counting story with their little readers. Ten colorful 3-D caterpillars are out and about. One by one they slowly taper off until there is only one left. Bright and cheery illustrations show the caterpillars environment. Readers can use their imagination as they flip through the sturdy pages and engage in the adventure. Simple sentence structure make this a great first time read.

    6. The target audience is newborn-3 years old. The caterpillars begin their journey on a sunny day. They are travelling through leaves flowers, and branches. The story begins with 10 caterpillars and they meet different insects along the way. They meet meet a bee, a ladybug, a spider, a bird, a dragon fly, a snail and a grasshopper. The book is very colorful and you can see the contrast of the different colors that are portrayed in the book. There is a lot of blue and green in the book.This is a gr [...]

    7. This book is amazing! I have just read this to a small group of nursery children and they could not get enough of it. Ten wriggly wriggly caterpillars is a book that counts down (using rhyme) down from 10-0. The caterpillars are 3D so great for children to physically touch and count. There are lovely rhyming words throughout, and on the final page there are ten pop up butterflies (which the children were amazed by). This book is so versatile. It can be used for number counting, for rhyme (which [...]

    8. This is a beautifully simple story of ten little caterpillars who transform into bright butterflies! I enjoyed reading this to my three month old son. The illustrations are bright and the 3D caterpillars make for an interesting touch. The pop out feature on the last page is the highlight. Reciting the words as you read, the story becomes a lovely little rhyme. A great addition to any child's bookcase.

    9. This is a really cute counting book that has caterpillars that stick out of the book for children to count. Throughout the book, the caterpillars leave one by one until there are none left. However, there are 10 beautiful butterflies at the end. This book can be used to teach counting, subtraction, and one to one correspondence. It can also be used to incorporate the butterfly life cycle of a caterpillar all the way to a butterfly.

    10. Great rhyming story, with a nice pop-up butterfly scene at the end. Our girls love this story and we've read it dozens of times. It's a fun book to touch as the story is being read, but I would caution parents that the pop-ups at the end are rather fragile, so be careful reading this one with toddlers.

    11. This is an adorable, brightly colored counting book that will definitely keep the children's interest. I bought it for my daughter who is an ESL teacher. She will definitely use it in her classroom to help her students learn to count. The repetitive text will also help her students learn and recognize these words.

    12. Ten little caterpillars are just walking along and one by one they get lost from the group. In the end the they turn into 10 beautiful butterflies. This book is in a series of beautifully illustrated 3D pages.

    13. My daughter, age 3, loves this book, it was a gift from a friend of mine and she loves the fact that she can feel the caterpillars and count them! It does have a rather abrupt ending that doesnt rhyme but works with the book.

    14. Christmas gift from Tia D. A good counting book about some adventurous caterpillars. Of course you know what happens at the end.n't you?

    15. Unlike some of the other books in this style, the counting pieces are individually designed which makes them easier to count.

    16. This book would've been okay if the artwork and the text had coincided. The artwork is bright and engaging and the text, independently, is fine but together they do not mix.

    17. This book is full of absolutely beautiful pages. Each page one of the 3-D caterpillars drops off and the last page is a 3-D of butterflies. Great book for learning to count and for all the artwork.

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