Queen of the South

Queen of the South Alternate cover edition can be found here Teresa Mendoza s boyfriend is a drug smuggler who the narcos of Sinaloa Mexico call the king of the short runway because he can get a plane full of coke of

  • Title: Queen of the South
  • Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte Andrew Hurley
  • ISBN: 9780452286542
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate cover edition can be found here.Teresa Mendoza s boyfriend is a drug smuggler who the narcos of Sinaloa, Mexico, call the king of the short runway, because he can get a plane full of coke off the ground in three hundred yards But in a ruthless business, life can be short, and Teresa even has a special cell phone that Guero gave her along with a dark warning IAlternate cover edition can be found here.Teresa Mendoza s boyfriend is a drug smuggler who the narcos of Sinaloa, Mexico, call the king of the short runway, because he can get a plane full of coke off the ground in three hundred yards But in a ruthless business, life can be short, and Teresa even has a special cell phone that Guero gave her along with a dark warning If that phone rings, it means he s dead, and she d better run, because they re coming for her next Then the call comes In order to survive, she will have to say goodbye to the old Teresa, an innocent girl who once entrusted her life to a pinche narco smuggler She will have to find inside herself a woman who is tough enough to inhabit a world as ugly and dangerous as that of the narcos a woman she never before knew existed Indeed, the woman who emerges will surprise even those who know her legend, that of the Queen of the South.

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    1. There are three books to be found within this book, three major storylines to follow. One is mostly well done, one is middling, but has issues, one is rather ridiculous, occasionally mildly offensive, and out of place. The first, which I found mostly well done, is Perez-Reverte's homage to the high adventure stories of the 19th century, specificially his modern update of The Count of Monte Cristo. The Count is remade into a Mexican woman of the 21st century, who is tied to the Mexican drug carte [...]

    2. "La Reina Del Sur" - série televisiva - versão mexicana youtube/watch?v=ydrONO escritor espanhol Arturo Pérez-Reverte (n. 1951) constrói um espectacular thriller sobre uma personagem feminina – Teresa Mendoza - a “Mexicana”, uma mulher nascida em Culiacán, Sinaloa, enamorada de Guero Dávila, um piloto de aviação, o virtuoso do Cessna, o rei da pista pequena, um homem relacionado com o cartel da droga de Juárez. Com a morte de Guero Dávila, Teresa Mendoza, tem que abandonar a sua [...]

    3. I'm on holiday - hurrah! This means it is time to turn my attention to the (very important) task of learning Spanish. I made two "New Year's Resolutions". One was to learn some Spanish before the year was out, the other was to keep a running list of the books I have read on this here blog. So, time to work on one of my resolutions.Instead of learning Spanish I have been reading! The Queen of the South by Arturo Perez-Reverte is the latest book that I have finished. The best way to describe it is [...]

    4. Забелязала съм, че писането на отзиви за книгите на любими автори е най-трудно. Колкото повече ми хареса един роман, толкова по-трудно събирам в смислени изречения възторга си. Защото хем искам всички да го прочетат, хем си давам ясна сметка, че всеки гледа на написаното през [...]

    5. I guess I'm glad I read this, if only to satisfy a long-burning curiosity about The Queen of the South that's been in the back of my head ever since my mom hid the book from me at age fifteen so I couldn't read the dirty parts. (for the record, Mom, I probably would have been able to handle it)That said, it could have been a lot cooler than it is. And considering the book is about a woman who goes on the run after being targeted by Mexican hitmen and eventually becomes the most powerful drug lor [...]

    6. Gran libro. Gran trabajo de investigación de Reverte. Gran final. Grandes reflexiones. Grandes diálogos. En fin, otra genialidad a la que nos tiene acostumbrados este autor. Hacía tiempo que no disfrutaba tanto de un libro, de sus personajes, su ambientación y su lenguaje. De la trama en sí, aún siendo un tema del que a priori no tenía ni idea. Recomendado para todo aquel que disfrute con novelas de acción con un trasfondo de ideas. Gracias Reverte. Chale.

    7. This book is a book for history-lovers. Anyone who wants the who/how/where/when/why will love the detail and precision with which every event in this book is told. Unless you truly grew up in the culture about which it is written, and know about drug runs and border crossings and vacuum-packing marijuana in bricks to stow away in speedboats, I would wager than Perez-Reverte could convince any reader that he has done his homework. And if you did grow up in that culture, perhaps that would merely [...]

    8. Update, May 28, 2016: I gave this one a second try, after a lapse of some seven years, only because a review of it was needed for another site where the movie and telenovela adaptations are going to be reviewed later this year. My first reading had gotten through Chapter 3; I'd quit reading because I didn't like it, but figured that if it got no worse it would be bearable to finish, so fully intended to do so this time. By the time I got into Chapter 7, however, for me the cumulative "Ewww!" fac [...]

    9. Гангестерски убийства, пране на пари, преразпределяне на наркопазари, гърмежи и преследвания. Това е само част от фокуса на „Кралицата на Юга” – брилянтно завършен криминален роман от Артуро Перес-Реверте. Книгата отново е на пазара у нас, преиздадена от „Еднорог”, в пре [...]

    10. Uno más para el 2016 reading challengeEste es un libro que había dejado de lado durante muchos años. Famoso en Sinaloa, México, por tratar el tema del narcotrafico, tema odiado y reverenciado aal mismo tiempo en un país en el cual las contradicciones en nuestras acciones, es el pan nuestro de cada día. Y yo que aún viviendo en una sociedad en la que el narco se vive y siente No me hacía muy feliz leer un libro que pensé desde siempre que no era más que un elogio a ese estilo de vida.Lo [...]

    11. This was a good, solid read. It reminded me of the Godfather series that I read years ago and loved. I recommend to any readers that like Mario Puzo. I did have an issue with the way the author changed up the point of view. I would have liked if the whole story was told by Teresa Mendoza (1st person) the entire time I was reading but the author switched it up. He had the reporter (3rd person) talking as well and I had to at times go back to re-read certain parts so I could keep up with who is ta [...]

    12. Πάντα θα ευχαριστώ την καλή μου τύχη και τη μαμά μου,που διάλεξε να μου χαρίσει αυτό το βιβλίο για την Πρωτοχρονιά του 2010.Ήταν η αφορμή για να γνωρίσω έναν συγγραφέα,ο οποίος έμελλε να γίνει ένας από τους top 5 αγαπημένους μου ever.Η ιστορία της Τερέζα Μεντόθα είναι ιδιαίτερη.Είν [...]

    13. Кралицата на Юга – бегълката, която оглавява криминална империя: knigolandiafo/book-review/k“Телефонът звънна и тя разбра, че ще я убият”. Първо изречение като никое друго. И се започва едно бягство, което не спира през цялата книга, колкото и да се променят позицията и възможностите н [...]

    14. Доста време ми отне книжката. По-скоро е за 3,5/5, но реших да закръгля надолу. Нелоша история, нелоша книга, нелош писател, но основния проблем е, че започна доста добре, интересно, забързано, със задъхано темпо, а после се поразводни. Можеше да е 100-200 стр по-малко този роман, и да [...]

    15. This story is told in two styles; from an omniscient perspective following the main character, and from the first-person point of view of a journalist researching her story. At first I was quite bored by the latter story. Later on, however, I began to feel like Perez-Reverte was trying to coax me into a state of mind whereby I would begin to use Teresa Mendoza's story as a truer reality. Throughout the book Teresa discovers that through books she can live more fully, and understand her life more [...]

    16. This is a fascinating and beautifully written book about so many things. On the surface, it is the tale of the unlikely rise of a young girl through the world of the drug trade, her survival and success. But, as in any book by Pérez-Reverte, it is meticulously researched and crafted, and gives the reader layer upon layer. Teresa Mendoza is a superb character, and the book uses everything from The Count of Monte Cristo to the narco corridos to illustrate both her examined and unexamined life. I [...]

    17. "De pronto comprendió que, durante aquél larguísimo viaje de ida y vuelta, sólo había adquirido tres certezas sobre la vida y los seres humanos: que matan, recuerdan y mueren"La Historia de Camelia la Tejana, la protagonista de aquel corrido norteño, se cristaliza en una novela apasionante de principio a fin, con el nombre de Teresa Mendoza, una morra de Sinaloa que debe escapar después de que su novio, un narcotraficante, es asesinado por un ajuste de cuentas. A partir de ahí, la vertig [...]

    18. En “La Reina del sur” (2002), Pérez-Reverte narra la vida de Teresa Mendoza, una chica mexicana, nacida en Sinaloa involucrada con el narcotráfico a través de su novio piloto. Cuando el chico es asesinado, Teresa tiene que correr para salvar su vida y termina exiliándose en España donde comienza una trepidante carrera cuesta arriba en el mundo del narcotráfico. Encontramos en este libro tres planos de narración. Primero, tenemos la trama sobre el mundo del narcotráfico con descripcio [...]

    19. This would make a terrific movie. I can see Salma Hayek as Teresa and maybe Angelina Jolie as her partner in crime As a book, however, it didn't work for me.I didn't like Teresa. Throughout the entire novel, I could not muster any sympathy or like for her. When her drug dealin, Cessna flying boyfriend is killed, Teresa runs for her life. She finds safety in Spain and what does this chica do? She finds another drug dealer boyfriend. What follows is a lot of speed boat and helicopter high speed ch [...]

    20. I've read several of APR's books before and enjoyed them greatly, but for some reason thought this would be his commercial effort. Maybe a little trashy and cliched. Perhaps because of the Mexican novela on TV? In any event I approached this as somewhat of a guilty pleasure, after watching the novela with subtiltles and being totally hooked. I decided to read the book and see how closely the novela stuck to the plot. It did, but threw in some extra characters to add to the melodrama. The US tv s [...]

    21. I would actually give this book a rating of 3.5. This book was recommended to me by my older sister. It was really hard for me to get too far in this book and force myself to continue because it was written, though very well detailed, a bit tedious. It's as if the author got a little distracted and continued onto a few paragraphs about something a little off subject. So it was all over the place, as intersting as I found that style, it was difficult to stay on track. It wasn't until the second h [...]

    22. Teresa Mendoza, a Mexicana. De namorada de um narcotraficante de Sinaloa, México, a chefe de um império de tráfico de droga na Costa del Sol, Espanha. De miúda analfabeta a leitora voraz, de rapariga frágil a mulher implacável. Para sobreviver num mundo de homens, há que ser melhor do que eles. Muito melhor.Entre "corridos" e tequila, regado com um humor perverso, um escritor investiga a história de Teresa Mendoza.Uma ficção espantosa, confirmando o autor como um dos grandes romancista [...]

    23. Argh, he's trying to write from a woman's perspective with no real concept of what that means. At the point where he says her womb shuddered I threw the book across the room. Does even even know anatomy?

    24. Arturo Pérez-Reverte nos regala una historia muy amena y divertida con muchos guiños acerca de la cultura popular mexicana y no solo en materia de política o narcotráfico si no con temas de libros, noticias o la misma música, exponiendo canciones muy populares que van en sincronía con la historia que nos cuenta el autor.Para mi es una gran sorpresa y me dejó un buen sabor de boca este libro. Recomendado en su totalidad si te encuentras familiarizado con los temas expuestos con anteriorida [...]

    25. A very interesting story that I believe I would have enjoyed more without the journalistic viewpoint. I am now interested in the television show and we'll watch it to compare it to the book. I did enjoy the strong female characters altbeit drug dealers. I also believe some of the story got lost in translation but the audio version did help in that area.

    26. I read the Spanish original, but I am writing here for a wider audience. I approached the book with some skepticism; Perez-Reverte was known to me chiefly for his literary mysteries, in which the resolution falls short of the spectacular and artificial beginnings. "The Queen of the South" seems to me to have the reverse problem. The wind-up to Teresa Mendoza's career (aside from the fireworks of the opening, about which more will be said) takes too long; and the part where she actually becomes t [...]

    27. The story starts from the end. The narrator is a journalist who writes a biography book for Teresa Mendoza, Queen of the south, or La reina del sur, the only woman among the narco-mafia in Southern Europe.Teresa‘s story starts twelve years ago, in Mexico. She was a girlfriend of local narco diller, Guero Davilla, who was killed. They were after her too. She had to run to save her life.Her childhood was really bad. Father, unknown. Mother, prostitute. Growing up in a bad neighborhood, raped whe [...]

    28. In this book, Pérez-Reverte tells us the story of Teresa Mendoza, a mexican woman who becomes an important drug dealer in the south of Spain. Having to run away from her hometown in Mexico, after learning her boyfriend (a drug transporter) has been murdered, Teresa takes refuge in Spain. Only to meet another drug transporter, start a relationship with him and eventually ally herself to him in drug transportation. But things go awry for them and Teresa ends up in jail. There she meets a clever w [...]

    29. MUJER DE ARMAS TOMAROtra buena novela de Pérez-Reverte. Me ha gustado sobre todo los inicios de Teresa en el mundo del narcotráfico, más que las últimas partes donde se describe su “ascenso” meteórico. No sólo es el progreso de una mujer en la delincuencia, también es un progreso en el plano personal, de identidad y de sentimientos; un aprendizaje y enriquecimiento cultural; y un conocimiento de la sociedad y los distintos mecanismos que la componen, donde todos pueden ser corrompidos [...]

    30. AMAZING! I don't usually go for thrillers, but the female lead character is so complicated and so foreign to me that I became fascinated in trying to relate to her. Cold, calculated, cunning, indestructible, she is the female drug cartel Bond. Yet through the narrative we get to hear her vulnerability and her fragmented displacement of her fears and denial of her own desires. The fantastic setting for the story and detailed description make you want to leave your day job and start running hash i [...]

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