Um Homem do Avesso

Um Homem do Avesso Na quarta feira houve quatro ovelhas degoladas em Ventebrune nos Alpes E na quinta feira nove em Pierrefort Um lobo solit rio Astucioso e cruel com o rabo encolhido entre as patas cinzentas A Besta

  • Title: Um Homem do Avesso
  • Author: Fred Vargas
  • ISBN: 9789727113828
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Na quarta feira houve quatro ovelhas degoladas em Ventebrune, nos Alpes E na quinta feira nove em Pierrefort.Um lobo solit rio Astucioso e cruel, com o rabo encolhido entre as patas cinzentas A Besta de Mercantour Mas na aldeia de Saint Victor du Mont, nem todos acreditam nela, na Besta N o uma Besta um homem Um lobisomem.Ela estava escondida na palha cheia de eNa quarta feira houve quatro ovelhas degoladas em Ventebrune, nos Alpes E na quinta feira nove em Pierrefort.Um lobo solit rio Astucioso e cruel, com o rabo encolhido entre as patas cinzentas A Besta de Mercantour Mas na aldeia de Saint Victor du Mont, nem todos acreditam nela, na Besta N o uma Besta um homem Um lobisomem.Ela estava escondida na palha cheia de excrementos, de barriga para cima, com os bra os afastados, a camisa de noite levantada at aos joelhos Na garganta, uma ferida tinha deixado escapar um jorro de sangue.Em Paris, diante do espelho, Jo o Baptista Adamsberg est atento s not cias de Mercantour Fecha os olhos A sua inf ncia pirenaica, a voz dos velhos Como ti es, meu rapaz, s o como ti es, os olhos do lobo, noite.

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    1. 4.5 starsAnother terrific novel by Fred Vargas. (And the hits, they just keep on comin') Can you imagine being so disordered in mind that you would think this was only worth a 3-star rating? I almost made that mistake. I was certainly enjoying the book well enough, but occasionally would slip into a, "Meh. Has Vargas lost her lustre for me, already? " I think it had more to do with the werewolf theme. "Werewolves pshaw!"If you hear him howling around your kitchen doorBetter not let him inLittle [...]

    2. Seeking Whom He May Devour is book number two in Fred Vargas' series featuring Commissaire Adamsberg of the French police nationale, following The Chalk-Circle Man. In 2005, it was nominated for the CWA Gold Dagger Award. This novel is another one which I'd label as "crime light," and actually reminds me a great deal of Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Montalbano series. There are a host of quirky characters, a bit of humor, a chief inspector who isn't anywhere close to what one would consider norma [...]

    3. Dull dull dull mystery about a female film editor/plumber and two local sheep farmers/eccentrics pursuing a murderous “werewolf” across the French countryside. The werewolf’s on foot, and the three of them are in a rickety old truck repurposed from transporting sheep, so the chase is about as high-speed and exciting as being stuck behind a farm vehicle on a narrow road. I just did not get this book at all. The characters had all these weird traits—one of the shepherds is obsessed with de [...]

    4. So far, this is not the best book of this series, still more to come.4* L'Homme aux cercles bleus (Commissaire Adamsberg, #1)4* Have Mercy on Us All (Commissaire Adamsberg, #4)4* Dans les bois éternels (Commissaire Adamsberg, #7) 3* Seeking Whom He May Devour (Commissaire Adamsberg, #2) TR Les quatre fleuves (Commissaire Adamsberg, #3) TR Coule la Seine (Commissaire Adamsberg, #5) TR Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand (Commissaire Adamsberg, #6) TR Un lieu incertain (Commissaire Adamsberg, #8) [...]

    5. Saint Victor, dans le Mercantour : des brebis, du vin blanc, des bergers, des randonneurs, des loups en situation de réintroduction, des mecs qui observent à la jumelle les loups en situation de réintroduction ; lorsque tout à coup ! Un loup, un énorme loup, aux crocs grands comme ma main, commence à semer la pagaille dans les troupeaux de brebis, et en égorge une dizaine à droite et à gauche. Sur fond de tradition évidemment littéraire (Vigny, Giono, le Petit Chaperon rouge, et tout [...]

    6. If you were to put a gun to my head and demand that I explain exactly why I like this book or you will blow my brains out - I would have to make it through the rest of my life with a large empty space in my cranium.Situation normal there.I do not know why I liked SWHMD so much. Or even why I bought it. I think it was a combination of the blurb on the back cover and the atmospheric title. I seem to remember thinking that it sounded like a Hammer Horror inspired yarn and saying to myself, "Cool!". [...]

    7. El final me gustó bastante, creo que fue lo que salvó el libro porque hasta un 60-70% me estaba aburriendo a muerte. Eso sí, no me había imaginado quien estaba detrás de todo y me gustó la manera en que se relacionó (view spoiler)[aunque sentí un poco de pena por Camille cuando se descubrió lo de Lawrence (hide spoiler)]. El veloso y Sol me encantaron, y admito que me gustó esas conversaciones tipicas de los pequeños pueblos, me hizo regresar a mi infancia xD

    8. No puedo negar que el inicio de esta historia se me hizo demasiado lento (supongo que esperaba más aparición de Adamsberg) pero poco a poco me fue envolviendo y lo terminé leyendo muy rápido.Es que me gusta la lógica y forma de trabajar de Adamsberg, y en este caso estuvo igual de genial que en el primero.El plus del libro es el desenlace, me gusta mucho cuando todo resulta como menos habías imaginado.

    9. This just feels like it's trying much too hard to be quirky. I got pretty distracted by the quirkiness, and so the ending was a surprise to me, but it feels like Ms Vargas was cheating. (I went back and re-read some passages, and she was most definitely misleading the reader, in a BIG way. For example (and you can't read this, it will spoil the mystery entirely): (view spoiler)[In the first chapter, Johnstone muses to himself, "Johnstone had never imagined that Europe - so pinched, so wasted and [...]

    10. First Sentence: On Tuesday, four sheep were killed at Ventebrune in the French Alps.Camille is a composer and plumber living in a small French Alp village where sheep are being killer by an unseen beast. The murder of a townswoman raises suspicion of a werewolf. Residents begin to suspect Massart, a loner who came to the area 20 year ago and has now disappeared. The woman’s adopted son and an old shepherd convince Camille to be their driver as they search for Massat. When they find the search [...]

    11. Non esaltante, ma sicuramente ancora molto gradevole questa prova della Vargas, che tenta di coniugare il suo personale universo narrativo con trame gialle più classiche (questo "lupo" rammenta molto il "mastino" di Sherlock Holmes).Prima dello "scivolone" che ha fatto col suo ultimo romanzo in ordine cronologico ("Un luogo incerto"), ritroviamo qui i personaggi che l'hanno fatta amare da tutti i suoi affezionati lettori, personaggi che non sono reali, in verità, ma che coinvolgono e rassicura [...]

    12. Fred Vargas nous concocte une histoire de loup-garou comme il est rarement permis d'en goûter ! C'est divin. Insolite, mais divin. On y retrouve nos personnages fétiches, avec coup de projecteur sur la Petite Chérie, qui se croit libérée de l'emprise d'Adamsberg, lequel apparaît seulement sur la pointe des pieds, mais son ombre pèse lourd et donne aux nouveaux compagnons de voyage de la jeune femme l'occasion de froncer des sourcils.Du moins, ce serait avoir de la peau de saucisson sur le [...]

    13. The sheep of the Alps are getting savaged by what appears to be a giant wolf. A group of vivid characters get interested and starts to pursue the issue. The good: I found myself lazing about with this book, making slow progress and enjoying the characters. Once again, it's more about the setting and the characters than about the mystery itself. There are some really powerful scenes, as well as humorous and witty lines of dialogue. The bad: Well, the mystery is pretty slim, so you find yourself w [...]

    14. I wouldn't envy any translator the job of rendering Vargas's heavily idiosyncratic language in English, but I still cannot get behind the choices David Bellos made here. The playfulness of the French has become a stilted, embarrassing mishmash that retains none of the original musicality and tone. Unfortunately, the story is not this novel's strong point, and both the characterization and the characters' unique voices are wrecked by the translation, so there's really no reason to read this in En [...]

    15. Giallo che si legge in fretta, anche se Adamsberg ci mette un po' a entrare in scena a tutti gli effetti, quando lo fa non ce n'è più per nessuno. In compenso conosciamo un po' Camille e gli strambi (ma adorabili) personaggi che le girano attorno in questa avventura. Sfido chiunque a non affezionarsi a Soliman e al Guarda, così diversi e così in simbiosi. Il colpo di scena finale a un certo punto si può immaginare, ma la lettura rimane lo stesso molto piacevole. E brava la Vargas, come semp [...]

    16. Encore une lecture très agréable de Fred Vargas, dans laquelle le dictionnaire tient une grande place :"- Destin, dit-il, "Eventualités, rencontres. Hasard, circonstance qui fait trouver, fortuitement ou non, une personne ou une chose.""Les paysages à vous couper le souffle sont très gênants pour la pensée. On est obligé de s'occuper d'eux, on n'ose pas s'asseoir dessus sans un minimum d'égards".

    17. Non capisco chi si ostina a valutare i libri della Vargas come se fossero dei gialli convenzionali. Sono uno studio di caratteri e a mio parere sono perfettamente riusciti. Quando ho il blocco del lettore mi rivolgo a lei e funziona sempre, per questo centellino i suoi romanzi. Vorrei che non finissero mai.In particolare ho amato l'ambientazione de "L'uomo a rovescio", affascinante forse anche più della solita Parigi.

    18. Kyllä nämä Vargasin kirjat ovat mainioita! Juonellisesti tässä ei toki tapahtunut kovin paljon, mutta Vargasin henkilögalleria on kertakaikkisen herkullinen. Esimerkiksi Camille, nainen, joka on sekä säveltäjä että putkiasentaja ja joka ammentaa elinvoimaansa Ammattilaisen työkalukuvastosta. Ja Paimen, joka soittaa puheluja lammaslaumansa psykosomaattisesti oirehtiville lampaille. Ja Soliman sanakirjamäärittelyidensä kansssa :) Huikean omintakeinen kirjailija ja mainiota huumoria. [...]

    19. SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR. (1997). Fred Vargaas. ***.This novel was not up to the usual standards of the other Vargas novels I have read. It starts off as a story centered about wolves in the French Alps, but soon moves to what is suspected to be a werewolf (or, maybe a vampire, since it is called both) that is now preying on people. The wolves were bad enough, but a werewolf becomes a little unbelievable. What also makes the book a little shaky is the late appearance of her hero, Chief Inspect [...]

    20. Second Vargas novel I've read now, and this one doesn't quite reach the brittle, vaguely wifty heights of An Uncertain Place, a later excursion in the same series, with Commissaire Adamsberg, her lead dectective.This one is clearly a station on the way to that, though, and is much more interested in character and exposition, which is probably only natural. Vargas is interested in implausibilities and random contortions which is something very central, if non-intuitive, for a genre that relies o [...]

    21. Libro altalenante, in cui il dinamismo e la fluidità di alcune parti, vengono spesso interrotte da punti statici e alquanto noiosi. Che la Vargas abbia una propria cifra stilistica è indubbio ma, in questo caso, la maestria e la sicurezza del suo stile vengono messi al servizio di una trama piatta e, per certi versi, prevedibile. Chi sia il colpevole lo si capisce dalle prime battute, ma la risoluzione completa del caso è impossibile da prevedere. Come al solito l'autrice sviluppa una trama c [...]

    22. E' diverso. Per chi come me ha già letto Chi è morto alzi la mano, Io sono il tenebroso, Parti in fretta e non tornare, Sotto i venti di nettuno, L'uomo dei cerchi azzurri (insomma per chi ha già letto quasi tutta Vargas) si trova davanti ad una storia diversa. Protagonista è il giallo. Protagonista è Camille. Una svolta! Il giallo finora con i suoi colpi di scena era stato un "pretesto" per parlarci dei suoi personaggi, ma ora invece è lo sfondo della storia, è tutta la storia. E Camille [...]

    23. Inte alls dum pusseldeckare med charmigt och komplext persongalleri. Och smartare än vad den från början verkade.Det som är synd är att författaren låter fem-sex stycken av karaktärerna upprepa vissa fraser om och om igen, utan riktig anledning. Som vore det ett grekiskt drama och en kör sjunger en ständigt återkommande refräng för att påminna alla om vad som händer. Och dessa språkliga figurer blir i vägen för berättelsen och retar mig.Ibland gnistrar språket till och det bl [...]

    24. Fred Vargas' "Have Mercy on us All" got me hooked on her Columbo-esque detective, Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg. This outing concentrates more with his sometime lover, Camille, who we catch up with in the sheeprearing country of les Alpes de Haute Provence. She has joined her new partner, a Canadian filming a documentary on wolves that have made their way out of the wild and are presumed to be savaging the sheep population, but when humans start dying, superstitions are raised that a werewolf is respo [...]

    25. [LIVRE AUDIO]Après lu et moyennement apprécié L'homme aux cercles bleus, j'ai voulu tenter la lecture du deuxième tome de la série du Commissaire Adamsberg. J'ai choisi de le faire en livre audio car je remarque de plus en plus que je préfère les polars/thrillers dans ce format.Mon choix s'est avéré positif car j'ai beaucoup plus apprécié cette lecture ! Je pense que le choix du lecteur y est pour beaucoup (pour info, il s'agit de Jacques Frantz le doubleur français de Robert de Niro [...]

    26. Una bellissima ambientazione nelle Alpi Marittime. Storie di lupi, di pecore, di pastori, di uomini solitari. Superstizioni e leggende.Questa volta ero certa di sapere chi fosse il colpevole sin dalle prime pagine e nonostante tutto l’autrice è riuscita a stupirmi. Eppure gli indizi per arrivare alla verità c’erano, come mostra il commissario Adamsberg, con la sua calma lucidità, a fine racconto.Nel primo romanzo della serie il protagonista era il commissario, qui, invece, conosciamo megl [...]

    27. I don't know why the image is of a different book. I am reviewing "Seeking Whom He Mat Devour."Which is terrific. Fred Vargas is a woman, incidentally.In the southeast corner of France sheep are getting attacked by some kind of monstrous wolf. The villagers get it into their heads that the responsible party is a) not just any old wolf, but a werewolf and b) the lycanthrope is a local weirdo who lives alone way the hell up in the mountains and works in the local slaughterhouse.So Camille and Sol [...]

    28. Cuối cùng cũng đã đọc quyển còn lại trong số 3 tập của serie đã được dịch ở Việt Nam (2017: đính chính là đã được NN dịch) (và tiếp tục hóng về phía NN chờ những quyển tiếp theo). Cốt truyện khá thú vị, cũng có chút kịch tính, nhân vật vẫn vậy, được thể hiện đa dạng và có cá tính riêng. Tuy nhiên nửa sau khá là dễ đoán, một số ý còn hơi lỏng lẻo và từ lúc "chàng" (Adamsberg [...]

    29. I'm a little disappointed reading this book from one of my favorite authors. This one doesn't quite fit into her usual writing style. Perhaps Vargas wanted to try something different, using one of her previous sub characters as the leading character through out the better half of the book. Hence, for me , couldn't bring myself into the the story, a little into farce really. I couldn't really finish the book. This is my fifths Adamsburg series. I didn't read them in sequence. With the previous fo [...]

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