Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose In the spring and summer of five young German students and one professor at the University of Munich crossed the threshold of toleration to enter the realms of resistance danger and death This

  • Title: Sophie Scholl and the White Rose
  • Author: Annette Dumbach Jud Newborn
  • ISBN: 9781851684748
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the spring and summer of 1942, five young German students and one professor at the University of Munich crossed the threshold of toleration to enter the realms of resistance, danger and death This is an account of German resistance to the Third Reich It is a window into human resilience in the face of dictatorship.

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    1. My impression of the Scholls and the White Rose movement (too strong) / organisation( barely that) / gang (?) from when I first learnt of then around the age of seventeen or eighteen was that they were sweet, but silly. After reading this book my first impression hasn't shifted much if at at all.The Scholls formed a small group of Munich students, they wrote and distributed six anti-Nazi leaflets from Juneish 1942 until 18th February 1943 when they were caught. Then they were executed.That was t [...]

    2. Strange title as if the book has a central character, it is Sophie's brother Hans. Possibly the title is a publisher's decision to follow on the success of the Sophie Scholl film. Much is conjecture - particular conversations, scnes and so forth - but robust imaginative insight is crucial to good history. The book charts not only the history of the White Rose resistance movement but the whole network of interior resistance within Nazi Germany. There are also succinct interpretations of German na [...]

    3. I watched the movie Sophie Scholl a couple years ago and, I'll admit it, I was so moved I cried. I knew there had to be books about the true story behind the movie, and found this book secondhand. It then promptly became lost in the shuffle and giant pile of other books I've read since. I wish I had read it sooner.The book follows the very true and very amazing story of the White Rose, a group of university students who wrote and distributed leaflets calling Germans to revolt against Hitler duri [...]

    4. My new hero. I'm so glad I read Traudle Junge's memoirs. If not for her story, when, or even would I of ever heard this inspiring, heroic, horrific tale of these University Students ready and willing to take on Hitler, even unto death. A quote from one of their leaflets, "We will not be silent. We are your bad conscious." They were known collectively as "The White Rose." Sophie and her brother Hans along with Christophe Probst and their teacher/advisor Karl Huber were beheaded. Sophie was 21.

    5. My first introduction to the White Rose was via a lecture when I was at university. I was doing a course called 'Europe at War' and we'd reached the Second World War and Nazi Germany. I heard about this group of students who had written and distributed pamphlets resisting the Nazis and how they had tragically been caught and executed. What really stuck with me though was a story about Hans, which is recounted in this book. Hans was coming home from the front by train when he saw a young Russian [...]

    6. My review of this book simply consists of the final paragraph, because it is about all that you need to know about this painstakingly researched, magnificently written work of biography and politico-spiritual history: "The impact of the White Rose cannot be measured in tyrants destroyed, regimes overthrown, justice restored. A scale with another dimension is needed, and then their significance is deeper; it goes beyond the Third Reich, beyond Germany; if people like those who formed the White Ro [...]

    7. This is an updated version of "The Shattering of the German Night," recommended to me by Dr. George Wittenstein, a personal friend of the Scholls.The story is a moving one, no matter who writes it, but this new edition was more carefully researched yet maintains an extremely compelling narrative.

    8. This is a solid and worthy story , though I empathise with those who are irritated by the OTT accolades that inevitably accompany a book with worthy subject matter or question why of the plotters Sophie is the titular character - but then ,why Fawkes not Catesby ? The white rose were a student movement who distributed anti nazi literature in Munich university and paid for doing so with their lives . Some readers have called them sweet but naive , which seems unduly patronising ; one can see the [...]

    9. Sometimes I think I don’t need to read any more about WWII, and always I am wrong. With the world today as it is, I am grateful for examples of twenty-somethings that have gone before me in standing firm in their convictions. This book made me want to know more about The White Rose and the students that comprised it, and to be more intentional about forming my convictions about God’s character, justice, and action.

    10. Part history, part, biography, and part unabashed tribute, this book tells of a small, idealistic group of students at the University of Munich, calling themselves the White Rose, who actively resisted the Nazis during 1942 and early 1943, and paid for it with their lives. They produced thousands of leaflets denouncing the Nazis, warning Germans that they would be morally culpable for the regime’s actions, and calling for resistance. At great danger to themselves, they transported the pamphlet [...]

    11. Honestly the only reason why I started reading this book was because I'm doing history fair on Sophie Scholl so this book was useful and came in handy. Normally I don't really like nonfiction books but to my surprise I actually really liked this one ( so good job Jud Newborn). This book was extremely helpful on giving me information that was useful to my project. It also included all 6 leaflets that was published by the White Rose, and a bunch of other primary and secondary sources which made me [...]

    12. One of the best social action books that I have ever read, this book, along with the movie, Sophie Scholl: The Last Days, are musts for all social justice teachers. This book is written like a novel and shows the incredible story of college students who stood up to Hitler in the only way they not only follow their actions, but are able to read about what motivated them to finally say "Yes, I will act." The book may be dense for some (many of my high school students probably scan some o [...]

    13. I can't recommend this book enough It's a little known chapter in the German resistance movement during Hitler's hold over Germany. It truly brings to life what life is like in a totalitarian state, and the determination of these brave souls is one hell of a read. Once you get into the meat of it, you won't put it down - as I read the second half of the book in one sitting. It's smoothness and captivation is balanced by excellent historical context, combined with the daily events, inspirations, [...]

    14. I'm having a bit of a time with this one. It assumes that you know certain things about German history, geography and culture. It seems to be organized strangely. I'm interested though, and so I'm going to finish it.Update:This was a difficult book to read. Maybe if I had known more about Germany and it's history, it would have been easier. Nonetheless, it was an amazing story and I'm so glad I read it. I'm so happy to know that there were many German people who knew what was going on was wrong, [...]

    15. Great, great account of Die Weisse Rose, the student-led resistance movement from Munich in 1942-1943. The book is a quick read and had a great appendix in the back with the six flyers the group wrote, as well as the draft of the seventh (the one Hans Scholl tried to swallow when being interrogated by the Gestapo). There is also court documents that show just how evil Roland Freisler's Berlin court (moved to Munich for this case) really was. After reading this book (and see the movie with Julia [...]

    16. This is a very compelling and interesting story. It's an well told story of students who decide to resist Nazi-Germany and spread their message to everyone they can through leaflets. The author wrote this story wonderfully and took the time to explain the background of the members of the White Rose and how they came to be apart of the group. It grabbed my attention in the beginning and kept it till the very end. This is definitely worth the read and something that will stick with me in my mind f [...]

    17. I have been touched utterly and completely by Sophie, Hans, Willi, Alex, Karl and the other members of the White Rose. The others who took up resistance. Who refused to pretend. Dumbach and Newborn have chosen a dangerous and easily manipulated story to tell, but telling the truth through historical purity (and a thorough appendix) makes the book stronger than fictionalizing ever could. My new heroes. I feel close to them in this reading. I am validating their purpose. Understanding what they st [...]

    18. This is a very compelling story, but to tell you the truth there is more in here about Hans Scholl than Sophie. That isn't a bad thing at all, as his story is just as captivating. He shouldn't be given short shrift.However, the story is pieced together with a lot of conjecture on behalf of the authors, as a lot of eyewitnesses did not live to tell their tales. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory, but those who like their history annotated and footnoted might find some lack of sources damning.

    19. Read my rough review of the book and an extensive article I wrote about the White Rose Movement on my blog at: thecontemplatingman.i

    20. This book’s title singles out Sophie Scholl, but it’s really about all of the members of the White Rose Resistance. In fact, her brother Hans was the leader of the group, although she played an equally important part. She was only 21 years old when she was executed for her anti-Nazi activities in Munich. She died that year along with her brother and other members of the White Rose - Hans, three other students , and a University professor. They wrote a total of 6 leaflets during a period of l [...]

    21. Sophie Scholl and the White Rose frustrated me from beginning to end. Not because of the facts collected within, which were fascinating in themselves, but because the format and style of the novel was so juvenile and convoluted that I was unable to concentrate on the story itself. By right I feel that I have been neglected as a reader, and deprived of the emotional reaction I should have had to such a climactic story. The book cannot seem to make up its mind whether it is a biography, a history [...]

    22. Very good history of the White Rose resistance movement in NAzi Germany. They were mostly students who produced anti-Hitler flyers and distributed them. They were caught just as they were connecting with the broader resistance against Hitler. The main leaders were guillotined and others, together with members' families, were imprisoned. I agree with other reviewers that the name of the book is a bit odd, as Hans Scholl was the main organizer; it is unclear why Sophie, his younger sister, gets to [...]

    23. The story of the White Rose, a Germany based resistance group who distributed leaflets decrying Hitler's reign and imploring people to rise up. Made up of university students, including 21 year old Sophie Scholl and her brother, Hans, the group was idealistic, determined and perhaps a little too daring.All members of the group were arrested and the majority executed. I hadn't heard of Sophie or the White Rose until just the last few years and this was a great in depth look at Germany at the time [...]

    24. An important story to tell at anytime but maybe more so now. Anyone who comes to the University of Munich eventually learns about the White Rose: there's a museum right in the university atrium that is open to anyone and the plaza in front of the old university building is named after Hans and Sophie Scholl and the one across that is named after Prof. Huber. Reading about Sophie and her friends in this book adds a new dimension to their story that is different from what one can glean from exhibi [...]

    25. Excellent book about an excellent group of people. I was very sad when I realized that I'm going to finish it soon. I wanted to read more about them, hoping they would stay alive a little bit more. They were brave, honest and they did what they had to do for their country. May their legacy live on forever in our hearts.

    26. Fascinating story and an amazing insight into the complexity of what was happening in Germany during WWII.

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