Accomplished In Detection

Accomplished In Detection Murder has manners When a dinner party at a friend s country estate ends with the gruesome murder of the local curate Mariah Featherstone will have to clear the name of an innocent man one who also

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  • Title: Accomplished In Detection
  • Author: Dara England
  • ISBN: 1230000000536
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Murder has manners When a dinner party at a friend s country estate ends with the gruesome murder of the local curate, Mariah Featherstone will have to clear the name of an innocent man, one who also happens to be her former suitor But capturing the real killer may not be simple when everyone in the house seems to possess the means and motive for the killing.Can Mariah deMurder has manners When a dinner party at a friend s country estate ends with the gruesome murder of the local curate, Mariah Featherstone will have to clear the name of an innocent man, one who also happens to be her former suitor But capturing the real killer may not be simple when everyone in the house seems to possess the means and motive for the killing.Can Mariah deduce the identity of the murderer before she becomes the next corpse And will her efforts uncover a truth she would rather not discover

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    1. The Book Report: A Kindle original novella. Miss Mariah Featherstone is visiting her friend Charlotte at the home of Charlotte's guardian and uncle, Sir Harold Morley. She knows Charlotte's fondest wish is to marry the local curate, Mr. Pettifor, who most regrettably turns up deadwhit Mariah's rejected suitor and fellow houseguest. Mr.Edwin Winterbourne, hovering over him. A rush to justice then begins, and poor Mr. WinterbourneMariah might not want to marry him, but she does not want to see him [...]

    2. Accomplished In Detection (Original review at goodbookalert)Author: Dara EnglandGenre: Historical MysteryRating: 3.5 StarsAccomplished In Detection is an entertaining historical mystery. Summary: A dinner party at a Victorian country estate ends in a mysterious murder. Unfortunately for the murderer, one of the guests is Mariah Featherstone, a young woman with an interest and talent for solving such mysteries. But when she starts poking around, Mariah begins to remember why sleuthing is not the [...]

    3. Accomplished in MurderMystery lurks at the Cornwall estate of Blackridge House, where a young bride has found fear and torment in place of the romance she once believed in. When her body is found at the foot of the cliffs, shortly after she wrote a letter summoning her best friend from London with hints of her unnamed fear, her death is attributed to accident. But was it? When Drucilla, the recipient of her hasty letter, arrives and learns of her death, she isn't convinced. What caused the unspo [...]

    4. This story is a companion to another one, Accomplished in Murder, which is part of this series. However, the reader does not need to read both to enjoy and understand the stories because the connection between the two is not very complex and has no bearing on either story. In this story, Mariah Featherstone is visiting a country friend when a murder takes place. This strong, intelligent detective takes it upon herself to figure out who did the murder, thereby exonerating a former beau who has be [...]

    5. This was a quick, entertaining read that was better in my opinion than the first book in the series.The mystery was not quite as predictable as the first one--the clues were better hidden and there were a few more twists and turns that were not so obviously foreshadowed.I really like the combination of a Gothic thriller and cozy mystery, and the Victorian era setting makes it all the more interesting. Because of it, there are more challenges and restrictions placed on the heroine to solve the my [...]

    6. A hybrid of Victorian Romance and a cozy murder-mystery series. The clues surrounding the murderer were better hidden than the clues in the first novella. The story is well-written but, like the first novella in this series, it lacks substance, particularly in the way of character development. I would like to be able to "see" the main character in my head. The main character of this novella -Mariah- is loosely associated with the main character of the previous novella -Drucilla. This is an inter [...]

    7. The Accomplished Mysteries by Dara England are a pair of delightful mini-mysteries in a Victorian era setting. Well-written in an easy to follow format, these novellas are an excellent choice for young readers who enjoy tracking clues and trying to solve a crime story. This reader would have preferred a deeper treatment of the story arc and expect to see more of this bright author. I look forward to the future adventures of our capable, headstrong heroine.

    8. I dunno, this was a quick read, but nothing really grabbed me. I can barely remember the main character in fact the only one i can remember is the little girl Lucille, and she only showed up a handful of times. You can read it but don't expect a great deal. It's less than 100 pages so if you need something quick to tide you over, then yeah choose this one.

    9. book 2 of The Accomplished Mysteriesshort story , fast read .when Charlotte's soon to be fiance ends up murdered on the night he plans to ask her uncle for her hand in marriage Charlotte's friends Mariah must prove her friends Edwin innocent by finding the real killer.

    10. England's second Accomplished novella was much better than the first. The story still seems a bit rushed in places, but not so much that I feel like important bits were left out. I do wish that we could have seen more of Edwin.

    11. I think these reads of Dara England and light, quick and entertaining. They don't go above and beyond that, IMO, but I do enjoy them while I am reading deeper books. I would be interested in seeing her do a full length novel based on the "period" of time in the novelettes.

    12. Too quick.I enjoyed the plot and characters, but it needed more body to the story.Disappointed that it lacked more fullness.

    13. I really enjoyed this story. I thought it was the perfect length. I hope there will be more of the Accomplished in series.

    14. GREAT READI thoroughly enjoyed this book better than the second one even though the characters background isn't explained in great detail it was still a great read.

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