Shield of Fire

Shield of Fire Protecting humans is the Bringers duty Sending demons to the Shadow World is their pleasure In one night Ravyn s life plunges from barely tolerable to deadly Forced to flee the only home she s known

  • Title: Shield of Fire
  • Author: Boone Brux
  • ISBN: 9781937044336
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Protecting humans is the Bringers duty Sending demons to the Shadow World is their pleasure In one night, Ravyn s life plunges from barely tolerable to deadly Forced to flee the only home she s known, she stumbles headlong into the clutches of Icarus, a powerful demon intent on stealing her powers Unfortunately for him, she has no intention of cooperating When Rhys rProtecting humans is the Bringers duty Sending demons to the Shadow World is their pleasure In one night, Ravyn s life plunges from barely tolerable to deadly Forced to flee the only home she s known, she stumbles headlong into the clutches of Icarus, a powerful demon intent on stealing her powers Unfortunately for him, she has no intention of cooperating When Rhys realizes the woman he s rescued from the Bane Demon is no mere human, his obligation as a Bringer dictates he protect and train her in the ways of his people But he s unprepared for the intense desire he feels for the fiery Ravyn To surrender to his need may mean her death As the Demon King s desire for ultimate power escalates, fathers are slated against sons, and foes are made allies The Bane threat upon them, Rhys and Ravyn must quest to unite the last of the Bringers and explore a passion too powerful to ignore.

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    1. I can't finish this book. I reached 40% and that was enough. My problems with the book1) The dialogue- The speaker is a 23 year old girl that just learned she was a supernatural being called a "Bringer". She was raised in an Abbey and never spent any time in the outside world. She is commenting about Rhys's story of his parents (he is the other "Bringer")"That is a truly perplexing story. I feel like there must be more. Something we are missing." Hello? Really, so she just learns she is a Bringe [...]

    2. This was originally posted on my blog bibliophilemystery/I had a hard time getting into this book, I don't really know why, because it's not a bad book, I guess I just read it at the wrong moment.Ravyn grew up at the Abbey since infancy, never knew who her parents were, thought they gave her away because of her abilities. She can use fire as a weapon to defend herself, see spirits and interact with them. Life at the Abbey wasn’t good, but she had the other girls, who always came to her for adv [...]

    3. Too hot for wordsShield of fire is the number one reason I think we need to adopt a writer every month, everyone buys the book making sells sky rocket.You can stick a fork in this one, it's a best seller.From page one to the end it's action was nonstop and I fell in love with Rhys and Ravyn from the word go or stop.Ms Boone has made my top 10 authors list of all time with this book.My hat is off to you until your next book.

    4. As much fun as it is reading about vampires and shifters, apparently reading about demons can be just the same. They all have their dark sides, sure, but the word demon is enough to tip the scales in favor of evil. And the demons in these books, well, I guess they are the bad guys- they're called the Bane- but that's okay because we have our heroes and heroines to fight against them. Such as Rhys. He's a Bringer, the eternal enemy and destroyer of the demons called the Bane. His specialty among [...]

    5. Shield of Fire was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Entangled Publishing.I have to admit, I was initially drawn to this book because of the cover but unfortunately the story wasn't as appealing as the cover.Ravyn Mayfield was bought up on sacred ground at Menda Abbey where she was led to believe the powers she had were actually a curse, she was treated badly and never truly understood what she was or the extent of her abilities as she was orphaned young. It isn’t until a night when her f [...]

    6. Ravyn has always known she was different. But the sisters in the abbey where she was raised always told her that her gifts were really a curse. She feared she was Bane a demon. She had never seen one of the evil ones, though, until the depraved Brother Powell summons the demon Icarus to grant him a sacrifice.Though Powell offers him another girl, Icarus is looking specifically for Ravyn. His father, the demon ruler, wants her so that he can absorb her powers. But Ravyn manages to escape and stum [...]

    7. I am not ashamed to say I chose this book to review simply because of the cover. (okay, maybe a little ashamed). But thankfully I did like the book, too. LOL.Ravyn has been raised in an abbey. One night her whole life changes when a monk, Brother Powell, delivers her friend Angela to the demon Icarus as a sacrifice and then tries to deliver her. She's saved from a horrible death by Rhys Blackwell, the last full-blooded Bringer Shield. He has been protecting mankind from the Demon Bane for over 3 [...]

    8. 3.5 Stars!Ravyn has never left the abbey of the Sisters from The Order of the Saints and she has always known she was different, but she never knew why. Till that night she went looking for her friend and found her murdered, she gets attacked by a monk, escaped the monastery, almost taken by a demon, Icarus, and rescued by Rhys.Rhys is a full-blooded Bringer, a protector of human against Bane or demon, upon realizing Ravyn was a Bringer like him, needed to protect her and train her of her power [...]

    9. JRR Tolkien meets Nora Roberts and they have a baby d that baby would be Shield of Fire! I really, really enjoyed this book. Normally, I'm not a big romance fan these days--but, I know the author well and wanted to give the book a try.Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! The rich world building aspects and dark edge propelled me instantly into the restricted, isolated atmosphere of the Abby, the deep forests, the quaint medieval towns, and the bustling pre-plague like cities. I walked with her chara [...]

    10. This story drew me in and held me from page one. I finally put it down at midnight, but had to finish it the next day. I love a series and for me, this is a series I will continue to read. The author's world is full of rich vivid description.It felt very Legend of the Seekerish , which I love.The characters stepped off the page for me, including the secondary characters. There are several I hope to read more about in the following books.I enjoyed the bad guys being really bad. I can't help but w [...]

    11. Great story. Epic fantasy plus a strong romance element, which was the one thing I always missed while reading epic fantasy. Very fun read!

    12. Ambitious Series Debut DeliversThe hellish embers of a war waged centuries ago are once again being stirred into conflagration. The king of the Bane, a demon who kills humans and subsumes their souls, demands his son Icarus bring him a young woman named Ravyn. Only by taking her soul into him will he have the power to open the Abyss of Souls and command the Army of Souls within it. Only with Ravyn's power will he finally be unstoppableunconquerable.He must have Ravyn's soul to wipe the world of [...]

    13. GENRE: FantasyTHEME: Paranormal/RomanceRECEIVED: SwapBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW:Shield of Fire follows Ravyn, a young woman who has grown up living in the Abbey with the sisters on a safe and guarded land. She grew up being told she was cursed, knowing she was different Ravyn tried to hide in the shadows amongst the sisters. Until a brother in Abbey tries to give her to a demon, one that she didn’t think existed and is now running for her life. Lucky for her she runs into a warrior who is known [...]

    14. The book is written in both the main characters pov's but also in the villains pov as well. So it was interesting to see what was going on behind the scenes before an attack happens. There is quite a bit of action in this book considering that Rhys is a shield/protector, so he's always battling the Bane/demons. As well as the fact that Ravyn has managed to gain the Bane King's unwavering interest. I liked that the danger that's presented in the beginning of the book is present throughout the ent [...]

    15. Ravyn has lived her whole life in Menda Abbey having been left there as a baby it is the only life she has ever known. She knows that she is far different from the other girls at the abbey, but due to her lack of connection of the outside world she world she doesn’t know why. One night when her body has alerted her of danger she finds herself face to face with the evil Demon Bane. Icarus is second in command to the Demon Bane and he is after Ravyn for her powers. Rhys’s is a Bringer. He has [...]

    16. Rating: 3 to 3.5 stars I was given a copy for an honest review (though later I had to buy a copy to get it to play on my ereader. XD) But still an honest review.This is your standard fair PR. It wasn't ground breaking but most PR's aren't. That wasn't my issue with this book.I liked the main couple. The fact that this is set somewhat in the past is a bit novel. The Bane vs Bringer thing wasn't really explained all that well -- I wish the author had done more to distinct the two. This would've do [...]

    17. At first I had a little trouble getting into the story. I don't know why as it was well written, but I'm glad I stayed with it because it got really good. This story has everything from demons, to sirens, to magic, to castles, to warriors astride horses. I like how even though it never comes out and says it, the events in the book could be happening during medieval times on Earth or a fictional place like Middle Earth. It also avoids the trap of using cheesy made up names as I often see in books [...]

    18. Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI really hoped I would enjoy this story and I did! There was action, romance and suspense and it was an easy readThe book is about Ravyn and her discovery of who she is. She's lived a hard life at the abbey and is oblivious to how sheltered it's been all her life.The demon Bane are a vicious force out to get her at all costs. Initially we're led to believe that it's just for the sick perversion of their kin [...]

    19. This was my first Boone Brux novel, and I was very happy with the outcome! It was a refresing story that I absolutely enjoyed! Boone built an exciting world, filled with both Bane and Bringer, with such emotion that I felt that I was fighting right along with Rayvn and Rhys. The budding romance that turned into raging love was a journey full of twists and turns, and always kept me on my toes. I was not bored at all with any part. was also filled with rich humor (often provided by the superly hot [...]

    20. about 32% through book but am really enjoying it to the point where I have to remind myself to go to bed! Romance is just starting, some idea where the story is going but I think it could still go so many ways. Will rewrite review when finished with book but at this point--highly recommend!Finished this just the other day. It was very good--great characters, loved the tension--most surprising to me was the fact that I didn't see the twists coming. I will be moving on to the second in this series [...]

    21. I have to say that I was skeptical at first when I picked up this book, but I was pleasantly surprised.I LOVED IT. The characters were so believable and sort of come to life from the pages. Right from the beginning it was filled with excitement and just kept building all the way to the end. I am so looking forward to Ms. Brux 2nd novel in this series and more future novels from this new author.

    22. It took a few pages to get into this book, but I gave it a chance and it was worth it! I can't wait to read the next book!

    23. Awesome!Thrilling! Won #1 and #2 read in 2 days. Could not put them down! Wanting to read more!!! Thanks Great Books!!!!

    24. I absolutely Loved this book can't w8 to read the next 1i will defo be telling my friends about this book

    25. Originally posted at bookchickcity/2013/02/Shield of Fire begins in the middle of the action: at an abbey where Ravyn is being attacked by the Bane of the title, but we are not bombarded with information which might be confusing. On the contrary, in many ways it is a story we’ve all read before: Ravyn is, at least at first, the damsel in distress who needs the big, brave man to come and save her.Ravyn’s character develops pretty quickly in the process of the novel, but this doesn’t feel ru [...]

    26. Now this was a pretty awesome read and a lovely introduction into a new world that's just a little different from any I've ever read. Brux has a fabulous voice that pulled me in completely and had me so engaged in the story. Had me loving the characters and doing some full on pouting when real life got in the way of my reading and I had to put down my Nook for even a second. And oh baby she's got some yummeh covers on this series!It did take me a little while to figure out what the characters ac [...]

    27. Favorite Lines: The cavernous throne room loomed ahead. He slowed at the edge of the light that spilled from the archway. His stomach threatened to revolt as the pungent smell of rotting meat slapped him. Demons of every shape and size littered the chamber. They were a disgusting lot, fighting and fornicating like wild animals. Much like parasites, they pissed on and ate everything in sight.” (p. 38, egalley)Boone Brux introduces us to her writing with her debut book Resurrection. The romantic [...]

    28. Ravyn is a young woman in her early teens that has been forced to live in old abbey since being left there. The Sisters claim that the gifts that Rayvn possesses are actually a curse and she grows up believing this. That is, she believes it until she has to defend herself against the creepy Brother Powell. Thinking she killed him, she flees into the outside world; a world very foreign to her, so she won't have to face the wrath and punishment of the Sisters. After she steps over the line between [...]

    29. I'm usually annoyed by a romance that flourishes so quickly, but in this instance I barely felt a tinge of that standard roar against cliche. I think it had a lot to do with two things. 1) Ravyn, having been raised by heartless Abbey mistresses never knew a kindness. Never mind the kindness of a man. Being exposes to that at an adult age of 23, natural feelings are bound to surface. Feelings a worldly 23 year old wouldn't be able to ignore, let alone one experiencing such sweet sensations for th [...]

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