Rose's Will

Rose s Will There s someone for everyone even the acid tongued matriarch Rose D Orsi who manages to snag the unconditional love of a wise compassionate millionaire from the senior center Eli s love however d

  • Title: Rose's Will
  • Author: Denise DeSio
  • ISBN: 2940013361768
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Nook
  • There s someone for everyone, even the acid tongued matriarch Rose D Orsi, who manages to snag the unconditional love of a wise, compassionate millionaire from the senior center Eli s love, however, doesn t reduce Rose s need for complete submission to her will, or at least a damn convincing facade,as evidenced by Ricky, her 40 year old people pleasing son Unlike her guiThere s someone for everyone, even the acid tongued matriarch Rose D Orsi, who manages to snag the unconditional love of a wise, compassionate millionaire from the senior center Eli s love, however, doesn t reduce Rose s need for complete submission to her will, or at least a damn convincing facade,as evidenced by Ricky, her 40 year old people pleasing son Unlike her guilt ridden resentful younger brother, authentic Brooklyn born Glory D Orsi believes that meaningful relationships are a two way street, and that love means surmounting differences, not concealing them Who s right And does it really matter after Rose develops a terminal illness and there s so little time left Ricky and Glory confront their own choices and each other when they grapple with the question How much are we willing to disown in exchange for parental love and approval, and how do the consequences shape our lives

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    1. It has been a long time since a book affected me in such a profound way. Rose's Will took me on a beautiful rollercoaster ride of raw human emotion, and I went from smiling one minute, to laughing out loud, and finally sobbing my eyes out. DeSio captures the very essence of dramatic family life and unravels some interesting truths about the family dynamic that most people would prefer to turn a blind eye to. The book is told through three POV's which all centre round Rose D'Orsi, the family matr [...]

    2. Rose's Will is one of those books that takes you fully into the world the author has constructed. Even while viewing that world from three different pairs of eyes, the reader is in it. Rose D'Orsi is an ignorant and bigoted Brooklyn born woman who manages to manipulate those near her via her unflinching narcisism. Glory, Rose's daughter, struggles to maintain her own personhood and authenticity in the face of Rose's will. Richie, Glory's brother, takes a more passive role and pays the price of c [...]

    3. Review of Rose's WillI was given a copy of the book by the author to read to to provide her with an honest  review. It took me two days in between work and training and house-keeping to finish it. Some books grab you from the word go and by the second paragraph in the book I was hooked by the words that the author strung into such beautiful sentences.  There is  word to describe that ability: wordsmith.I am  not one to  give endless synopses of books. In short the story deals with a  woman [...]

    4. "Small children are such wonderful creatures. Everything that they are is on the outside. I never have to use my inner eye to see inside of them. At what point do we turn ourselves outside in?" --Eli FinemanThat is my favorite and most apropos quote of this story. Rose's Will by Denise DeSio. A tale of two siblings, one overbearing abusive mother and the man who loved her.Eli Fineman is a refined, educated Bulgarian Holocaust survivor who was in love with a brassy, opinionated, larger-than-life, [...]

    5. I think the word 'poignant' gets thrown around a lot with books, but this one really is. It will affect you deeply, make you laugh, and break your heart.It only took me a few pages to fall in love with this book. DeSio masterfully crafts the emotionally charged language, precise and often understated. Even if you grew up in the picture-perfect family (but who has?), you'll find something to touch your heart in this book. The story follows Gloria, Ricky, and their family of flawed, complex charac [...]

    6. Rose’s Will by Denise DeSio is a stunningly well-crafted novel. Ms. DeSio delivers literary strikes, rarely missing home plate. Rose’s Will has received outstanding reviews which are mini-synopses. To avoid redundancy and the tedious nature of authors of playing intellectual tennis, my review will only address the literary merits of this spellbinding family drama.For range of effect, philosophical weight, variety of characters, originality of style, humor and tragic intensity, DeSio's work c [...]

    7. This was the first book I read on my IPod Touch. I was worried I would not like the format but found it relatively easy.At the beginning, I did not care for the book - I found the first chapters disjointed, moving too fast with too much information. And throughout the book, I was distracted by the use of two First Person voices and 1 Third person (omniscient) voice. I think it might have been easier to have 1 first and two third person voices.I had made a commitment to finish the book so I kept [...]

    8. Denise DeSio knows how to write. In her novel, Rose's Will, she grabs hold of the reader on page one. I received her book yesterday and tried to have a quick peek. That was a mistake. DeSio does a brilliant job at weaving a tight, believable, intelligent story that takes the reader into every emotion of what it is to be human. There is no escaping the human condition in this work. She rips at those of us who can relate to the mother-daughter torment, throws us into melancholy with a tender love [...]

    9. This is a fantastic debut novel that carefully balances wit with messy family dramaThe chapters are divided into three points of view and DiSio created three believable characters. Glory, Ricky, and Eli are complete full fledged people that come to life the moment they step off the page. I enjoyed seeing some of the same scenes from all three points of view. The reader immediately empathizes and understands them. The secondary characters were also wonderful--especially the Aunties. I enjoyed how [...]

    10. Just finished this book tonight and wow! THE ENDING! WOW! I'm not going to give it away, but the ending was spectacular. I love this little old man, Eli, and I was fascinated by the story of how he found something to love in Rose, a person who did everything she could do to inspire hate. Well, maybe "hate" is too strong a word. But maybe not. Rose's Will is a great story about learning how to love difficult people in difficult circumstances. Highly recommended.

    11. I think I might be the only one who did not get into this book. I'll admit, I usually don't read these kinds of stories. That being said, I am open to reviewing almost everything.First I will start with what I liked about this story:1. It was easy to read. The writing style is very fluid and easy to understand. You can read this book in about 6 hours.2. Well written. There weren't any grammar or spelling errors that I found and the author definitely has a good grasp of the English language as we [...]

    12. Rose's WillBy Denise DeSioRose’s Will by Denise DeSio is incredibly frustrating, wonderful and utterly engaging. Everyone comes from a range of different families, but do you come from a family interesting enough to write a book about? Rose's Will is exactly that. The analysis that all great stories revolve around a strong central character rings true in Rose’s Will as DeSio tells the story of her life with a unique style. DeSio does a superb job developing rich characters from Eli the holoc [...]

    13. I really enjoyed reading Rose’s Will, a book that is heart-wrenching and intriguing all the way through. Denise DeSio is a skilled writer and has a firm grasp on human nature. Throughout the novel, we get to know three different characters, and through them we also get to know Rose D’Orsi, who is loved, hated and, arguably, misunderstood by those closest to her.The book begins toward the end of Rose’s life, and as we pick up with the three main characters in present time, we learn what dec [...]

    14. I had some reservations about reading this book. I knew the book would touch on issues that are hard for me to read about.I wanted to excuse Rose's dominating, abusive control over her children because she was definitely emotionally disturbed, but I couldn't.Glory was the shining light for me in the story, like a lighthouse guiding me to safety.Ricky had my contempt at first. By the end of the story I just felt sadness for his missed opportunities.Eli warmed my heart with his unwavering love for [...]

    15. [T]his is a well-told story and any of the three main characters could be its hero. That is a major accomplishment for a first-time novelist. Add to that the humor and the gift for language, and DeSio is a writer to watch in years to come.lesbrary/2011/12/03/guest-

    16. A family drama (view spoiler)[& a chilling account of the consequence of mental illness (hide spoiler)], about a pair of brother & sister come to term w/ their deceased, abusive mother & each other, in the backdrop of 9/11. I got it for free from author giveaway. I like how Eli quotes Aurelius and Cicero, the sarcasm of Gloria, and how some characters are capable of both wonderful and horrible things.

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