Onstage, Offstage

Onstage Offstage He s sold than million records His live shows fill the world s biggest stadiums to capacity He has captured hearts everywhere with his classic style Now for the first time ever Grammy Award winni

  • Title: Onstage, Offstage
  • Author: Michael Bublé
  • ISBN: 9781451674712
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He s sold than 25 million records His live shows fill the world s biggest stadiums to capacity He has captured hearts everywhere with his classic style Now, for the first time ever, Grammy Award winning singer Michael Bubl offers fans an all access, behind the scenes glimpse at his private life, onstage and off.Pairing the singer s own heartfelt words with hundredHe s sold than 25 million records His live shows fill the world s biggest stadiums to capacity He has captured hearts everywhere with his classic style Now, for the first time ever, Grammy Award winning singer Michael Bubl offers fans an all access, behind the scenes glimpse at his private life, onstage and off.Pairing the singer s own heartfelt words with hundreds of exclusive, never before seen photographs, this unique diary reveals Bubl s inspirational journey, from singing into a hairbrush in his suburban Canadian bedroom to entertaining thousands onstage at New York s famed Madison Square Garden The humble man, the eager to learn young musician, the hardworking profes sional, the adoring husband, the fun loving guy the singer s many faces are here in stunning, intimate detail Fans will experience what it s like to be on tour and in the studio with Bubl as he unveils the private person beneath the public persona.That rare, down to earth star whose unforgettable voice resonates with people from all walks of life, Michael Bubl is a natural talent And for the fan in your life, this beautiful keepsake is both a reminder of the power of dreams and an up close and personal peek at one of the greatest entertainers of our time.

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    1. Christmas gift from my little brother!There's nothing special about Buble's writing style, but it's fun to read about his childhood and early career in his own words. I found it especially cute when he admits his Star Wars obsession and talks about how his room was all decked out with Star Wars gear as a kid. Apparently he slips random Star Wars references into his interviews just to see if any of the reporters ever notice. Will have to look out for these now Also really like how he says the mom [...]

    2. I think the reason I felt slightly disappointed was because I thought this was a memoir of sorts. (It's not.)This pretty much sums up the four pillars of the book: he's (1) Italian, (2) insecure, (3) learned a lot from working on his dad's fishing boat, and (4) thinks of himself "as a real guy's guy who somehow ended up wearing a suit and singing love ballads". Everything else in the book expands upon those major focal points; he's super repetitive about his Italian family heritage, the constant [...]

    3. Let me first say that Michael is my favorite singer and I was very intrigued with this behind-the-scenes look at his life and claim to fame. However, this book was disappointing for many reasons. It wasn't really a memoir. The writing was poor, fragmented, and really short. The picture section was way longer than the autobiography, despite Michael saying he hates having pictures taken of him. He wrote about being a brat, a bully, and a jerk. It was unflattering at times and then over-the-top fla [...]

    4. The first half of the book is a short history on Michael and where he came from and his roots and gives us a glimpse into where he started from and how hard he had to work to get out there in the music industry. And where he is in his life now with his music, writing and with beautiful wife, Lu. The second half of the book are pictures take by reowned photographer - love the pic with Michael and his stuffed pig. He seems like a down-to-earth kind of guy with strong family values and a real passi [...]

    5. This is a particularly good book as it was written by Michael himself. It was like getting a real glimpse into his thoughts and feelings regarding his life in pursuit of his dreams. There are points where he tends to be a bit repetitive and his train of thought meanders but as a fan, I loved it all the same. The photos are great and it was a relatively quick read given his text accounted for around 72 of the book's 300+ pages. If you're a fan this is definitely a must read.

    6. As a huge fan of Michael Buble's music and personality, this book really gives insight into his background and all the external and internal hurdles that he overcame to get to where he is now. It is a fantastic and honest read and my respect and admiration for him not only as an artist, but as a person just shot up by tenfold. A must read for all Buble fans <3

    7. Made me rethink my love for his music, be it because of his horrendous lack of writing skills or because he just comes across as a bit of a dick.

    8. On a lark, I picked this book up from the library and found it to be a very excellent one and one that gave me a very personal and honest view of Michael Bublè as a person, and not only as a massively popular adult contemporary singer.  Having written at least somewhat about the author before [1], I did not know the author's background nor have I ever seen him live.  Yet in reading this book I have a great deal more interest in the author's music, seeing as he openly admits to having been an [...]

    9. Onstage Offstage is a book that many Michael Bublé fans, music artists and singers will treasure. Michael Bublé is a familiar sight onstage performing to thousands of fans in an arena or on tour, and as a consequence it is wonderful to now have a book that features the singer backstage going behind the scenes. This book complete with interesting narrative and stunning photographs will be for many a delight to behold, as it explores all angles of the very successful career of a much adored sing [...]

    10. This book jumped out at me at the library because I love Michael Buble's music! It was fascinating to hear about his regular childhood and his not-so-regular childhood. How many 5 year olds listen to Frank Sinatra and the likes with his grandfather and starts to sing those famous standards? He spent several summers working on his father's fishing boat, learning lessons which would serve him well later on. His success did not come overnight. He worked extremely hard, he struggled, he persevered a [...]

    11. Not a bad read, some elements seemed a bit uneccessarily drawn out and pointless but some aspects I particularly enjoyed. Would have liked to have read more about Michael's life before fame and experiences shared with his family. He seemed to begin talking about this side of his life but abandoned it too soon for my my liking so wasn't really the true autobiographical account that I enjoy reading but was nonetheless a pleasant insight into the man and musician I admire! Oh yes - and lots of glos [...]

    12. This is a great short read of some of Michael's short story memoirs. I enjoyed his to-the-point personal writing style. Some people mentioned his lack-of-writing style but I thought it was unique, easy to read yet not so simple that I felt dumb after reading it - basically I actually thought it was charming and heartfelt just like he seems. He has an open and honest side I appreciate. I'm also jealous of his family life. Great groups make great individuals :).

    13. I really enjoyed this book because readers discover a very different side to Michael. As one of his biggest fans, I knew how aloof he was always been, but loved finding out about his introspective side was interesting. I completely agree that writing a diary helps you make sense of life. And who knew that his personal assistant was Australian? I wish he had asked me first to tour with him ;).

    14. This was a nice peek into the life of Michael Bublé. Not an in-depth look, but a peek at where he came from to where he is now. I like his singing, I love when he is a co-host on Live! With Kelly, and especially enjoy when he is on Saturday Night Live. I'm looking forward to the possibility of him branching out into acting or comedy. And of course more music.Most of this book is of photos of him (only about 75 pages of actual reading), but it was still interesting to me.

    15. I've been a fan of Michael Buble for years but have never really had a chance to learn much about him, so this was a really interesting read for me. The book is a quick read, and very well-written. I've always been intrigued by the behind the scenes aspect of the music industry and there's a great deal of that here. The photos are a nice bonus as well. This book was a great find!

    16. A fun insight to Michael Buble and his journey to get up to where he is currently. Seems like an awesome, down-to-earth guy that doesn't over-inflate his image of himself. I really enjoyed it for the genre (I don't typically do biographies/autobiographies)

    17. I am a fan. I love the photographs & the writing definitely sounds like MB to me. I have seen him in concert twice & he is funny and seems genuine. The book held true to what I picture him to be like. I may be biased in giving this book 5 stars, but it is a keeper!

    18. I'm a huge Buble fan, so I know I'm biased, but I really enjoyed reading his story in his words and getting this peek into his life.

    19. If you are a Michael Buble fan, you will enjoy this read. Nothing deep or amazing, just some fun insight into his story and life in his own words.

    20. A very insightful book into the life of Mr Buble. I really enjoyed reading this book. The pictures were also of extremely great quality and added vibrance to the book.

    21. Being a Michael Buble fan, I enjoyed reading this book and getting to know the insights of how he started of as a small-town singer to being the star that he is today. Loved the photographs as well.

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