The Remember Box

The Remember Box I stroked the satin wood in delight and confusion Why should Uncle Stephen send it to me The Remember Box was Aunt Kate s private place the one we were sternly forbidden to open Suddenly I was reluct

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  • Title: The Remember Box
  • Author: Patricia Sprinkle
  • ISBN: 9780310229926
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • I stroked the satin wood in delight and confusion Why should Uncle Stephen send it to me The Remember Box was Aunt Kate s private place, the one we were sternly forbidden to open Suddenly I was reluctant, even fearful a modern Pandora, about to let out our own lost world That box held one year I d spent a lifetime trying to forget.Summer in Job s Corner meant big treeI stroked the satin wood in delight and confusion Why should Uncle Stephen send it to me The Remember Box was Aunt Kate s private place, the one we were sternly forbidden to open Suddenly I was reluctant, even fearful a modern Pandora, about to let out our own lost world That box held one year I d spent a lifetime trying to forget.Summer in Job s Corner meant big trees, cool grass, and sweltering afternoons stretching endlessly under the Southern sun Those were the days without plastic, microwaves, television, or air conditioning, a time when clocks ticked comfortingly in the night and a cool breeze was a gift But as the long sultry summer of 1949 comes to an end, events will transform this sleepy Southern crossroads.After losing her mother to polio, eleven year old Carley Marshall comes to Job s Corner to make a new start, along with her Aunt Kate and Uncle Stephen Whitfield and her cousins Abby and John The family is welcomed warmly by this small North Carolina community as Stephen takes up the post of pastor to Bethel Church, a Presbyterian congregation But their welcome begins to wear thin and covert criticism runs rampant as Stephen challenges age old beliefs and traditions.As Job s Corner confronts national struggles for civil rights, coal strikes, and hysteria over Communism, Stephen s voice of reason gets lost in the growing hostility of a vocal minority Though this quintessential Southern community seems to be filled with people who are the salt of the earth, secrets and lies are hidden beneath the easy going surface and the truth must be revealed before an innocent man is convicted of murder.With the dawning of a new decade, Carley learns to face her own family secrets And discovers that we all must make the journey to truth alone.

    One thought on “The Remember Box”

    1. this was one of book clubs books that I had not read. I had put it last on my list as I had never heard of the author before and the title sounded a little corny and like something I had already read. What a great book1! It brought up a bunch of racial issues, it had hope, excitement, Christianity tested. I would so read another of her books, this was a pleasant, great surprise and read.

    2. Much better than a 3, but I would probably have given a 3-1/2 stars if possible. I originally picked up the book 'Carly's Song' at the library, because the cover caught my eye. Then I read the review and realized it was a continuation of 'The Remember Box' so I've decided to read this one first. It was a nice story, but basically just several 'stories' from Carly's childhood. It was the kind of book that I read a few pages and then put it down and fell asleep. I didn't feel compelled to stay up [...]

    3. I have been reading a lot of non-fiction so this fiction book was a nice change of pace. This author, Patricia Sprinkle, was unknown to me. I liked the plot and character development so much that I plan to look up if she has written any other books. The main character reminisces with the help of a "remember box' 1950 when she was 11 and lived in a rural are of NC with her aunt, uncle and two cousins. At age 11, she experienced many things that caused her to think and rethink what she had been ta [...]

    4. PopSugar Reading Prompt: Book with an ugly coverIn 1949-50, racial tensions were high and the lines between what was acceptable to different people were blurring. All the different protocols that even a 10 year old girl was accepted to know and follow. A look into our country's past.

    5. Some books you read and expect an authenticity that resembles reality. This is not that kind of book. This book falls in the category of comfort reading. Yes, there are some all-too-real scenes within (racism, murder, child abuse) but the reality in this story is reality as it should be, where good comes out on top, where men of character can endure and men of wickedness fall prey to their own schemes. In this small town in North Carolina, life happens but it cleans up nicely before you leave. I [...]

    6. Tidy little story of things " in the good old days". Carley Rose loses her mother to polio and is sent to live with her Uncle Stephen, Aunt kate ( who seems to be suffering from depression) and cousin Abby and baby John. When Carley and Abbey are grown women their unckle sends them a remembering box. What makes this book so interesting is how Abbey and Carley interepret their memories. Otherwise this is just a pat little story with no substance.

    7. A young 10 yr old going through many changes in her life, questions about her past. Carley finally gets some of those questions answered and then a new trial in her life comes. In this book God is a constant in her and her aunt's family life. Carley finally sees it through the town, Job's corner! This book takes you through a different and difficult time period in American 1950's! Author does an excellent job in sucking you in her character's lives and this young lady's story!

    8. this book was hard to rate, plot wise there wasn't any talked about life in a small religious communityrough a young girls eyes was well written and through that writing it brought me into her life and made it seem real.i got to feel the emotions of a judging, prejudice, "religious" small town,during the fear of bombs, russia and the black people and the harm it can cause.i found it hard to put down.

    9. I have long adored Patricia Sprinkle. She is a talented author plus being a special lady (and fellow Presbyterian!). Her 2-book series about Carley Marshall, an 11-year-old living in the South in 1959, imparts more history than any school book. The writing is witty, intelligent, and beautiful. Patricia is such an observer I'm reading the sequel now.

    10. I loved it! Finished it last nightwasn't feeling well, and couldn't put it down. It had some concepts that I could majorly apply to my situation.if you know me you know what I'm talking about. :)

    11. Takes place in the South about 1949. You get a picture of racial prejudice as it was back then. Lazy southern ways and life events all come to a head when tragedy strikes. Truth comes out and one really feels the pain and joy. Great book.

    12. Dealt quite a bit with racism in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, touching briefly on McCarthyism and Communist scares, but the part I thought was interesting was the struggle to be "the minister's family."

    13. Made me think. Set in early 1950's, young girl in the south coming to terms with race relations. Very relevant!!

    14. The year in the life of an orphan in a small southern town 1949. It's like her journal of the good and the bad.

    15. Cold Sassy Tree, To Kill a Mockingbird, Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt, etc. rolled into one. It is a good book. I recommend it. Very honest, fresh, believable storyline.

    16. I enjoyed this book. I'm not sure why. It was about a woman remembering her life when she was 12 years old but it was very well written. I didn't want to put it down!

    17. Very interesting story with several plot twists. Quite an interesting read about prejudice in the south in 1950.

    18. This took me a lot longer to read. It didn't catch my interest until near the end. Not sure if I will continue reading the series.

    19. This story which took place in the early 1950s started out really slow but I kept at it. It was worth the read because I really liked the ending.

    20. This is a good, light read. Very entertaining book about Carly, growing up in the 1940's in the south. She goes to live with her aunt and uncle - he's a preacher - after her Mom dies of Polio.

    21. Lived this sweet book! I felt as if I were really part of 'Job's Corner' when I read it and I was sad when it was over!

    22. I really enjoyed this book. It kept my attention and I enjoyed the characters. I will certainly read some more of her books.

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