When Did We Lose Harriet?

When Did We Lose Harriet A teenage girl has been missing from her Montgomery Alabama home for six weeks She may be a runaway a crime victim or both What s amazing is other people s lack of concern Just one person cares th

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  • Title: When Did We Lose Harriet?
  • Author: Patricia Sprinkle
  • ISBN: 9780310212942
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • A teenage girl has been missing from her Montgomery, Alabama, home for six weeks She may be a runaway, a crime victim, or both What s amazing is other people s lack of concern Just one person cares that she s gone a spunky amateur sleuth on the sunset end of sixty Armed with razor sharp insight, a salty wit, and tenacious faith, MacLaren Yarbrough follows a trail of cA teenage girl has been missing from her Montgomery, Alabama, home for six weeks She may be a runaway, a crime victim, or both What s amazing is other people s lack of concern Just one person cares that she s gone a spunky amateur sleuth on the sunset end of sixty Armed with razor sharp insight, a salty wit, and tenacious faith, MacLaren Yarbrough follows a trail of clues a wisp of a hint, a shadow of a lie in search of answers to questions that come hot and fast and that grow increasingly alarming How did a fifteen year old girl come across a large sum of money Why did she hide it instead of taking it with her Where is she now And who is willing to kill to keep MacLaren from probing too far Masked by Dixie charm and the scent of honeysuckle, a deadly secret lies coiled one that holds the ultimate answer to the question, When Did We Lose Harriet When Did We Lose Harriet is the first of the MacLaren Yarbrough Mysteries, featuring plucky, sixty some heroine MacLaren Yarbrough Look for further books in this series in the near future.

    One thought on “When Did We Lose Harriet?”

    1. Delightful characters and a puzzling mystery. Ms. Sprinkle has a wonderful way with similes and metaphors--I especially liked a description that said someone's skin looked like they had been left on the counter overnight when they should have been in the refrigerator. The plot relies on very complicated family relationships. I plan to read more of Ms. Sprinkle's mysteries.

    2. The first in the MacLaren Yarbrough series hooked me from the beginning and I found it hard to put the book down. I really wasn't expecting the person "whodunit" and I love the element of surprise. Getting ready to start the next book in the series.

    3. I had never read the first book in this series, so I decided to go back and read it. I found it a bit annoying to read, actually -- I kept getting impatient with the plot. Although, I have to admit I liked the Bible verses at the top of each chapter: several were ones I hadn't encountered, and were extremely appropriate for the story. I liked the characters, and seeing them develop. Didn't totally love the jumps in narrative between MacLaren's point of view and Josheba's -- though I liked Josheb [...]

    4. I'm happy to be introduced to Patricia Sprinkle's character. She's a strong woman without being too self-absorbed in her own intellect. It wasn't full of off-color language or steeped in sex as a lot of fiction is these days. The storyline was clean, thought-provoking, and not too predictable. I like Patricia's writing style, and will definitely pick up more of her books. I REALLY appreciated the list of characters at the beginning of the book. I like to be able to look back if I can't remember [...]

    5. I thought I had it figured out about 2/3 of the book in, but I was wrong! Having already read some MacLauren Yarbrough mysteries, I was gratified to see that her character hasn't changed from this inaugural book in the series. I really enjoyed the change of setting, and the few chapters narrated by another character in the book. As always, Patricia Sprinkle's character sketches, both visual and psychological, help you draw great mental pictures. A light, enjoyable read.

    6. Tried a mystery, which is not my regular genre. It was okay, had some humorous moments. Either I misunderstood parts of it, or there were some glaring flaws in logic or extra information in the book that had nothing to do with the plot. With a mystery I like a book which gives you clues that lead up solving the mystery. This book seemed to present the solution at the end, then reveal the motive behind it afterwards. Probably won't read the rest of the books in the series.

    7. Fun and easy read. .Good clean entertainment! I was in the mood for something light and humorous and that it was. The beginning was a little confusing because of so many characters introduced so quickly and it still was a little hard to keep a few straight but overall it was a fun read. I will read more of Sprinkle's books for sure.

    8. I really liked this mystery! I typically like a mystery with a bit of 'a gritty, edginess' to it. I found this to be a different sortI'd describe it as a 'nice' mysteryat has alot to offer! I'd probably rate it as a 3.75, but since it wasch as it wasI'll give it the 4th star! And I'll continue reading the series!

    9. A quick mystery read. It kept me guessing and didn't give anything away too easily. Not about a detective trying to find someone, rather a woman who was just in town to visit her brother in the hospital. I liked Mac the main character. I would read the next book.

    10. This starts a new series for Sprinkle, one that features an elderly do-gooder with family problems on her mind. Nonetheless, she is worried about a young girl who is missing, and not very much missed by everyone else. As usual, Sprinkle provides well-written prose and memorable characters.

    11. Fun cozy mystery. I am Southern myself and I could relate to the characters and places. Great beach read.

    12. Being from the South, I could identify with much of the Southern lingo and humor in the book. A fun and easy read.

    13. another cozy series to bring me great delight. I appreciate the way faith is woven into the stories realistically (no whitewashed Sunday School pretenses here)

    14. What I learned from this book is not to wear all black, not to spend money on manicures, and to tell the person I love that I love them. =)

    15. This is a fun cosy-style who-done-it with a God-fearing wife and her husband. If you want to get a taste of southern life this is a good start. Patricia's books only get better.

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