Always There

Always There Tales of knights bound by duty honor and each otherAlways There When the princess they are sworn to protect is kidnapped two knights are separated in their efforts to save her and in being part re

  • Title: Always There
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tales of knights bound by duty, honor, and each otherAlways There When the princess they are sworn to protect is kidnapped, two knights are separated in their efforts to save her, and in being part realize what they always had togetherTournament a young man attends accepts an offer to attend Tournament in the hopes that by winning it, he will finally gain the affectiTales of knights bound by duty, honor, and each otherAlways There When the princess they are sworn to protect is kidnapped, two knights are separated in their efforts to save her, and in being part realize what they always had togetherTournament a young man attends accepts an offer to attend Tournament in the hopes that by winning it, he will finally gain the affections of the man he has loved his entire life.Vow Unto Me two men, divided by tragedy and grief, are ordered to a remote monastery to unravel a mystery, and finally overcome the problems keeping them apart.

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    1. Average (total stars / 3 stories) = 3.75 stars rounded upThe good thing about Megan Derr's fairy-tales is that I can actually dismiss some of the things that might annoy me in other stories. Like how her characters keep their feelings inside; which result to a lot of pining/yearning and well, TAKING THEIR BLOODY TIME to act on their feelingAlways There: 4 starsThe story is about Lyon and Chastaine, two knights whose job is to protect Lady Winifred. When Winifred is taken by brigands, and Lyon is [...]

    2. Always There: [5 stars] Chastaine and Lyon are two knights that work jointly as Seneschals for a hidden castle. Ensconced within the castle is the King's only daughter, Lady Winifred, who they are sworn to protect. When Lady Winifred is captured and the castle taken by surprise, Chastaine heads off to rescue her while Lyon holds down the fort. The longer the mission keeps Chastaine and Lyon apart, the more they realize how they have come to rely on each other as a team. I loved Chastaine and Lyo [...]

    3. I enjoy reading this book. It reminds me of other medieval fantasy book by Miss Derr, the Rapier Brothers. The stories are not terribly original--the blurb has said all--but I always enjoy the way her stories developed. All three stories are about men who knew each other for long, but they never have gotten themselves to reveal their feelings. In the first two cases, a separation makes them realized what they missed by not telling the other man. In the last case, an order from the Grand Duke 'fo [...]

    4. Sometimes when I look at what other reviewers have written about a book I wonder "did they read a different book than I did?". In this case, when I look at some of the great reviews of this book I'm starting to wonder "is there another book called "Always There", maybe even by another Megan Derr?"To me, this book was Just. So. Booooooring. I would never have finished it if it wasn't for that I read it for the Bingo challenge and that I couldn't find another book to switch to in the specified cat [...]

    5. This was my Round Three Bingo Book, category Alternate Universe.Always There is a book for me, again, that is better than a 3 star read that I really really enjoyed but I'm not really sure was up to a 4 star read. 3.75 stars. Rounded up to 4 with this system.This book is made up of three interrelated stores about three interrelated couples. The book is fun and sweet (no-sex) and would be a great way to introduce someone who loves stories set in the time of knights and quests to the m/m genre.The [...]

    6. Always There A rather different way to tell a love story lol.Rather than spend tome with Lyon and Chastaine together we see them slowly realise their feelings after being separated. A unusual way that worked nicely for me.Not sure I quite understood the entire Kings plot lol. But I loved the story especially meeting young Kodey, a highlight for me. 3.5 stars TournamentWhile I would of enjoyed seeing a little more of the young Kodey, watching him as he reached his 18 year was sweet enough. Watchi [...]

    7. This book was really sweet!It consists of three short stories, with each a different set of MCs, of which the first one I really wished was longer. There is no sex in the stories, just some really sweet loving. It was nicely written, however I had some difficulties adjusting to the old english style of writing, but that's just personal =)

    8. Always There: ★★I struggled with the language choices a bit, it was a little too "Ye Olde" for my tastes. There was also frustratingly little interaction between the main coupleTournament: ★★★Cute despite the fact that the characters were incredibly inept at displaying their feelingsVow Unto Me: ★★I skimmed this one since the monastery thing just wasn't holding my interest

    9. 3 little stories of Knights and Dukes. The fantasy setting is awesome as always with Megan Derr and the characters are fun and lovable.I liked the 3 stories and was sorry to come to the last page.✨❄️💓❄️✨

    10. Nice, light reading about three different but interlinked couples.Always There - 4 StarsTwo knights share a duty to look after Lady Winifred, who is the princess of their land. She has been sent to live in a remote castle with no name, and Lyon and Chastaine serve as her guardians and protectors. When treachery arrives and Winifred is abducted, Chastaine follows to bring her back while Lyon remains behind to set the castle to rights. This prolonged separation of the two often bickering knights c [...]

    11. I quite enjoyed this anthology. It contains 3 short stories, each featuring a different set of couples. All 3 couples are likable, with perhaps Kodey and Brice being my favorite as I found them adorable from the time they met at the end of the first story and all throughout their own tale in the second story. Plus, 'Tournament' had 2 side characters I really enjoyed. I kind of wish the second chapter lasted longer, although I did like Yvain and Corentin's story as well, even though their interna [...]

    12. 3 short stories all set in the same world. All involving knights who fall in love with each other. I have to say I was very disappointed in the first story and was dreading finishing the others. The first story involved 2 knights who were both charged with protecting a princess and running her castle. When the princess was kidnapped one of the knights goes off for months on end to find her and the other remains back to run the castle. There was no build up of feelings, desire or anything between [...]

    13. I realized, while looking at another Megan Derr book, that this didn't have a written review. It's out of print now I think but I figure I'll write something smalin just in case.This book is three stories about three separate groups of people. At first it seems to be M/F/M. It's not. There isn't a whole lot of romantic conflict in this book either. It's just a nice little PG fantasy piece set in an alternate midevil society where homosexuality mostly accepted.The transitions are somewhat fast at [...]

    14. Over all, it's 4 stars for me. 3.5 stars for both Always There and Tournament, I liked them equally. These two stories were beautiful, even if it still had some dragging parts. But for the last short story in this book, Vow unto Me, I gave it 5/5 stars. First, it's because I always enjoyed this type of relationship and the story was kind of bitter and sweet which I really liked. Also, Yvian, he's my favorite character among these three, he's such a sweet, decent person. And I was glad that event [...]

    15. I was always going to love this book, because it's classic Megan Derr.I love the light, romantic feel of these three linked stories. Although there's no sex, there's tons, literally tons, of UST and romance.They all had an alternate-world, medieval, fairy-tale feel to them. I was a happy bunny reading every word!

    16. I liked the first of these three shorts better than the other two (because seriously, why can't people ever just talk to each other?) but I liked the feudal world the author built here and the sweetness of the romances in such a harsh environment. Not my favorite by this author but a good read overall.

    17. I got stuck on the second story :( It makes me sad, cause I used to like almost everything written by Ms. Derr. Maybe the pace is too slow or something. Hope I will get back to it and I will be able to appreciate this anthology properly :)

    18. Always There — 4.5Tournament — 5Vow Unto Me — I loved this one!! Very angsty and heart-rending. Definitely the best of the three tales. My rating: 5+ Overall rating: 5 stars

    19. Good3.5 starsThree short stories. I liked that they all interlinked and led onto the next one. The second one was my favourite

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