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  • Title: Rigged for Murder
  • Author: Jenifer LeClair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “Rigged for Murder”

    1. In Jenifer LeClair's Rigged for Murder, the first installment in the Windjammer Mystery series, get ready to set sail from the coast of Maine to go on an adventure. For Brie Beaumont, a Minneapolis PD detective who's on medical leave, she needed to get away from it all and relax on a sailing voyage. But it wasn't exactly smooth sailing for her and her shipmates, when they traveled to Granite Island. First, there's tension between one of the first mates and a couple of the fellow travelers. To ca [...]

    2. An interesting mystery. I enjoyed the setting and even though I'm not at all familiar with ships and their terminology, I thought it was well described and helped me to picture the ship. The ending was good, but I'm not sure if I'll continue with the series. 3.5 stars

    3. I met Jenifer LeClair at the sale at the Landmark Center in St. Paul in December. She was selling her novels. I enjoyed speaking to her about her personal experiences sailing on schooners. I bought all of her books and she signed them all. I just finished reading the first novel in her mystery series. It is a very good mystery. It kept me guessing and I did not figure out who the killer was until Brie did. I love the character of Brie. Brie is on leave from the Minneapolis Police Department sinc [...]

    4. "Red sky of morning, sailor take warning" A stormy-good read! Jenifer LeClair is quite the proficient sailor and weaver of mystery and intrigue. "Rigged For Murder" is a refreshing deviation from the typical formulaic whodunit: unique and challenging geographical settings, creative spatial-usage, and a broad-spectrum cast of characters. Equally impressive was the omission of excessive profanity. My only negative observation - the tying-up of loose ends seemed a bit fluffy and abrupt. Otherwise, [...]

    5. The mystery was enjoyable but I could have done without the romance. That is my feeling with many mysteries, however. Why mess up a good genre?

    6. Maritime Mystery.Well put together story. The descriptions of boat , ocean, and the small island was right on. The mystery is interwoven between the different characters brilliantly.

    7. Well written This is a well written murder mystery with a couple of twists but aimed at people who enjoy sailing & love stories as much as crime drama

    8. ExcellentThis book is very well done. Loved the storyline and the characters. Would recommend this book to everyone to read.

    9. Fantastic mystery, I couldn't put it down. There were moments of biting my nails. If you want to read a fantastic mystery this is the one. Planned to read more in this series.

    10. Windjammer tour in MaineMurder onboardFemale Minneapolis police officer as the main characterI liked this book a lot!

    11. BoringNot enough actionring. suspenseI did like Maine for the settingbut that was about the only thing I liked boring.ringn boring

    12. This book as a debut novel has a lot going for it. First of all, anyone who has ever loved watching or sailing on Windjammer's will appreciate the attention to detail and the convenient glossary provider in the rear. Next, the details were very important in the search for weapons and the culprit.A Beautiful Windjammer, 'Maine Wind' is going out for it's first of the year run in May, out of Camden. It's crew is a group of crew and paid passengers that are experienced in the vagaries of May's stor [...]

    13. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenifer LeClair at the Tall Ships Festival on Navy Pier in Chicago recently and learned about her Windjammer mystery series. I thought 'how unique, a mystery set aboard a sailing ship, and in one of my favorite places, the Maine coast.' I snapped up all 3 of her books on the spot--the third was hot off the presses--and looked forward to going sailing through the books of Ms LeClair. She has even thoughtfully provided a glossary of sailing terms for us landlubbers or [...]

    14. Brie Beaumont is a member of the Minneapolis Police Department. After her partner is killed in the line of duty, Brie suffers from post-traumatic stress. She decides to take a leave from her job and signs up for a cruise on The Maine Wind. Brie has fond memories of sailing with her father and feels that this type of a trip is just what she needs.The Maine Wind is an old-fashioned sailing ship. Captain John DuLuc has his own crew but the members of the cruise party are expected to lend a hand. Al [...]

    15. Rigged for murder takes place on a windjammer cruise ship off the coast of Maine. Det. Brie Beaumont of the Minneapolis police has taken an extended vacation from her job after suffering a gunshot injury that also took the life of her partner. She returns to Maine where her family vacationed as a child and books passage on the 'working' shakedown cruise before the beginning of the tourist season. Almost immediately one of the crew members is murdered and she is appointed as the law enforcement i [...]

    16. 04/07/08TITLE/AUTHOR: RIGGED FOR MURDER by Jennifer LeClair RATING: 4/B GENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Mystery/2008/205 pgsSERIES/STAND ALONE: #1 in The Windjammer Mystery SeriesTIME/PLACE: Present/MaineCHARACTERS: Brie Beaumont/police detective from MN on leave; Captain John DuLac/Windjammer cruise captain FIRST LINES:A dirty sky boiled overhead as the MAINE WIND beat a course through heavy seas toward Granite IslandMENTS: Library book. Good debut, will look for next entry. Stormy weather forces the [...]

    17. This is the first book in a series featuring a female Minneapolis police officer named Brie, a single, youngish woman suffering from PTSD after the violent death of her professional partner. Brie takes a leave of absence and travels to Maine for a windjammer cruise and, yup, a murder occurs on board and throws her straight back into police detective mode. The weather is bleak and dangerously stormy and the ship must dock at a remote, sparsely-populated island. The whodunnit intrigue grows deeper [...]

    18. This was an interesting departure from my normal mystery reading. The author, Jenifer LeClair, was at the local book store, so I decided to try it. The detective is from Minnesota but the series takes place in Maine. There is a lot about sailing and windjammers, so it's helpful that there's a glossary in the back. Overall, I enjoyed the book. My mind kept shifting between the suspects, and I never suspected the killer. The clues were there and when the solution was presented, I realized that I j [...]

    19. I enjoyed the claustrophobic nature of this mystery - group of sailers trapped on a windjammer cruise off the coast of Maine. When a big storm forces them to put in near a small island murder happens and there is no one available to investigate but Minnesota police detective Brie Beaumont. Makes for a nice locked room mystery.What didn't work was the slow-pacing and the obvious solution to the murder. Also thought the falling-in-love aspect (which I usually enjoy) happened way too fast and unrea [...]

    20. This probably doesn't really fit in the cozy category since the person that solves the crime is a police detective, but it does take place on a windjammer cruise.I wish there had been more details about running a boat, but the book was good and I didn't figure it out until the end and as the clues were being revealed.

    21. A cozy mystery happening on a windjammer off the coast of Maine. This is he first in a series where a former policewoman from Minnesota is on an extended leave and joins this cruise. Alas, the ship gets caught in a nor'easter and seeks refuge in a remote island with a fishing village. Murder ensues. The mystery is nothing out of the ordinary but you read it for the atmosphere and characters.j

    22. Held my interest but not suspenseful.I enjoyed this mystery. I think it could be described as a cozy mystery. It held my interest but I wouldn't call it suspenseful. Early on I had the killer on my short list but had not dividend the motive for the crime. I would read another story by this author.

    23. great book .A litttle slow at first but she is getting so much better with each book. read all her books and everyone gets better I read Cold coast by her excellent. also read by her Danger sector and her lat one was the best Apparition Island This series is called the Windjammer Mystery SeriesThey are great . She is also a Maine writer

    24. The initial premise is interesting, a murder on a windjammer sheltered in a Maine coastal cove during a spring gale. Then the bodies start piling up, the language gets stilted, a romance forces its way in the story and an odd conclusion is reached. There are at least two more in this series, I won't be reading them.

    25. This is an unusual setting, a classic "manor house" mystery on a sailing ship. The main character, Brie Beaumont, is a detective on sabbatical, who has her vacation interrupted by murder. I liked the description of the ship, the storm, and the island. I liked the captain. This is the first of a series, and I look forward for the rest.

    26. Well written and tightly plotted mystery with an unusual setting that felt very realistic to me although I've no background with ships or sailing at all. Characterization was good, dialogue felt smooth and the plot twists kept things interesting.

    27. It was a very interesting book. I enjoyed the sailing theme. It also kept you guessing as to who the murderer might be. Can't wait for the next in the series. Also I like to read local authors and LeClair lives in the twin cities.

    28. As a blue water sailer with an engineless boat, I enjoyed this book immensely. Not only is it a good sailing story, it is also a good mystery. I found only 3 errors, one of which might just be my opinion, Well written,

    29. Rigged for Murder is a well-plotted mystery with interesting characters. Although the detective is on leave from a big city police department, the book’s structure is of a police procedural. I found it highly enjoyable.

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