The Raw and the Cooked

The Raw and the Cooked Jackson s civilized He dreads the wilderness in Marek Marek s a lot domesticated than Jackson thinks he is he s a sophisticated chef and would like nothing than to be tamed by Jackson Slash if you ca

  • Title: The Raw and the Cooked
  • Author: Lucy Kemnitzer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Online Fiction
  • Jackson s civilized He dreads the wilderness in Marek Marek s a lot domesticated than Jackson thinks he is he s a sophisticated chef and would like nothing than to be tamed by Jackson Slash, if you care.Words 24,449 complete

    One thought on “The Raw and the Cooked”

    1. Okay seriously I loved this :D I cannot say intelligible things about this book so I'll just babble incoherently for a while.To begin with this combines two of my favorite things: cooking and sex ^_^_^_^_^_^_^ Each chapter is short, a delightful morsel just long enough to savor. And the story itself is cute, beautifully written, a tale of finding love where you think you don't want it. Lots of amazing descriptions of forgeable, locally grown foods, their preparation and the variety of dishes tha [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. Unusual but very evocative romance between the smitten, 'wild man' Marek, and the urbane and disdainful Jackson. Each chapter commences with amazingly beautiful descriptions of different foods and culinary customs then segues into Marek's thoughts about the elusive and sometimes cruel object of his affections. It may be a bit too much for some readers but I found it clever and creative.

    3. Reading because Isa gave it 5 stars. I didn't even know that was a thing that happened . . . Oh, yeah, this is worth 5 stars. That writing! Writing like this makes me feel unworthy of reading it.Thanks, Elizabetta and Isa.**I would recommend stopping when the main story ends, at the end of chapter 12, and not reading chapter 13, which is the first part of another story. Chapter 14 is only an announcement.

    4. This book was really quite clever. I was worried when I heard "food porn" but thankfully it was not like that. Just wonderful,lush descriptions of the food and the gathering of said food. My favorite thing was how the MC's personality traits would be compared to whatever edible was being showcased. Toward the end, I think the author got tired of that and I missed it.

    5. Just odd enough to make it sublime. And beautifully written. A melange of food, lust, food-lust, and whimsy. I fell in love with Marek. Marek who is hopelessly wound up in an unrequited thing with Jackson… Marek, who I suspect makes love with the same devotion he shows to preparing a dish… Marek, a wild man (“… he looked like an enchanted animal, or a spirit of the forest, with his flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes.”) who combs the hillsides and woods for his ingredients… wild mushro [...]

    6. This fantastic story got me hungry in more ways than one. It's a wonderful little thing, well written, with interesting characters and unusual narration.

    7. I haven't read the last chapter yet. The last chapter is not actually the last chapter, but in fact somewhere near 3rd or 4th. I might get to it later, when I feel less affected by the implication in the A/N of the previous chapter about their happiness being a fleeting, delicate thing.Anyways, this storyI dunno, I liked it, but it was weird. It was about food. But also not about food. And the food was people, but not in the Hannibal way: in an allegorical, metaphorical sort of way. The story ki [...]

    8. This was an odd little book for me. More talk about food than any kind of romance but they were so intertwined that it made for a very interesting story. Needed editing in a big way, but still readable. Sweet somewhat convoluted love story with zero sex. Bummer!

    9. It's a sweet read about an unriquired crush and misconceptions but there is a HEA. This story is my comfort read,it's sweet and an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes, well a lot you could hit Jackson for being such a snob.

    10. After I got over the initial shock of being exposed to such a high dose of cooking recipes in chapter one, I remembered that I can do a tasty spaghetti sauce and made my peace with the parables. The wild man Merek loves cooking and would love to have Jackson. Jackson is refined and abhorres the wild and raw. A delicious story, 3.7 stars.

    11. This is such a beautiful short story. Every word is crafted with special care and the mixture of food, heart break, and love found is something only a real artist with words could have mastered. It's definitely worth a read.

    12. I enjoyed this story. I liked the the fact that it was done as a monthly setting and the information about the cooking was very interesting. Opposites do attract

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