The Miser and Other Plays

The Miser and Other Plays The School for WivesThe School for Wives CriticizedDon JuanThe MiserThe Hypochondriac

  • Title: The Miser and Other Plays
  • Author: Molière
  • ISBN: 9780140447
  • Page: 239
  • Format: None
  • The School for WivesThe School for Wives CriticizedDon JuanThe MiserThe Hypochondriac

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    1. IntroductionChronologyBibliographyNote on MoneyTranslator's Note--The School for Wives--The School for Wives Criticized --Don Juan--The Miser--The HypochondriacExplanatory Notes

    2. Just to be clear I only read Miser here. It was for my school, very short and fun and awfully similar to two of the other comedies with the same theme as this one. It wasn't that bad but I'm not very keen on books we have to read for school. I don't think that's ever gonna change.

    3. I started reading this to check off a box on this Reading Challenge I got at the library, for "A Play." VERY pleasantly surprisedI'd love to see some of these performed live! They're timeless satires.I loved "That Scoundrel Scapin" the most. Especially that part with Geronte hiding in a sack that's straight out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon."Don Juan" rubbed me the wrong way a bit, though. The protagonist is such a major dick and goes completely unchallenged and unchecked throughout 99% of the play.

    4. Simply grand. Moliere's world--at least in the text--is a joyful and hilarious one. True, he does have some stock characters and some of the plots seem similar, but that does not detract from the quality.

    5. Originally published on my blog here in October and November 1998.(This book as listed on consists of two editions of Penguin translations of Molière, which have the same title, some of the same translations of the same plays, but some different ones too. Mine is the older one, published in the 1950s as reprinted in 1984.)The Would-Be GentlemanMolière's delightful exposé of the world of the rich bourgeois aspiring to take a place in upper class society never fails to delight. M. Jourdain is [...]

    6. As funny as a 350 year old comedy can be. All the misunderstandings and some wordplay reminds me a bit of Oscar Wilde, but two centuries earlier. Surprisingly followable.

    7. I only read the Miser and it was an average melodrama flavoured by the presence of a funny personality - the titular character.

    8. How can something so light can leave behind a 450 year old impression? For I doubt Moliere was the inventor of the techniques of these five plays, or, perhaps better said, one work written five times.

    9. What a hoot! The plot is lame, the outcome contrived, yet the dialog, and the characterization of the Miser make for pure delight.

    10. Wonderful farces with a great sense of humor that still resonates centuries later. I would have preferred a fresher, more up-to-date translation but it was fine nonetheless.

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