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  1. This review is of the 1993 edition by Ballentine International and has a woman's body wrapped in a sheer sheet on the coverG! Wow! Thank you Anne Rice for Lasher!Anne Rice is my favorite female author, for sure. And she lives. And I watch videos of her, so I feel like I “know” her. I have total respect for her. She fascinates me. Now talk about writing good and evil; she’s the best. Do I ever wish I could write like she does! I’m a huge fan.I started reading her Lasher on Thursday and ju [...]

  2. Rowan Mayfair, Michael and Lasher This book will take your breath away and I promise you that your not going to want to place it down when every minute of reading this book is to juicy. Who is Lasher? He is everything and everywhere. Lasher is the root to the Mayfair family.Much of the book is set into four sections of "Julien's Story" which delineates the life of Julien Mayfair and what he has discovered of the entity known as Lasher. Anne Rice is untouchable with her books. She is my mentor a [...]

  3. I guess it's true that you can never go home. This was supposed to be a quick visit to an author I loved when I was younger, but while I see the consistency in her style, this didn't do anything for me. I love my memories of the vampire chronicles, but probably couldn't reread them. I guess I was hoping this might have some of the greatness of Memnoch the Devil, but I can accept that it was a one-off.

  4. I enjoyed this book but I think mainly because I was revisiting the Mayfair family who had all grown on me in the witching hour. There were some gory bits in this book that I didn't quite like having to stomach, but I had to see it through to the end to find out the outcome of my favourite characters of course. Glad I read it and wish there was more available of the Mayfairs story for me to consume.

  5. I loved it! Now reading the reviews I see there is another book before this one that I need to look into! It kept me intrigued the entire time, I couldn't wait to get to the end (which really surprised me) to know what happened! Led to too many late nights but I just couldn't put it down!

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