La Maison Tellier

La Maison Tellier contes La maison Tellier Les tombales Sur l eau Histoire d une fille de ferme En famille Le papa de Simon Une partie de campagne Au printemps La femme de Paul

  • Title: La Maison Tellier
  • Author: Guy de Maupassant
  • ISBN: 9782253013457
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • 9 contes La maison Tellier Les tombales Sur l eau Histoire d une fille de ferme En famille Le papa de Simon Une partie de campagne Au printemps La femme de Paul.

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    1. By the railway I met Guy de Maupassant, and when I asked him whether his finger was getting better after he injured it reloading a revolver, he told me it was a bullet wound from a husband he'd duped. Zola was just telling me yesterday what a monstrous liar he is.—Edmond de Goncourt's diary, 21 Jan 1882This was Maupassant's first published collection of stories, knocked off in under a year after ‘Boule de Suif’, his contribution to Les Soirées de Médan, had made him one of the most famou [...]

    2. Maupassant sapeva andare oltre. Oltre i sipari, i drappi, oltre le ipocrisie e le illusioni. Scopriva, denudava, mostrava. In alto il calice del cinismo. Per proteggersi, per non soffrire troppo. Per non farsi troppo male. Gettava lo sguardo sulla varia umanità e la dipingeva. Osservava la vita e la raccontava. Tolstoj, pur riconoscendone il grande talento, lo riteneva senza moralità. Mi chiedo: ha forse un’etica, l’esistenza? E la realtà?

    3. La Maison TellierMaupassant (1850 – 1893)Madame, avec ses cinq protégées, représente le lieu de rendez-vous préféré des hommes du village, le soir après diner.L’histoire change de routine quand un jour Madame et toutes ces dames partent en voyage,pour assister à une première communion d’une petite fille, nièce de Madame.S’ensuit une histoire drôle et caricaturale de la vie à la campagne, avec cérémonie religieuse, repas de fête, hébergements de fortune, dans un contexte v [...]

    4. I only read the title story. I meant to read the rest of it, but left it by accident in Mr. Ting's room, and he neglected to hold it for me. Anyhow, the premise is stereotypically French: small-town brothel as a benificent civic institution; whores as laudable citizens. The plot concerns a journey by all the girls of the Maison, by train, to a nearby town, to attend the wedding of one of the Madame's siblings. In their absence the townspeople at home undergo a wave of vandalism and crime, cured [...]

    5. My 1960 copy cost 50 cents and is falling apart, but what a delicious re-read! This book includes de Maupassant's famous short story, "The Necklace," and one of my very favorites, "Simon's Papa." Wonderful stories - touching, poignant, humorous, tragic; de Maupassant was a master of the human condition. He died tragically young at age 43, but his output was prodigious - over 300 short stories in addition to six novels and other writings.

    6. Ce livre est une composition de nouvelles de Maupassant sur le thème des sentiments. Les nouvelles sont les suivantes : - La Maison Tellier : l'invitation de l'équipage d'une maison close a un mariage. 4/5 : la nouvelle est très comique- Les Tombales : une conquête au cimetière 5/5- Sur l'eau : deux histoires effrayantes d'un canotier- En famille : la veillée funèbre d'une vieille avare que ses enfants croient morte. 4/5- Une partie de campagne : une jeune femme de ferme tombe enceinte d' [...]

    7. Diese Novelle ist Turgenjew gewidmet, der Erzähler karikiert die bürgerliche Doppelmoral jener achtbaren Perönlichkeiten, die morgens die Kirche und abends das Bordell aufsuchen: Die zur Kommunion gefahrenen Dirnen mit der Herrin des Hauses, Madame.Die Dirnen sind mit sehr starken frequentierten Etablissements mit Zuneigung porträtiert, was Maupassant stets in seinen Novellen auch tat.

    8. Credo che sia almeno uguale a Boule de suif, se non superiore, scrisse Maupassant di La maison Tellier.Avendo letto Boule de suif e non essendone rimasto entusiasta, devo convenire con l'autore che probabilmente questa vivace e giocosa rappresentazione di una casa d'appuntamento nella provincia francese dell'Ottocento è uno dei pezzi di bravura che hanno contribuito alla fama di Maupassant come scrittore capace di un realismo ricco ed efficace, magari rivolto alla narrazione di argomenti licenz [...]


    10. Un livre très ennuyant, avec des nouvelles vides du moindre intérêt, heureusement que le style est joli, mais 281 pages de ça, c'est juste horriblement long. Je le recommande comme moyen de torture dans les prisons scandinaves.!!

    11. Maupassant, con il realismo che lo contraddistingue, propone ritratti vividi della vita di poveri contadini, di impiegati e di piccoli borghesi…descrive le miserie quotidiane, i sacrifici, i desideri, le ingenuita’; ma anche i vizi, e le meschinita’ propri del genere umano…Maupassant, pur essendo ironico e talvolta sprezzante nel descrivere i suoi personaggi, amareggiati e senza senza prospettive, riesce comunque a mostrarsi sensibile alla sofferenza umana.La casa Tellier *** Storia di u [...]

    12. The version I read had Tellier and a selection of Maupassant's other short stories. These stories are surprisingly brutal and unusual, covering a wide range of shocking topics and situations (rape, incest, racism, poverty, crime, greed, abuse (and worse)). There is very little sentimentality here. This is not Frank O’Hara. There is some humor. Powys captures Maupassant particularly well in his discussion.

    13. The characters are well observed as you would expect, but this story did not strike me quite as keenly as Maupassant's best ones did. I am not sure if there is something I've missed in this tale about a group of prostitutes and their matronly keeper who undertake a trip to a village - it is clearly a story of redemption on some level, but I am not sure exactly how. Perhaps appreciating it requires a keener understanding of French culture at the time.

    14. (Read in French).The title story is a jolly and witty, feel-good story about a brothel madam Tellier and her "girls" whose absence gives pain to local men (Chapter 1), whose presence brings a joyful and transcending experience in a Communion (chapter 2) , and whose return brings the life back in town again (Chapter 3). A definitely humorous take on prostitution just as warmly as the local bakery. (Will continue to read other stories in different settings).

    15. J'ai bien aimé l'histoire d'Yvette. Les détailles m'a permit de regarder la scène. La maison Tellier est une histoire amusante. I really enjoyed the details in the story, Yvette. I could see the images in my mind. La maison Tellier is a fun story to read. These stories contain material that some people would find morally objectionable.

    16. Was given to me by a friend who accidently bought it not realizing that she'd already read it. Ploughed through it during a lazy Sunday. Love his simple style, full of subtlety and beautiful descriptions. And hey, one can never get enough of reading about France's famous houses of ill repute

    17. Um pouquinho de Eça francês e a desconstrução de vários seres que compunham a França no séc. XIX e que podem ainda ser encontrados hoje em qualquer lado! O primeiro livro de contos que me deu verdadeiro gosto ler!

    18. They were happy stories for me. I dont mean that stories end with happy ending. Just when i was reading this book, somehow i was peaceful and happy. I like Maupassant's style!

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