Museum of Thieves

Museum of Thieves Welcome to the tyrannical city of Jewel where impatience is a sin and boldness a crime Goldie Roth has lived in Jewel all her life Like every child in the city she wears a silver guardchain and is f

  • Title: Museum of Thieves
  • Author: Lian Tanner
  • ISBN: 9781742376561
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to the tyrannical city of Jewel, where impatience is a sin and boldness a crime.Goldie Roth has lived in Jewel all her life Like every child in the city, she wears a silver guardchain and is forced to obey the dreaded Blessed Guardians She has never done anything by herself and won t be allowed out on the streets unchained until Separation Day But when SeparatioWelcome to the tyrannical city of Jewel, where impatience is a sin and boldness a crime.Goldie Roth has lived in Jewel all her life Like every child in the city, she wears a silver guardchain and is forced to obey the dreaded Blessed Guardians She has never done anything by herself and won t be allowed out on the streets unchained until Separation Day But when Separation Day is canceled, Goldie who has always been both impatient and bold runs away, risking not only her own life but also the lives of those she has left behind In the chaos that follows, she is lured to the mysterious Museum of Dunt, where she meets the boy Toadspit and discovers terrible secrets Only the cunning mind of a thief can understand the museum s strange, shifting rooms Fortunately, Goldie has a talent for thieving which is just as well, because the leader of the Blessed Guardians has his own plans for the museum plans that threaten the lives of everyone Goldie loves And it will take a daring thief to stop him

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    1. The fact that it took so long for me to finish listening to is in no way a reflection on the overall quality of this book. I had some issues with my CD player in my car, which is how I listen to audiobooks, and I started The Left Hand of God and wanted to finish that up first. This is a book that I would say I liked, but did not love. The ideas in it were quite interesting. I love the concept of a place that is more than it seems, much like the TARDIS for Doctor Who fans. The Museum of Thieves i [...]

    2. Confession – I’m a museum nerd. A full fledged, card carrying, Smithsonian loving, history geek. Pack a delightful fantasy adventure into a fantastical museum, and to me it’s like Christmas morning – add to that careful plotting and deft characterization and you have Museum of Thieves.The world of Museum of Thieves is an original, fascinating place – as for the Museum itself, think Narnia, if Narnia had taken everything scary from its history and stuffed in into one place, where it all [...]

    3. I suppose every parent has sometimes wished they could wrap their little ones in bubble wrap so they will never get hurt, physically or emotionally. But what kind of people would we be if we had never been allowed to stand on our own? Slender trees, dense in a forest, develop shallow roots, and can easily be blown over in a high wind. But the oak standing alone in a meadow, bearing rain and winds year after year, develops deep roots and stands strong. Lian Tanner envisions a world in which child [...]

    4. خوب بود ، موضوع جدیدی در داستانهای dystopian داشت. روند خوب و سریعی داشت. البته سادگی طرح واقعا مناسب بچه های نوجوان هست. اگر به ادبیات فانتزی نوجوان ها علاقه دارید ، انتخاب خوبیه

    5. SOOOOO GOOD! I know I could probably come up with a more savvy "hook" than that, butIS BOOK IS SOOOOO GOOD! Lian Tanner's Museum of Thieves blew me away. It is scary and dark and thrilling and inspiring and clever. But beyond being thoroughly entertaining, Museum of Thieves raises some very thought-provoking questions. It never ceases to amaze me how authors create elaborate fantasy worlds that on the surface seem to have nothing in common with ours, but soon are revealed to examine deep truths [...]

    6. This book caught my interest very quickly. Opening as the story of the bold young girl who escapes the oppressive control of the Guardians. Unfortunately the book started losing my interest just as quickly.It seems to me that the author had "a" good idea. The problem seems to have come in because she had a couple of "good ideas" that began clamoring to be the main idea of the book.Are we telling a story of the young girl (and boy, lest we forget Toadspit) who want to rebel against the evil oppre [...]

    7. Hurray for fantastic, middle-grade level adventures! I think the last book I read that I enjoyed this much was Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins. Lian Tanner has created a fantastic world in Museum of Thieves and provided middle-schoolers with a strong, female lead character (and a strong, male secondary character), no romance (none needed!), a mysterious building and a world that could be so real it's frightening!Have you ever seen parents walking about with their children tied to them? [...]

    8. Wow, Lian. What a thrilling journey! Your museum is the coolest. If I'd had the opportunity to read this book in primary school, it would have become one of my instant favourites, and I would have wanted Broo to be my best friend, and I would have spent hours trying to think of nothing so that nobody could see me. 8-year-old-me would have tried hard to remeber what she had stolen in the duration of her short life to qualify her as a thief, and probably settled on the meringue crust from a lemon [...]

    9. A did not finish review.Museum of Thieves is basically a pre-teen dystopian story, of a world which is surely the nightmare of most children, one where all children are so overprotected that they are kept chained (to their parents or Keepers). This apparently is to save them from child thieves, or plagues, or robbers, or any of dozens of dangers.How being chained makes you safe from a plague isn't exactly clear.I suspect many readers will like this story better than I did. I should definitely st [...]

    10. Being an adult, I don’t read much middle grade fiction (but I do love my YA) but when I saw the cover of this and then read the blurb I was hooked and reeled in. To me, a good story is a good story whether it is written for children or adults, and this was a very good story.Museum of thieves was a thrilling fantasy with heart pumping action that would be enjoyed by both girls and boys. It is set in a world much like our own except that children are the most precious commodity and therefore alw [...]

    11. به عنوان یه کار کودک بهش 3 دادمعنوان کتاب موزه ی دزدان هست. کاش یکی بتونه اینجا ویرایشش کنه

    12. I read The Keepers because I had many good reviews bout the book, and one of my good friends had raved that it was an excellent book. So I decided to read the first book of the trilogy, "Museum of Theives" and I got really into it, it was really exciting and I couldn't put the book down!This book comes under the category of "a book with themes related to those we've studied in class in the 2nd half of the year." It comes under this category as it is a dystopian text."The book is basically about [...]

    13. Museum Of ThievesBy Lian TannerCritique by Failenn AseltaThis book was about a trying to be utopian city called Jewel. The people of he city would put chains on the children until separation date when kids could take their chains off. Any one who did something wrong were put into the House of Representatives. The museum of dun was were all the animals were placed so no animals lived inside the city. Goldie a twelve-year-old child escapes the City and finds refuse in the museum of dunt where she [...]

    14. Goldie lives in the city of Jewel. The city has lived through disastrous times and now the people live in fear of everything. For their protection kids are raised and chained to a Blessed Guardian until they are 12 yrs old.When the book opens 12 yr old Goldie is being punished on Separation Day. Goldie has spent much of her time with The Blessed Guardians in trouble, the last day is no different. Many of the kids are excited about separation day but they worry about everything from colds to kidn [...]

    15. Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner All the wildness has been taken out of the city of Jewel. All citizens have been protected from disease, war, and bad weather from birth. Everyone must conform. Children are protected by their parents and the Blessed Guardians and are kept within safe distances with silver leashes. They don’t know how to run. Birds are metal clockwork figures and there are no dogs. Goldie is on the very verge of being separated ( having her leash removed), which would give her [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this juvenile fiction book of fantasy! There were several passages I marked to remember that I just loved the wording of:"With each movement, with each sound, her skin prickeled.But at the same time the blood surged through her veins and she had never felt so alive. I've been asleep! she thought. I've been asleep all my life, and now I'm waking up!" p. 80"But there are some things, child, that you should steal. That you must steal, if you have enough love and courage in your hea [...]

    17. Ever had one of those books where you feel like you jumped right into the middle of it and your slowly catching up? Well, this book was mine. The story begins in the city of Jewel with Goldie going to her separation ceremony. To protect the children of Jewel they are placed in guard chains until the age of sixteen. Unfortunately, Goldie's separation day was canceled this year. This does not sit well with her, so she runs away. Eventually, Goldie finds refugee in a Museum and is introduced to the [...]

    18. Not a bad read overall. It's the first in a series and has an appealing main character and some interesting secondary characters. I do enjoy the fact that Goldie is able to be strong and capable without turning into uber warrior woman or some such. I did feel that the world Goldie lives in was not fleshed out as well as I would have liked--it was hard to picture it in real detail and get a notion of what kind of time period it was, how people worked and schooled with the rules that were set up i [...]

    19. We loved Museum of Thieves, it had my daughter whirling around the room, completely transfixed in the fantasy of the story whilst I read it at bedtimes. We also read it on trains, planes and across a number of holiday places. The story was all consuming and the two child characters are just so gritty and fantastic, thank you Lian, from Caitlin and Olive

    20. I. Just. Watched. A. Movie. And. I'm. Too. Tired. To. Write. A. Review. Good. Night. So. Here's. 19. Sentences.

    21. Originally posted at FanLit.fantasyliterature/reviIt’s Separation Day and 12-year old Goldie is finally going to be separated from her parents and guardians. Literally separated. For in the town of Jewel, where the most important value is safety, children are always chained to a parent or guardian during the day and tied to the bedpost at night. And when they do something wrong, as Goldie is prone to do regularly, they’re put in heavy “punishment chains.”This year the Grand Protector has [...]

    22. The last quarter or so was very rushed. There was a lot that was left undeveloped. The narrator was mostly OK, but seemed confused about accents, lapsing into a fuzzy French one. We have a character named "Olga Ciavolga" - which forever makes me think of The Tales of Olga Da Polga.

    23. All children in the city of Jewel are chained to a Blessed Guardian until their Separation Ceremony. This is for their own good and protection. On her way to the Separation Ceremony, 12-year-old Goldie, is in trouble again and is wearing the heavier, more cumbersome chains of punishment around her wrists for not obeying the Blessed Guardians. Goldie longs to be free and cannot wait for her chains to be cut, but while the ceremony is in process the man in charge of the Blessed Guardians, Fugelman [...]

    24. 4/5I received a copy from the publisher (AU PB) for an honest review.This review will be posted on the blog, mid July.Watch the trailer (youtube/watch?v=wO610c)!The presentation of this book is top-notch. In the version I have (liantanner/media/2011/0) the children on the cover look a BIT younger than I'd imagine twelve year olds to be, but the background and word placement - well, I couldn't have dreamed up anything better. It looks great. 'The Keepers' is embossed, 'Museum of Thieves' is shiny [...]

    25. Museum of Thieves is a great middle-grade to young adult novel, but can most definitely be enjoyed by all. I suppose it would technically fit into the category of dystopian fantasy, but while reading it I sensed more of a "magical" and "fairy-tale-like" vibe coming off from it. Do yourselves a favor: if you ever get the choice between reading the book or listening to the audio version, choose the latter. Back when I was still an audiobook noob, I could never understand what the big deal was. So [...]

    26. museum of thieves penulis: lian tanner tebal: 256 halaman published September 28th 2010 by delacorte books for young readershidup di dalam berlian (jewel) tentu bukan hal yang menyenangkan. Demikian pula yag dialami oleh seorang gadis kecil bernama Goldie roth. kaki tangannya dirantai dan harus mematuhi peraturan dari guardian. ia baru bebas setelah berusia 17 tahun. Seperti umumnya gadis kecil pemberani dan (cenderung) pemberontak, goldie roth selalu memimpikan kebebasan, terlepas dari pengawas [...]

    27. The museum of thieves holds many interesting mysteries and adventures. At the beginning of the book the reader is brought into a story that is on the verge of change, between the guardians and the problem of child protection. The world seems to have a confusing twist on safety and I really enjoyed the attempts at freedom with the children as well as the caring parent characters. Something that seems to kill a book for me now and then is when all the adults seem to be a negative force to the chil [...]

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