The Rhyming Rabbit

The Rhyming Rabbit Poor old Rhyming Rabbit is feeling lonely and left out None of his fellow rabbits appreciate his carefully thought out poems And as for the other woodland animals They just tell him to be quiet Then o

  • Title: The Rhyming Rabbit
  • Author: Julia Donaldson Lydia Monks
  • ISBN: 9780230741034
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poor old Rhyming Rabbit is feeling lonely and left out None of his fellow rabbits appreciate his carefully thought out poems And as for the other woodland animals They just tell him to be quiet Then one starry night he meets someone who shares his enthusiasm for poetry.

    One thought on “The Rhyming Rabbit”

    1. ‘The Rhyming Rabbit’ is a short story detailing, as the title suggests, the adventures of a rabbit who speaks solely in rhyme. The Rhyming Rabbit is shunned by his rabbit community because of his constant poems so decides to set off on an adventure; meeting many friends along the way and making poems for them. Unfortunately no one seems to share the Rhyming Rabbit’s passion for poetry and he becomes increasingly lonely and isolated… Until he meets a gifted sheep who also has a talent for [...]

    2. Cute story. Although the baby was sumewhat distracted at the time, having woken at 3am. Lovely story though even if it was just me getting to appreciate it. 😊

    3. This book is the story of a rabbit who likes to make up poems about his surroundings and events that happen to him. Unfortunately for him, none of his family or friends appreciates his rhymes. They find it annoying when he recites his poetry aloud as they try to sleep so the Rhyming Rabbit decides to dig himself a long burrow and set off on a night time adventure, reciting poetry as he goes.In the burrow he meets a worm and a mole but they too don’t appreciate his rhymes. It’s not until he d [...]

    4. I quite enjoyed this book, it managed to maintain a nice story line of finding friends with mutual interests whilst rhyming all the time. However the long winded rhyming was of no interest to my son and niether were the images. I tried several times to read the book to him or even just look at the pictures but he loudly proclaimed "DONE!" each time I tried. Alas for now it's not meant to be.

    5. This is a fun story about a rabbit who likes to make up rhymes about everything and anything! Unfortunately for him, his other rabbit friends find his incessant need to make up rhymes about everything incredibly irritating and keep telling him to stop doing it.The rhyming rabbit feels incredibly lonely and decides to set off on his own, digging a tunnel (while of course making up a rhyme at the same time!). After coming into contact with a worm, a centipede and a mole who also lack appreciation [...]

    6. This book is about a rabbit who likes to make up rhymes about every situation. None of the other rabbits understand or appreciate the rhyming rabbit, so one night the rhyming rabbit decides to go off on his own. He digs a hole and meets a worm, a mole and a centipede along the way, who also do not appreciate his rhymes. When he digs his way up out of earth, he makes a poem about the moon and gets stuck at finding a word that rhymes with 'full'. A rhyming sheep appears, who helps the rhyming rabb [...]

    7. The Rhyming Rabbit is a precious story of a rabbit who feels he does not belong, because he speaks in rhymes unlike his fellow rabbit family. He goes outside the burrow and meets some friends, including a sheep who speaks in rhyme just like he does. This is the perfect book for introducing rhyming words to kindergarteners. They can make a chart identifying the rhyming words and what their ending sounds are. The story is also good for teaching children that no matter how different you feel, there [...]

    8. My family love books by Julia Donaldson so there's no surprise that we love this story of a rabbit who loves to rhyme. The story is about a character who finds everything around him poetic but his passion for rhyming isn't understood by his fellow rabbits and the rhyming rabbit feels lonely until he meets someone who shares his passion. A great story about friendship.

    9. An excellent story about a rabbit with a talent for poems and rhymes. His rabbit friends just eating and running and sleeping, and rabbit is miserable until he meets a sheep who also enjoys poems and they rhyme together. A lovely book to introduce poetry and rhyming words. Slightly long for the nursery crowd, but worth persevering with.

    10. This is a charming book about a clever bunny who loves to rhyme. One night he can't sleep so he goes on a moonlit adventure, meeting other animals along the way. A lovely tale with cute sing along rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

    11. Funny and sweet story about a rhyming rabbit whose poems are underappreciated until he meets a rhyming sheep. Longer story with lots of new vocabulary, so better suited to school aged children and/or for sharing one on one.

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