Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School

Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School In this story which is one of a series featuring the inhabitants of the Chalet School in the Austrian Tyrol a newcomer Lavender Leigh a conceited ignorant child has some hard lessons to learn

  • Title: Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School
  • Author: Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
  • ISBN: 9780006929468
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this story which is one of a series featuring the inhabitants of the Chalet School in the Austrian Tyrol, a newcomer, Lavender Leigh, a conceited, ignorant child has some hard lessons to learn.

    One thought on “Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School”

    1. This is a familiar story - new girl, well-traveled, doesn't fit in - but somehow it's transformed into something more here. First, it focuses on the Juniors, which Brent-Dyer doesn't do much. Their squabbles and immaturity are entertaining and ring true, and their growing up feels well-paced and natural. There's no wiser friend who's been at the school longer and is older than her age to guide them; instead, they all need to do some growing up, to varying degrees. It makes for a more believable [...]

    2. Coming up with new girls for a boarding school series that spans close to sixty books is no laughing matter. Indeed, Elinor M. Brent-Dyer herself faced just such difficulties nearer the end of the Chalet School series, when the new girls who turned up were increasingly characterless and unmemorable. That's not a problem she suffers in Lavender Laughs, however, which very effectively traces the trials and tribulations of the titular Ms. Leigh when she's suddenly plunged into a regimented routine [...]

    3. *MASSIVE GRUMBLE WARNING*EBD's editor, whose eyesight had been in decline for some years, went on long-term sick leave at around this point, but at least she managed to make sure Biddy O'Ryan got her proper surname back. I'm just desperate to know what Mary Shand did over the holidays, to get herself demoted from head-girl to library prefect; and why Vicky McNab is now training to be a nurse instead of a doctor. It's a shame, really, that EBD didn't have Daisy's memory - Daisy manages to have pe [...]

    4. I have a soft spot for Lavender Leigh at the Chalet School for some very particular reasons. Published in 1943, during both the real Second World War and the Chalet School wartime books, it's a tightly domestic book that still manages to deliver some intense ideological messages.It is, as ever, the first term of our titular new girl. Lavender is a strange little creature, cossetted and nervous from her odd lifestyle where she travelled the world with her Auntie who then wrote books about their a [...]

    5. The 17th book of the series rehashes a familiar plot - snobby priggish girl who hasn't been to school before finds it difficult to adjust to school life, in this case the titular Lavender Leigh. I wasn't able to get hold of book 16, Highland Twins at the Chalet School, in which Jack is missing at war for some time, and Jo thinks he is dead. As a result in this book, she is rather delicate, having had a "difficult time" of it, and she doesn't see too many people. Of course, near the end of the bo [...]

    6. Again not particularly pleased by the "extras" in the Girls Gone By edition - all could have gone into a new, separate series companion in considerably less irritating fashion, and could have done with an independent editor not associated with the fan club(s). There's a lot of unnecessary exposition. I also don't like the amount of advertising for what is basically published fanfiction (and half of it not even good) at the back of this edition. I would be far happier with the unabridged "Lavende [...]

    7. Lavender Leigh, the heroine of a series of girls' books, has difficulty adjusting to the Chalet School. She is arrogant and deluded about her own abilities. But never fear! Jo Maynard, herself the author of a series of girls' books, is able to nudge Lavender into reforming enough to become a genuine Chalet School girl. Not an original plot for Brent-Dyer. However, the "difficult girl learns to improve her personality through hard work and careful guidance" theme is to me a more entertaining plot [...]

    8. Don't think I'll ever be too old to enjoy the Chalet School books and what a joy to find a couple on ebay.The basic storyline might be the same as ever - slightly troubled girl arrives at school, only to fit right in by the end of term as the Chalet School works its magic - but I love the characters as old friends and can still laugh at the exploits of the schoolgirls and Jo Maynard herself. The language and slang may be different but really, girls are girls an schools are schools and there's no [...]

    9. I don't remember reading this one before, or perhaps the abridged version was that appallingly doneLavender Laughs is another one of the strong wartime entries that EBD managed to deliver with depth and warmth. Miss Wilson is brilliant and her friendship with the Head is finely drawn; there's a chapter between Robin and Daisy discussing Jo that throws her character redevelopment (and the household) into sharp relief; and the Juniors are actually sketched into a genuine cast, unlike previous effo [...]

    10. Another enjoyable episode of the Chalet School, with many of the Bettany and Russell children beginning to enter the story. I have not yet bought Highland Twins, but the war books are slowly bringing in new characters in the younger years, with stalwarts of the Austrian school now having nearly all left.

    11. Lavender is a spoilt girl who has travelled around the world with her aunt. She goes to the Chalet School and has the inevitable clashes. A bit like 'Eustacia'in plot, but still a good light read.Original title: Lavender Laughs at the Chalet School. I have one of the hardbacks of this name.

    12. Lavender's travelled all over the world with her auntie, who writes children's books. However, because of the war, Lavender's forced to go to the Chalet School. It's a big change for her, never having gone to school before. She has a rocky start, but eventually, everything works out for the best.

    13. Great story, as always. What a horrible girl lavender starts off being. I did wonder if she might be the one bad egg who doesn't change, but she does. Great advice from joey makes her grow up. Funny ending!

    14. Lavender has never gone to school, and if she had her way, she wouldn't be going now. But her Aunt Sylvia, with whom she has traveled the world, has been called up, and needs find somewhere for Lavender, especially since her health has become a worry. So the doctor recommends school. Not just any school, but the Chalet School. Lavender gets off to a bad start, since she resents being there at all, and in a class with younger girls, especially Bride Bettany — who tries her hardest to help Laven [...]

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