Ruey Richardson at the Chalet School

Ruey Richardson at the Chalet School Having been adopted as a ward by the Maynards Ruey begins her first term at the Chalet school She is unsure whether she will be able to come to terms with a level of discipline and supervision which

  • Title: Ruey Richardson at the Chalet School
  • Author: Elinor M. Brent-Dyer
  • ISBN: 9780006924395
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Having been adopted as a ward by the Maynards, Ruey begins her first term at the Chalet school She is unsure whether she will be able to come to terms with a level of discipline and supervision, which have been lacking in her life until now.

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    1. Astonishing, really, how easily and quickly the Maynards adapt to having three new members of the family, within a couple of months of, erm, having two new members of the family. I mean last July there were nine of them and now there are fourteen. That's a 50% increase in children, give or take. Most families do this by having another baby when they already have two children, not by having twins and then adopting a bunch of teenagers. Although, to be fair, I did once know a family whose fourth b [...]

    2. Last time I read this, I only had the much-abridged Armada version, and thought it rather run-of-the mill and a bit disappointing. In the intervening years I managed to acquire the ‘Girls Gone By’ full edition, and hoped it might be more interestingUnfortunately, despite some blurb that implies a good character-based book, it remains rather dull. There are lengthy explanations of lacrosse, about cleaning the chapel candles, and about the new uniforms which are to be introduced - all with far [...]

    3. I read a lot of the chalet school books in school when the school library stocked it. I have never seen it elsewhere. Recently I thought of starting a collection and they are incredibly difficult to find. I hope someone starts a new edition/reprinting soon. So when I saw this books at a second hand book store, I grabbed it. An usual Chalet School, there is a small accident, a grumpy girl gets sorted, there is plenty of emphasis on being a ‘Chalet Girl’, and a Christmas play. It is an enterta [...]

    4. After having become a ward of the Manyards, Ruey Richardson is sent to the Chalet School together with the Manyard triplets. She's been placed in Margot's form, so at least she has someone she knows. However, she seems to have made an enemy of Francie Wilford. Apparently, Francie always wanted to be friends with Margot, and she sees her chances decreasing as Margot is now chummy with Ruey!So, Ruey finds that her first term is not going as smoothly as she would like. Added to the fact that she's [...]

    5. A great school story book, although I had no idea there were so many in this series! I own a few and have even read them before, but I was surprised when I came online to review this one that I found second hand. It was a good little story in my favorite genre of children's books. Because of authors like Elinor, I desperately wanted to go to boarding school when I was younger, not realizing that the lacrosse playing, midnight feast eating students were no more and lots of kids lived in fear of b [...]

    6. 3.5* - fairly good characters and story, but the unabridged edition is entirely too heavy on the religious pressure.

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